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How do I find out my account balance?

May 20, 2013 by Marvin from DeForest, WI in  |  Flag
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There are two ways to look at your account balance:

1) The old fashioned way, which is from a paper statement from your custodian, which is usually sent on a monthly or quarterly basis. 2) The newer way, which is online, real-time, all the time.

It will depend what you signed up for and what the capabilities of your Custodian and Third Party Administrator are.

If you do not have access to any of the above, then a call to your company's HR supervisor would be the best course of action.

Hope this helps.

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Marvin, depending on the size of your employer, you will need to contact either Human Resources or the plan administrator. You can have them update your address so you can get current statements, and they can give you instructions on how to log on to your account through the online portal

Every plan has a third party administrator. If your company is large enough, they may have the capabilities to help you. Regardless, call HR and if they are not equipped to help you, just ask for the number of the plan administrator, who, as the name implies actually administers the plan.

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