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I work for EME and we will be bought by NRG sometime next year. This is public info. What are my choices for my 401K?

Currently my 401K is with Schwab in a PCRA. I am very happy with this arrangement, up over 75% for the year. I am well diversified in mutual funds and stocks. with about 36% cash. Is there any way I can keep my 401k with Schwab? If not what are my choices in NRG's 401k plan. NRG will not answer our questions until after the sale.

Nov 19, 2013 by mike from Paso Robles, CA in  |  Flag
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Hi MIke! You can look up each of the companies on the BrightScope page, just be sure you are looking at the right one as there are several plans for a companies with NRG in the title and you will need the formal name for EME. As far as keeping your current plan, the two companies will have to decide together what is in the best interest of their employees. It could be that EME has a great plan and that NRG wants to adopt it. Or maybe NRG wants to keep the plan they have for all new associates. Or the HR implications of this new, bigger company may warrant a wholesale change of their plans and they may create a new one altogether. You will have to wait for answers, but in the meantime, keep saving!

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I assume you are referring to the NRG Energy, Inc. purchase of Edison Mission Energy. It appears that NRG Energy has a related entity entitled named NRG Affiliates Services, Inc. If the firm website is www.nrgenergy.com then I think I have this right.

NRG Affiliates offers a number of different retirement plans which are serviced by a variety of investment managers but the largest is the NRG Affiliates Employee Savings Plan. This retirement plan is serviced by Fidelity.

The following funds are listed in the 2012 tax return for this plan (form 5500) as paying indirect compensation to Fidelity

  • Dodge and Cox Intl Stk
  • MFS Global Equity R4
  • Sound Shore Fund (Citi Fund Service)

Safe to assume there are many more funds available in this plan, especially Fidelity funds.

Pam is correct, even if I did provide you with the entire fund line up you may be staying with the EME plan or that a new fund line up will evolve for the combined plans. Your best source for information is your HR department.

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