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Looking for trading strategy for EzTrader and tips to open an account in Binary Options. Thanking you in advance.

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You probably won't find many traders in this forum, which is mostly Certified Financial Planners. Active trading isn't something most of us are big believers in. And if you need to ask about trading strategies in an online forum, I doubt it will work out very well for you.

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Yeah, it is quite important that you should only trade with certified, authentic and regulated brokers in order to stay safe, sound and secure with your investments. Also, if you choose reliable brokers, you get extra sort of facilities like advanced tools, strategies, market news, online tutorials, high payouts etc. In this regard, I consider http://www.no1options.com/ to be quite promising. Take a look before considering any.

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If you are truly interested in trading strategies, I think you need to have a foundation in quantitative analysis. Start with basic statistics courses, and then take a Financial Time Series class (MIT has open courseware on this subject), and then Stochastic Calculus. If you look at the Stevens Institute of Technology, you can get a certificate in Financial Engineering. This would be your best bet for a foundation.

Once you get that foundation, I would suggest actually testing any strategies you have using the knowledge you will have gained from those courses.

I think you will find (as James has intimated) that you will be disappointed in the excess return you receive.

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