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Articles in Estate Planning

If the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, then estate planning should be a high priority for every family.
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5 Myths About Arnold Palmer

by Gary Ray Duell Level 17
5 Myths About Arnold Palmer   Few athletes were as universally loved as Arnold Palmer, including by yours truly.  He packed an admirable life into his 80+ years.  He exuded character, charisma and success.  His movie ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 30, 2016
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7 Things You Must Know About Designating Beneficiaries

by Robert Gregory Hammond Level 8
  When it comes to planning for the successful transfer of your wealth, reviewing your beneficiaries periodically is extremely important. Even if you’ve recently met with an attorney to review your will, or completed ...(more)
Comment   |  Apr 05, 2016
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Family Wealth Transitions

by Frank Reilly Level 20
What are you missing in your estate plan? An estate plan may have been created, but many plans are still missing crucial elements that can make or break the plan.  For years, financial planning professionals and ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 15, 2015 from La Mesa, CA
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The Ultimate Dress Rehearsal

by Sean Christian Wood Level 6
I am an extremely curious person and I am willing to try almost anything once.  A few weeks ago a friend invited me to assist with an “active shooter” training for the cadets of a regional police academy.  It was the ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 01, 2015
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An Estate Tale

by Carlos Sera Level 20
AN ESTATE TALE “The Widow and the Advisor”     I often listen to talk radio.  Every once and a while I tune in to the Christian Broadcasting channel to listen to the Christian financial advisors since I have a ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 24, 2015
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Should I Set up a Pet Trust?

by Kristin McFarland Level 19
For many Americans, pets are members of the family. However, many pet parents aren’t aware they can actually set up a pet trust in order to ensure their animals are cared for if they pass away. The ASPCA estimates that ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 06, 2015 from Boston, MA
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Essential Estate Planning

by Frank Reilly Level 20
Why should you care? Through estate planning you can act now to ensure that you control the fate of your family, yourself, and your assets in the possible event of your incapacity and the certain event of your ...(more)
Comment   |  Jun 12, 2015 from La Mesa, CA
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Estate Planning for Newlyweds

by Grant Bledsoe, CFA Level 15
Getting married is an exciting experience.  Beyond two lives and families coming together, newlyweds are also linking their finances to varying degrees.  Once you get married it’s important to create or review your ...(more)
Comment   |  Apr 02, 2015 from Lake Oswego, OR
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Are your beneficiaries up to date?

by Ronald E Rogers Level 8
How long has it been since you've reviewed and / or refreshed your will? Or do you even HAVE a Will, Physicians Directive and Medical Power of Attorney in place?Are your beneficiaries up to date?(more)
Comment   |  Feb 21, 2015 from Longmont, CO
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Setting Up Your Estate to Minimize Probate

by Tim Hayes, AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS® Level 20
What can you do to lessen its impact for your heirs? Probate subtly reduces the value of many estates. It can take more than a year in some cases, and attorney’s fees, appraiser’s fees and court costs may eat up as ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 23, 2014 from Boston, MA
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A Primer for Estate Planning

by Tim Hayes, AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS® Level 20
Things to check and double-check before you leave this world Estate planning is a task that people tend to put off, as any discussion of “the end” tends to be off-putting. However, those who leave this world without ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 17, 2014 from Boston, MA
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5 Ways to Give to Charity

by Grant Bledsoe, CFA Level 15
Charitable donations can be a tremendous way to leave a legacy as part of an estate plan.  They can also come with powerful tax advantages.  Here are five ways to give to charity that will both enhance donation amounts ...(more)
Comment   |  Nov 10, 2014 from Lake Oswego, OR
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Why Avoiding Probate Isn’t that Hard or that Necessary

by Brian Kuhn CFP® Level 17
Articles about estate planning tend to put a great deal of focus on avoiding setting up your assets in such a way that your beneficiaries will avoid probate. The probate process is seen as a hassle because it can be ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 30, 2014 from Fulton, MD
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Choosing a Successor Trustee: Your First Thought May Not Be Your Best Option

by Paul J. Hynes, CFP® Level 19
Choosing a Successor Trustee: Your First Thought May Not Be Your Best Option   By Paul Hynes, CFP®  What will happen to your estate once you are gone?  This is a daunting question. Much depends on the estate ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 11, 2014 from San Diego, CA
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What are Trusts and Why Would You Create One?

by Helen Barbre Stephens CFP®, EA Level 20
Trusts are very versatile in their uses.  Many different types of trusts exist, each designed for a specific purpose.  Some trusts are more complex than others.  Often, we get the question of whether or not a client ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 11, 2014 from Fort Worth, TX
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Guide to Proper Estate Planning: The Ultimate Love Story

by Paul J. Hynes, CFP® Level 19
 Proper Estate Planning: The Ultimate Love Story When you die with no estate plan, or a poorly designed one, it’s left to those you love the most to clean up your mess. These ten top estate planning activities will ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 30, 2014 from San Diego, CA
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Oops – Did you forget about this in your estate plan?

by Larry R Frank Sr Level 20
You’ve done a good job and have your estate plan in place with all your needed documents. What else needs to be done? Nothing – unless – you have young adult age children (over the age of majority, depending on your ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 25, 2014 from Roseville, CA
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Inherited IRAs (non-spouse)

by Peter Cacioppo Level 16
Unless your Estate Planning attorney objects currently it is best to not have your revocable living trusts as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of your retirement accounts.  My readings indicate that in some ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 15, 2014 from La Jolla, CA
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Boosting social security benefits for widows

by Arie J. Korving, CFP® Level 20
Thanks to changes in the social security rules made in 2000 and because we are living longer it is becoming more financially advantageous to delay filing for Social Security benefits past your full retirement date.  ...(more)
Comment   |  May 13, 2014 from Suffolk, VA
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Three things you must do as you get older.

by Arie J. Korving, CFP® Level 20
There’s a famous saying that I have come to appreciate: “Old age isn’t for sissies.”  There are lots of things that begin to bother us as we age that never did when we were young.  Aches and pains are the most obvious ...(more)
Comment   |  Feb 10, 2015 from Suffolk, VA
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