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How can I find my 401 k provider. If I haven't worked ther in 7 years.

It was at odessa pumps&equipment. Hobbs n.m. office

May 11, 2013 by Joshua from Hobbs, NM in  |  Flag
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Problems with tracking down a previous advisor is one of the best reasons to roll that money out of the plan as soon as the relationship has terminated. If you have not been receiving statements from the current provider, chances are that have been looking for you also. Call or email your previous employer's H.R. department and ask for contact information for the current provider. That should start the ball rolling. Remember you do not have to cash in the plan. Those funds can be rolled out to your current employer's plan or to an IRA.

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Rich Winer Level 20

Call the HR person or department at your former employer. They should be able to direct you to the plan provider. You might also look through you financial records to see if you can find an old statement. Alternatively, you might also contact a former co-worker and ask them for the provider's contact information.

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Joshua, just contact HR at your former employer and ask for the phone number of the plan administrator. As the name implies, the plan administrator actually administers the accounts

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