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Articles in Tax Planning

No one looks forward to April 15th, but with careful planning you can feel confident that you are fully prepared.
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2018 Tax Reform: What you need to know

by Richard Andrew Solt Level 12
2018 Tax Reform: What You Need to KnowCongress passed sweeping reform to the U.S. tax system, which is expected to be signed into law soon. This legislation is generally effective for tax years beginning after Dec. 31, ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 21, 2017
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The Very Basics of Income Taxation

by Nick Allen Edwards Level 12
Despite being the system all of us have spent our lives beholden to, I’ve found very few individuals fully understand how our government taxes personal income.  This article will be a brief overview of how it works from ...(more)
Comment   |  Oct 02, 2017
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NJ Tax Payers: Make Sure You Always Claim Your Medical Expenses

by Nicholas Joseph Scheibner Level 14
A 30-second read by Nicholas Scheibner:  New Jersey is certainly not known as a “tax-friendly” state.  However, the garden state has a much lower threshold on Medical Expense deductions than the federal government. ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 12, 2017 from Fair Lawn, NJ
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How to Beat Taxes by Investing

by James Leland Hancock Level 11
It is tax time once again and no matter how much you hate taxes you should know about the tax advantages of IRA’s.  Contributions to IRA’s can help you in many different ways at tax time.  They can lower your taxable ...(more)
Comment   |  Mar 16, 2017
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Summer Refresher: Health Savings Accounts, Your Tax-Saving Super Power?

by Sheri Cupo, CFP® Level 20
  We founded SageBroadview because we love that warm, fuzzy feeling we receive when we can give financial advice that helps others appreciate the wealth of their life. Our favorite investment tips are the kinds that ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 31, 2016 from Morristown, NJ
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Summer Refresher: The 3.8% Medicare Surtax

by Sheri Cupo, CFP® Level 20
One favorite guest re-post deserves another. This next one originally arrived just in time for Halloween. Authored by Larry Annello (shortly before our two firms merged into SageBroadview), the witching season went well ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 22, 2016 from Morristown, NJ
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Conservation and Tax Summary

by Randy Brunson Level 18
Land Conservation and Personal Tax Planning   We are in an economic and cultural environment that we believe includes an ever-increasing tax burden.   Going forward, we believe this tax burden will fall ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 06, 2016 from Suwanee, GA
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The Top Three Reasons Why a Small Business Owner Should Consider a Solo 401k

by Chad W Schiel Level 15
  1. Consider lowering your end of the year tax liability. Unlike Traditional or Roth IRA’s which only allow you to contribute a maximum of $6,500 depending on your age, Solo 401k plans can allow you to invest up to ...(more)
Comment   |  Apr 12, 2016 from San Clemente, CA
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Beware of Tax Scammers

by Chris Schiffer Level 14
  On Thursday Feb 18th, the Internal Revenue Service renewed a consumer alert for e-mail schemes after seeing an approximate 400 percent surge in phishing and malware incidents so far this tax season. Phishing are ...(more)
Comment   |  Feb 20, 2016 from BASKING RIDGE, NJ
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What happens when you sell a rental - taxwise??

by Edward James Acker Level 8
A question we often see among our retired or semi-retired clients is, "What are rental real estate passive activity losses and how do they affect me?"  This requires a short jaunt into the cloudy world of "Passive ...(more)
Comment   |  Jan 08, 2016
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The IRS 2016 Mileage Rates Announced – A Gift for the New Year?

by Chris Schiffer Level 14
 On Thursday December 17th, the Internal Revenue Service issued the standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes for ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 21, 2015 from BASKING RIDGE, NJ
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An Update on Colbie and a Taxing Conversation

by Sheri Cupo, CFP® Level 20
  Todays post is written by SageBroadview Principal, Larry Annello. A few months ago, I introduced our adorable puppy Colbie to the SageBroadview community. While our affection for her has grown with her paw size, ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 02, 2015 from Morristown, NJ
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Build Wealth by Paying Taxes

by William D. Starnes Level 6
What if I told you that you could build wealth by paying taxes—and paying them now instead of later? Most clients don’t want to pay taxes at all, let alone sooner rather than later. In fact it is common wisdom to defer ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 01, 2015 from Hockessin, DE
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6 Valuable Ways to Minimize Taxable Income

by Martin A. Watkins, CFP® Level 10
We value the importance of being ethical in reporting taxes to the IRS, but no one likes to pay more than they have to.  In order to achieve the most out of the tax code, there are several tax tips and recommendations ...(more)
Comment   |  Oct 14, 2015 from Salt Lake City, UT
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A Tale of Arrogance

by Carlos Sera Level 20
A TALE OF ARROGANCE “PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL”     There is a Cuban saying, which roughly translated means, “Never go back, not even to get a running start.”  If I put on my translator hat and apply it to money, it ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 24, 2015
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A Tale of Respect

by Carlos Sera Level 20
A TALE OF RESPECT “WHAT CAN HAPPEN”     Have you ever heard someone say, “After all, what can happen?”  It’s never really a question.  It’s more of an assertion.  It starts with the phrase, “I’m going to” or, “We’re ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 24, 2015
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The best way to give to your chidlren

by Joseph "Big Joe" A. Clark, CFP® Level 13
Creative & Tax-Conscious Ways to Give Kids Money Washington politicians demonstrate on a daily basis that it is easier to spend other people’s money than to part with one’s personal funds.  Similarly, most parents ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 16, 2015
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7 Ways to Reduce the Alternative Minimum Tax

by Scott Stratton, CFP®, CFA Level 11
7 Ways to Reduce the Alternative Minimum Tax Dr. Scott Stratton, CFP®, CFA www.goodlifewealth.com   The Alternative Minimum Tax, or AMT, was created by Congress in 1969 after 155 wealthy taxpayers were able to use a ...(more)
1 Comment   |  Aug 08, 2015
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Five tax credits and deductions for Latino millennials

by Juan F Polanco Level 10
When it’s time to file their taxes, many Latino young professionals can either do it themselves or pay a professional to do it for them. Either way, it is best to make sure to take full advantage of tax credits and ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 24, 2015
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The Pink Tax

by Adam D. Koos, CFP Level 18
          “The Pink Tax” Jessa Fannin, CRPC®   The headline obviously got your attention – as it did mine – when this concept started regaining momentum in recent weeks and months. Now that it did, ...(more)
Comment   |  Jun 30, 2015 from Dublin, OH
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