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My wife and I each have student loans. Should we consolidate both our student loans into one loan and one payment?

Nov 17, 2013 by Brian from Omaha, NE in  |  Flag
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I would caution against combining this debt. Right now the loans are in each of your individual names. did you know that there are two ways that Federal student loan debt can be forgiven? Both are lousy things to happen but the loan would not continue after this. Death is the first reason, permanent disability is the second. These conditions are tied directly to the borrower. So, if one of you were to pass away the other would not be responsible for repayment of that loan. If you combine them, both of you are now on the hook.

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Is there any particular reason aside from streamlining your payments that you'd want to do this?

Comment   |  Flag   |  Nov 17, 2013 from Springfield, MO

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HI Brian! While I can't answer your question directly, I can give you some questions that a planner would want to know to help guide you. First, what is your thinking behind loan consolidation? Is it for simplicity? Are you working on paying them off and looking for a lower rate? Or some other reason? Also, a planner would want to know the details of the loans, such as the current balance, your monthly payments and interest rates. A planner would also want to the credit background for you and your wife as well as your current cash flow. There may be pros and cons to consolidation, depending on your goal for this transaction, and an hourly planner can help you determine the right choice for you.

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