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How do I look at my own personal 401K plan with Cornerstone healthCare?

May 18, 2013 by Melodie from Sophia, NC in  |  Flag
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Hello Melodie, The first step is to understand your personal planning. What are your goals, your cash flow. If the company offers a match, when will their contributions on your behalf be vested (meaning if you work for them for the time envelop allowed in the plan, for example seven years, then you receive a percentage of their contribution each year until you have successfully completed working for the company for the full vesting period where their contributions are 100% in your account. Each contribution you make however cannot be lost back to the plan. If you happen to stop working for the company during that vesting period, you can roll your contributions and any vested contributions to your personal IRA. Please give me a call for more specifics on your personal planning situation.

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Hi Melodie! I'm not quite sure what you are asking, so I'm guessing here. Did you want to know how to view your 401(k) account information and balance? If so, check with your Human Resources department. They will have information on how to access your plan information online. I like Gina's answer as it relates to viewing the plan in context of how it works. You may also want to see how it is incorporated into your overall retirement planning.

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Melodie, I am assuming that, for whatever reason you are not getting statements. Call HR and get the number for the plan administrator. Every plan has a separate plan administrator, who as the name implies, administers the plan. Call the plan administrator. They will give you any information you need and direct you on how to log in to the online portal so you can view your account any time. You can check that they have your correct address so that you can receive your statements.

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