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An annuity is a contract between a life insurance provider and an individual. Here you can better understand the various forms of annuities and understand the expenses that may be associated with them.
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Santos, in addition to the above answers which are excellent, an easy way to think of the main difference between the two types of annuities is in the Variable annuity YOU are controlling the investment choices and accepting the investment risk. In the ...(more)
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Santos, In answering your question, I'll feel the need to put a different spin on the response than my esteemed colleague by stating that annuities (be it variable or fixed) are not synonymous with income stream. While it is true that all annuities offer ...(more)
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Hi Santos, I hope my colleagues also will comment on this one - it could take many pages to fully address your question. Briefly put, both annuity types you mention are deferred (create a stream of payments in the futreu) but variable annuities invest ...(more)
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