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As a business owner, you are probably facing many issues that fellow business owners have dealt with. Read on to learn how financial advisors specializing in business financial planning would answer these questions.
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For your type of start-up, you might try to raise equity capital through a private placement memorandum. This offering would have to be registered in your state and offered to accredited investors. Another option may be through obtaining orders for ...(more)
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Jason Hull Level 20
I've bootstrapped and sold a company before. We each put in $400 of funds and built the company into what it is today. I'll admit that this is a sample size of one, but I'll relate my thoughts about fundraising. You don't need to borrow money. There ...(more)
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Make a business plan and determine if you might be a minority business person, i.e. female, ethnic, disabled, Once you have a complete well thought out business plan in hand head over to the small business administration to present your case. Your local ...(more)
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There are four basic sources of equity financing for most small businesses. First, there's your own money that you invest into the business. The next level is called "friends and family." These are people you know or friends of friends. The next two levels ...(more)
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Hi Katya, There are two ways in which you can raise capital. The first involves the sale of company shares(an equity offering) and the second involves issuing debt. Issuing debt, as I'm sure you're aware, involves payment of interest as compensation for ...(more)
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Katya - You have a few options available to you. In addition to various types of financing, another option is to raise equity capital from friends and family through a private placement. The best way to explain an equity offering is that you are offering ...(more)
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