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Articles in College Planning

Top private colleges and universities can cost over $200,000 over 4 years, and these costs are only going up over time. How much money should you save?
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College Planning

by Kimberly L. Curtis, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, ... Level 20
We hear it all the time. Current graduates will be held back by the student loans they acquired due to the rising price of college. It makes other post-high school options seem rather appealing. However, it’s important ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 05, 2014 from Denver, CO
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College Education Or Entrepreneurship?

by Theodore Michael Jenkin Level 19
Generation X parents continue to face the challenging uphill climb of saving for their children’s college education.   For a Generation X couple that has their first child here in 2012, the cost for a private college at ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 06, 2014 from Alpharetta, GA
4 votes

Coverdell Education Savings Accounts Vs 529 Plans For College Savings

by Michael Ernest Kitces Level 14
Over the past decade, 529 college savings plans have been the dominant vehicle for those trying to save and invest for college. The combination of tax-free growth, high contribution limits, generally reasonable ...(more)
Comment   |  May 30, 2014 from Columbia, MD
1 vote

Left Overs: What To Do With Unused 529 Funds

by Curt Sheldon, CFP®, EA, AIF® Level 20
I sent my youngest back to college yesterday and it is tax season so there really only one thing on my mind:  What to do with unused 529 Plan Funds (o.k. it isn't the only thing on my mind). A lot of Senior Military ...(more)
Comment   |  Jan 22, 2014 from Alexandria, VA
2 votes

College Planning Basics

by Mark A. Trewitt, CLU, ChFC, AEP, CFP® Level 16
A college education might be one of the most important investments you'll ever make. But the benefits of increased earning power and expanded horizons come at a price--college is expensive. Factor in more than one ...(more)
Comment   |  Nov 17, 2013 from Plano, TX
1 vote

Growing Versus Harvesting

by Randy Neumann, CFP® Level 18
     Most people create a portfolio by investing now for spending later.  If a portfolio is for retirement, it is usually a good idea to put the money into a qualified plan. A qualified plan is one that meets certain ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 30, 2013 from Paramus, NJ
1 vote

Saving for College 101 - Alternatives to 529 Plans

by Andrew Comstock, CFA Level 20
529 plans are the most popular way to save for college. There are two other accounts types that can also be set up to save for higher education. Links to the two prior articles on Saving for Collage are ...(more)
Comment   |  Sep 12, 2013 from Leawood, KS
5 votes

College Loan: A Dilemma for African Americans

by Martin A. Smith, CRPC®, AIFA® Level 19
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 18 percent of African-Americans 35 years old and older had a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2010. Some 1.5 million African-Americans 25 years old and older had advanced degrees in ...(more)
2 Comments   |  Aug 26, 2013 from Bethesda, MD
1 vote

Saving for College 101 – 529 Plans

by Andrew Comstock, CFA Level 20
The most popular way parents can save for their children’s education are using 529 plans. Each state offers their own 529 plan. The plans are run by investment firms or educational institutions and have subtle ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 22, 2013 from Leawood, KS
1 vote

Saving for College 101

by Andrew Comstock, CFA Level 20
Over the past two weeks, my Facebook news feed has been filled with photos of friend’s children eagerly headed off to their first day of school. After paying for all of the back to school items the last thing on many ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 22, 2013 from Leawood, KS
14 votes

Educational Summer Reading for College Students

by Kimberly L. Curtis, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, ... Level 20
Add more books to your summer reading list. For the college student in your life, maybe your son, daughter, niece or nephew, here are a few educational and entertaining reads to keep their minds working during the last ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 07, 2013 from Denver, CO
2 votes

Education Planning

by A.J. Blackstone Level 14
Education Planning The following article speaks about college savings, but the financial principles illustrated can be used for many financial goals. If you have not read my article about the increasing dividend ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 05, 2013 from Tampa, FL
8 votes

Looking for financial help to send your student to college?

by Steve Cernak Level 16
With the pace of higher-education costs consistently on the rise faster than the general Consumer Price Index (CPI), understanding the alternatives and opportunities you and your child or grandchild may have regarding ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 05, 2013 from Alexandria, VA
2 votes

Yet Another College Expense?

by Curt Sheldon, CFP®, EA, AIF® Level 20
I received a letter the other day addressed to the parents of my college age son.  As I qualify as the addressee, I opened the letter. The letter was very nice and it offered me the opportunity to purchase up to a ...(more)
Comment   |  Aug 05, 2013 from Alexandria, VA
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Unconventional Advice for College Students and their Parents

by Michael J. Garry, CFP®, JD/MBA Level 17
With graduation season upon us, there has been a barrage of stories in the media about the ever-escalating amounts of student loan debt. Those stories are almost always accompanied by news of the college majors that pay ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 03, 2013 from Newtown, PA
1 vote

Ways to reduce the cost of college.

by Ray A. Hawkins CFP ®, ADPAsm Level 16
  Food for thought regarding ways to reduce the cost of college.   It's that terrifying time for seniors -- high school seniors, that is: the nail-biting moment when millions of them find out whether they've been ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 02, 2013
0 votes

Got Savings Bonds (for College)? Something to Watch For...

by Curt Sheldon, CFP®, EA, AIF® Level 20
Many people buy US Savings Bonds to use for paying for college expenses for their children.  This is because, within certain limits, interest paid on the bonds is tax free if used for qualified education expenses.  So, ...(more)
Comment   |  Jul 01, 2013 from Alexandria, VA
2 votes

College vs. Retirement

by James D. Kinney, CFP® Level 20
With the cost of college increasingly moving beyond the reach of many American families, parents often find themselves sacrificing their own financial futures to help their kids pay for the cost of college.  This is a ...(more)
Comment   |  Jun 24, 2013 from Bridgewater, NJ
0 votes

What Should You Look For in a 529 Plan?

by Jason Hull Level 20
“I learned law so well, the day I graduated I sued the college, won the case, and got my tuition back.”–Fred Allen If you’ve decided that a 529 savings plan is the best way to fund your little bundle of joy’s exposure ...(more)
Comment   |  Apr 12, 2013 from Fort Worth, TX
2 votes

The Ultimate Guide to College Education for Your Kids

by Jason Hull Level 20
“I believe that we parents must encourage our children to become educated, so they can get into a good college that we cannot afford.”— Dave Barry As soon as the nurse hands you your bundle of joy for the first time, ...(more)
Comment   |  Apr 10, 2013 from Fort Worth, TX
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