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How do i find out with who and how to get into my 401k with aprevious employer?

forgot i had a 401 k with this company, and iwould like to find it

Feb 13, 2014 by Lisa from Saint Paul, MN in  |  Flag
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Hi Lisa,

You have a couple of options. If you are receiving quarterly statements you will very likely find a phone number on the statement for participant services. If so call the number as that's the best place to start. If you are not receiving your statement (maybe you moved and they have lost touch with you) call your former employer and ask to speak with the Human Resources Department. They should be trained to help. Ultimately the Plan Administrator is in charge and if you are having difficulties then asking to speak with the Administrator is your best bet.

Hope this helps.

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Alexander Bernd Overkamp

Also if you get the statement it should have a website and that might be an easier way to get your info. If you don't have the statement after getting someone in HR make sure to send a follow-up email or letter to make sure they send you the proper paperwork. In smaller companies there have been many headaches incurred form plan administrators who are more concerned with current employees rather than former employees. If you have documentation of your efforts it can help expedite a process. Now a days though the process is usually very easy and painless with technology.

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Hi Lisa! I'm glad to hear that you did not forget about this money. That often happens when we change jobs - there is so much paperwork that things get left behind. Contact the main Human Resources department at your previous employer and ask them how to contact the 401(k) provider. You should be able to transfer the funds to your current 401(k) plan or into a Rollover IRA. Good luck to you!

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