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How long before im vested or 20% vested in my 401k plan for zachry industrial inc.

Dec 21, 2013 by richard from Lumberton, TX in  |  Flag
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Peter C. Karp Level 20


Any contributions you make to your 401(k) plan and profit on those contributions are 100% vested. In addition, if your employer is making a “safe harbor” contribution or a “safe harbor match” contribution that money is usually 100% vested as well. Typically other types of employer contributions are subject to a vesting schedule that is outlined in the plan document. You need to contact your employer’s HR department and ask for a copy of the Summary Plan Description to determine the specifics about your plan and identify how many years you need to be employed by them to have all of your 401(k) assets 100% vested. If you leave the company prior to being 100% vested, remaining assets in your account will be forfeited and retained by your employer.

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Hi Richard,

The best place to find the answer to your question is your plan’s Summary Plan Description. You should have or received it when you became eligible to participate in the plan.

Having said this here are some general rules of thumb: - Vesting refers to ownership of the 401k account balance. If you are 20% vested you can take 20% of the balance with you when you leave the company and the remaining 80% will be forfeited. - Your contributions and associated profits are always 100% vested. - Any money you roll into the plan from an IRA or prior 401(k) and associated profits are always 100% vested. - If you employer makes a “safe harbor” contribution, either a safe harbor match or a safe harbor non-elective contribution, the vesting will usually be immediate (100%) but there is one exception to this. If your plan is a safe harbor QACA plan the employer match vesting is 100% after 2 years of service. - All other employer contributions will be subject to a vesting schedule. There are different schedules an employer can adopt. For example the schedule may be 0% for the first 4 years of service than 100% after you have worked 5 years. Another may be 0% for 1 year, than 20% after 2 and 20% extra a year until you achieve 100% after 6 years.

I did some digging and I believe you are in the Zachry Holding Employees’ 401(k) and Retirement Benefit Plan. I believe Zachry Hold owns Zachry Industrial. I reviewed the Form 5500 which is the tax return a 401(k) plan must file every year. I was hoping to find an auditor’s report because the report may have listed the plan’s vesting schedule. But I do not have access to the auditor report.

If you have online access to your plan than I suggest you log in and see if you can find the Summary Plan Description posted somewhere on the site. If not contact your HR department for a copy. Be sure you understand how many hours you must work every year to earn a year of service. The most common answer in my experience is 1000 hours during the plan year. Also note if you must be employed on the last day of the plan year to receive the employer contribution in the year you leave the company.

Happy Holidays.

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