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How do I go about finding out if I have any 401 k money that I can get from when I worked at circle k?

had 401 k when I worked there and never got anything out of it

Aug 30, 2013 by Janet from Salisbury, NC in  |  Flag
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Hi Janet! On the BrightScope Home Page, you can type in Circle K and select 401(k) plan to find information on this rated plan. You can reach them at 888-477-6583, then press 2, press 2 again, and press 1 to be transferred to the Principal Financial Group for information.

I try to encourage people to be sure and move their 401(k) money when they leave a job so the money doesn't get lost or forgotten. No sense in working so hard and then leaving money on the table. Good luck!

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David P. White Level 9

It is quite common for individuals to lose track of investment accounts such as 401k’s, dividend reinvestment accounts, small brokerage accounts, etc. Recently, I had a client that for whatever reason, suddenly remembered she had a 401k plan at an employer she left 15 years ago that she had not received statements on for several years. I called the HR Department of the former employer and found that Fidelity Investments was the Administrator of the 401k and was given the contact number for their Company-specific administrator. After conference calling Fidelity with my client, we were able to reconnect her with her $50,000 401k. She, of course, had not informed Fidelity of her last two residential moves and the account was about to be referred to the State of California Unclaimed Property Division. When you call the 401k Administrator, be prepared to provide your Social Security Number, Date of Birth and the residential address they may have on file for you.

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Great advice from both David and Pam. We see many of these in the course of our careers. As stated above, either contact the HR department for the company you worked for, or the plan administrator if you have that information available. When all else fails, contact the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation at the following link: www.pbgc.gov Or, conversely, find a local Certified Financial Planner to work with and let them do the leg work... Best of Luck, Rod

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Janet, if you had an account balance, it is still there; you just have to find it. Call HR at Circle K, and get the number of the plan administrator. The plan administrator, as the name implies, administers the plan. They can distribute money to you, but income taxes are due, and if you are not 59 ½ , there is an additional 10% penalty. More immediate, you should update your address with the plan administrator, so regardless of what you do, you will get statements going forward. And you can register with their online portal, so you can view your account online

The recommended plan of action would be to get a copy of statement, transfer it to an IRA, and then use that money during your retirement. Seek advice from a local financial planner, preferably a CFP, so you can try to develop a financial plan.

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