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How do i find out how much i have invested in my 401k. i am no longer employed by the company i was working for.

Oct 16, 2013 by Summer from Bryan, OH in  |  Flag
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Good afternoon and thank you for your question. You should be receiving a quarterly statement from the investment company that handles your accounts. Also on that statement there is a phone number you can call as well as a website you can go on, to create user ID and password and log in to your account. I know some companies are defaulting to e-delivery for the statements and unless you signed up with them on line you might not be getting them. I would suggest calling your old HR office and they will provide you with a phone number to call and get the information. I hope this helps Best of luck Michael Mezheritskiy

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Summer, call HR at your former employer. You have to ask them for the number to the Plan Administrator. The plan administrator, as the name implies, administers the plan.
The plan administrator can update your address and answer all questions you have. They can also direct you to the online portal, so you care review your account at any time.

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