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On behalf of LEONARD GIRARD - found papers for this plan in his files from the benefits department.

I would like to know if this is still active and any further info you may provide. He is in a seniors residence and I am his trustee and am trying to get his affairs in order.

Thank you. Patricia Girard

Feb 08, 2014 by Pat from St Petersburg, FL in  |  Flag
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Hello Patricia,

Best thing to do is to find a phone number on the paperwork and call the number. If you can't find a phone number but have the name of the plan then you can search for the plan using Brightscope. Once you find the correct plan open the Form 5500 tab. On the first page of the Form you should see a phone number and the name of the plan Administrator. They will be able to help you.

Hope this helps.

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It can be quite a task getting an estate organized and I commend you for taking a proactive role. I would suggest looking for any sort of phone number on the statement/papers that you can reach out to and ask about what you have found. If you can't locate a phone number I would search for the name of the company that he worked for on the internet to determine if they are still in business. If so, I would try reaching out to their Human Resource Department. Another option would be to submit the name of the company to Brightscope to determine if they have an active retirement plan and then search under the Form 5500 tab to see if a contact is listed. Be prepared for them to let you know that they can't answer any specific questions regarding Leonard's plan without his authorization or a copy of a Durable Power of Attorney.

Make sure you take the time as well to confirm any beneficiary designations on any of his accounts and verify they are in good order.

I hope my feedback assists you.

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Patricia, Both the previous respondants gave excellent advice. The only thing I'd add, is to either go to https://www.pbgc.gov/ OR, develop a relationship with a local Certifed Financial Planner to work with when running into these situations... Best Regards, Rod Miller

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