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How many 401k plans offer commodities as an investment option?

Nov 14, 2013 by Vincent in  |  Flag
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Hello Vincent, This is a very interesting question that your pose and something I don't think I will be able to answer completely, but there is some good information that I found. A press release by BrightScope on the 15th of October provides some details on the growing commodity investment selection within 401(k)s. The press release may be found at http://www.brightscope.com/about/press-releases/ and it will be third press release down. Other information I found was that roughly 9% of plans offered some type commodity investment back in 2009. The assumption would be that growth has continued and may be a few percentage points higher now.

For individuals that do not have access to such investments in their 401(k)s, seek out a trusted advisor to add commodity exposure through other means.

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