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How do I go about retriving my "deferred vested benefits" from a company that will not reply to my inquiry?

The Social Security Administration notified me that I have "deferred vested benefits" from a former employer now being held by The Day & Zimmermann Group INC. I have tried a couple of times to obtain information from this company with no response at all.

Jun 10, 2013 by Edward from Brazil, IN in  |  Flag
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Edward, the company's form 5500 lists a Charles Ball as the plan administrator from their Philadelphia office

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Edward, contact HR and get the phone number for the plan administrator. Every plan has a plan administrator, and as the name implies, they administer the plan.

Presumably, you are not getting statements because you have moved since your employment there. Call the plan administrator, update your address, confirm that the beneficiary is still who you want it to be, and get directions to register with the online portal, so you can see your account.

Comment   |  Flag   |  Jun 10, 2013 from Delray Beach, FL

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