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I Am In The Union Local 553 Raleigh NC. Trying To Access Retirement Fund Balance How Do I Get Where I Can Enter Login Name And Password. Please Help?

Jul 23, 2013 by Allen from Vidalia, GA in  |  Flag
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Dushyant Pandit Level 17

Each organization’s plan is generally governed by its “Plan Documents”. These are the “rules” for what the plan can and cannot do, how to access information about the plan, what the investment choices are, who the service providers are, etc.

The two ways to get the information you are seeking are either to contact the HR dept of the organization, OR: Go the BrightScope homepage.

Type the name of your plan in the search box for retirement plans. You should be able to get the name and phone of the administrator. I would call them first. There is a very good chance they will be able to look you up by your social security number and tell you the next steps.

Good luck.

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You may not have the availability to login and see a balance. Your best bet is if you can find an old statement from the past that shows the information on your balance, etc... There should be some information that details who to contact and/or what company is servicing your plan and this is the best place to start.

If you can't find a statement or contact information, I was able to hunt down some information online for the Union Local 553 in Raleigh. Just follow this link and they might be able to help you find what you are looking for: http://www.unions.org/unions/international-brotherhood-of-electrical-workers/local-553/12311

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Allen, just so you can better understand what you have, if the union is providing benefits such as ‘xx’ dollars per month when you retire, based on years of service and income, then you probably have a pension plan. If you contributed from your paycheck and you have a dollar balance based on the performance of your investments, then you probably have a 401(k). There is a possibility you have both.

Every plan has a plan administrator. The best bet for you is to call the Union and ask them what you have. Get the number for the plan administrator, update your mailing information so you will get regular statements. Ask for directions to the online portal. It is usually just a few simple steps to register on the online portal; the you can go online any time to review your account.

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