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How do I see my statements on line?

Jul 09, 2013 by Mario from Swansea, MA in  |  Flag
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Dushyant Pandit Level 17

I would approach it in three steps: 1) List the accounts whose statements you want to see online . 2) Get the website address / phone numbers for each of the financial companies where these accounts are housed. 3) Contact each company separately and determine if they offer online statements; if they do get the login information. Good Luck

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Mario, your plan has what is called an 'online portal' where you can view and make changes to your account at any time.

Depending on the size of your company, HR may be able to provide you directions to the online portal. If you have trouble speaking to someone there, just ask for the phone number to the plan administrator. Alternatively, there should be a website on your statement. Just go to the website, and you should be able to navigate your way to registering. It is usually very simple once you get there.

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Herbert N Glass Level 18

I am assuming that your question pertains to your quarterly statements that have or will be issued to you by a 401(k) plan and/or another type of defined contribution plan that has a participant self directed investment feature. On the other hand, if one is a participant in any type of defined contribution plan that has Trustee directed investments, the participants would normally only get one annual statement as of the end of each year.

First, in the case of trustee directed investment plans, annual statements for participants are usually not published online for the participants to see. The statements are usually just mailed to or passed out to each participant and it is the participants responsibility to save such statement in a place where it can be found in the future if the participant wants to see it. It is possible that even these annual statements could be put on the internet by your company or the plan administration company that your company has hired to take care of the continuous administrative requirements that have to be taken care of throughout the year.

Second, with respect to most 401(k) plans, a participant will usually be able to go online to: (1) see general investment product information, (2) to indicate and direct their new investment choices and/or their desired investment changes, and (3) see information regarding what investments they have in their account, the value of each of those investments, and the total value of all the investments in the participants' account. The online values are usually updated on a daily basis. Now with respect to whether or not a participant can see either their current or past copies of statements depends on whether or not the particular investment company's record keeping computer system is programmed to include such a capability. Some do and some do not. Whether or not the record keeping system that is being used for your plan provides you the ability to see your statements online can only be found out by either going online and looking, or asking a person at your company who is knowledgeable with what is available online for you to see. Another thing that you can do to find out an answer to your question is to call the 800 phone number for the investment company who is doing the record-keeping and ask them if you can see your statements, You might also ask them to give you step by step instructions to lead you to that which you want to see.

Mario, I hope the above helps you.


Herbie Glass, Certified Pension Consultant Glass Retirement Strategies, Inc. 248-647-2822

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