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You do not have to be a billionaire to be a philanthropist - making charitable donations can be a rewarding experience regardless of the size of your budget.
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Have you looked into setting up a Charitable Remainder Unit or Annuity trust? (CRUT and CRAT) If you have a highly appreciated asset, you can set up the trust and name the charity as beneficiary. You would be trustee of the account, and could then sell ...(more)
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Look to the assets that will create the largest taxable eveñt. Use those assets for your contributions from these assets. Life insurance $ annuities basis in these contracts will be your contribution
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Many people have listed and this is a great resource. There are others out there as well including, (this one is a paid subscription, i think), and (this one will give you a lot ...(more)
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Tunc Tanin Level 10
If your parents are over the age 70.5 and they are receiving RMDs from their qualified plans, you can ask them to donate the RMD to the charity. There are no income taxes due on donating IRA funds to a charity. The income tax savings sometimes beats the ...(more)
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Peter Cacioppo Level 16
Donate appreciated stock from your normal brokerage account (not your retirement account).
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Absolutely without question. Donating cash (via trackable method such as a check) is always the best way to make charitable donations so long as you are not exceeding the charitable deduction limits.
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A check made out to the qualified charitable organization with a receipt from them is the cleanest way to ensure your charitable tax deduction is the amount donated. Giving away an automobile to a charity was once straightforward. You could claim the ...(more)
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You can go to Many, but not all charities are found there. And, public charities must release their financial information, however some others (religious charities, for example) do not. You can also ask the charity you're interested ...(more)
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Dear Sadie - Eve's advice is spot on. Charitynavigator is a great place to start gathering information. Public charities are required to disclose financial information on Form 990 for their most recent fiscal period. You should review the Form 990 ...(more)
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Dear Sadie, You can go to to see if your charity is listed there. This organization goes through data to assess how much of your donation goes to the end-user vs. e.g. admin costs. If your charity is not listed there, you can ...(more)
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