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I need help in spanish?

May 05, 2013 by nestor from Bridgeport, CT in  |  Flag
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Herbert N Glass Level 18

Hi Nestor,

If the company you work for set their retirement plan, such as a 401(k) Plan, there are many companies that an employer can choose to work with that supply Employee printed information in Spanish. These Plan investment and record keeping companies also often have Spanish speaking enrollers that would hold an election meeting for the Employees of your company and be able to speak Spanish so that the employees attending can understand everything they need to know and can get their questions answered, all in Spanish. In addition, these companies usually have Spanish speaking operators that you can call on an 800 Toll free telephone number to ask questions and request that certain transactions be handled for you.

So, what you must do is ask your employer, or a person at your employer's who is responsible for overseeing your plan and field employee questions, what you can do to make contact with Spanish speaking representatives of your investment plan to speak with. On the other hand, if there is no one that can speak with you in Spanish, then I am afraid that you will have to find someone independent that speaks both English and Spanish that you can ask to translate and explan everything for you.

Also, my answer above primarily discusses the options for you if your question pertains to an employer sponsored retirement plan. But, if you are just asking because you want to invest independently and need a Financial Planner that speaks Spanish, then I would suggest that you contact a few brokerage firms and banks and ask if they have any financial planners who speak Spanish. If that doesn't work out, my last suggestion is to contact the organization that either all the Certified Financial Planners are members of or another organization that has financial planners that they refer to people looking for help and ask them to patch you together with a Spanish speaking financial planner for you.

Hopefully one of my ideas mentioned above will be of help to you.

Good Luck,

Herbie Glass, MBA, Certified Pension Consultant Glass Retirement Strategies, Inc. Bingham Farms, Michigan Www.glassretirement.com

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Ross Gerber Level 15

We have several advisors of Latin decent and can do business in spanish.

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