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Articles in 403b Plans

If you work for an educational institution, religious organization, or other tax-exempt organization, you likely have a 403b plan instead of a 401k plan. Here you can learn how 403b plans are unique and how to best utilize them in the context of your overall financial situation.
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403beware !

by Anthony Thomas Isola, CFP® Level 18
Rodney Dangerfield received “no respect” from his son in the 1986 film “Back to School”. Thankfully, the actor who played his son inhabits parts unknown, but the lack of respect for teachers’ finances is very much ...(more)
Comment   |  Jan 14, 2015
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Who’s Helping You With Your 403(b) Account

by Tim Hayes, AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS® Level 20
Do you feel like you’ve been left to “do it yourself”? Or are you doing it yourself because you fear you’ll only hear a pushy sales pitch if you ask for help? As an independent advisor, I have assisted educators and ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 17, 2014 from Boston, MA
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403(b), 457, & Social Security, Adding (+) or subtracting (-) for Educators

by Tim Hayes, AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS® Level 20
Public school employees are eligible for two tax favorable retirement plans.  A 403(b) and a 457. Your school system provides you with a list of 403(b) companies. The 457 is different. The city/town usually provides ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 02, 2014 from Boston, MA
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