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Articles in Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning refers to advisors who consider all aspects of financial advising in order to come up with a single, all-inclusive financial plan to meet all of your planning needs.
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Four Reasons to Keep More Than a Six Month Emergency Fund in Cash

by Jason Hull Level 20
      “Banks introduced the installment plan. The disappearance of cash and the coming of the credit card changed the shape of life in the United States.”--Jerzy Kosinski As Black Monday erupted and people were ...(more)
Comment   |  Jan 23, 2013 from Fort Worth, TX
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Who Else Wants Good Economic News?

by Evan M. Levine, ChFC Level 20
  “If It Bleeds It Reads” This is an accepted maxim in the news biz; bad news sells more than good news.  That’s how it has always been and how it will always be because it is human nature. This shows up as much in ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 18, 2012 from Port Washington, NY
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News & Commentary 8.16.12

by Dickson Griswold, CFP® Level 18
"Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”  Will Rogers   Presidential elections are always important, and this one perhaps even more so.  The campaign ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 24, 2012 from Denver, CO
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Do You Overemphasize Recent Data?

by Evan M. Levine, ChFC Level 20
Quick:  A bat and ball cost a dollar and ten cents.  The bat costs a dollar more than the ball… how much does the ball cost? Got your answer? Good. The vast majority of folks who respond quickly (and confidently) say ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 19, 2012 from Port Washington, NY
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Budgeting for baby... Simple Steps

by Todd Kading, CFP®, ChFC®, RF™ Level 19
After 15 years of marriage and to the great joy of my longsuffering mother, my wife and I are being blessed this year with a new baby. In preparation for her arrival, my wife Lori and I are tackling a financial to-do ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 03, 2012 from Austin, TX
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Solutions to Your Biggest Money Problems

by Tony Krance, MBA, CFP®, AIF® Level 20
No two individuals have the same financial woes. Not only do financial situations vary in income, debt, spending and saving habits, but they also vary in the perspectives of those individuals and how they rank their ...(more)
Comment   |  Apr 09, 2012 from Green Bay, WI
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7 Steps to Financial Freedom for a Business Owner

by Rick Epple, CFP® Level 10
As you prepare for tax day, are you thinking, I have been working as a business owner for a number of years and while I make a good income, I have no idea if I am on track for retirement? How do I take control of my ...(more)
Comment   |  Feb 20, 2012 from Wayzata, MN
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