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Good morning. I need funding to help me secure a convertible loan note on-hand. With my FICO low, I can't get funding.

What I need is working capital for $50,000, unsecured and for 6 months; with the convertible loan, full repayment, with interest, will ensue after the investmen of the note is obtained.

Sep 16, 2013 by Linwood from Wilmington, DE in  |  Flag
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You will almost certainly need to find a private source of capital (hedge fund, private lending pool, or direct loan from a HNW individual) and make an excellent case for this investment's viability in order to have a chance at funding. Unfortunately, your capital needs fall below the sizes of loans typically provided by those sources. I would expect an interest rate in the mid to high teens or higher, if you are able to find financing under your proposed terms at all.

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