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Articles in College Planning

Top private colleges and universities can cost over $200,000 over 4 years, and these costs are only going up over time. How much money should you save?
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by Stephanie Leigh Bacak Level 8
If you have accumulated fund in your child’s 529, congratulations! You are probably a member of the elusive Savers who plan ahead and hate debt. A savers’ immediate instinct is to use all the designated savings ...(more)
1 Comment   |  Jan 24, 2019
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My kids are joinging the military to pay for college

by Brent Leavitt, CFP® Level 11
  “My college savings plan is the military.” This is a response I got last week from a very serious woman at a college and career planning event I went to. I love the military and I thought it was a great plan. In ...(more)
Comment   |  Mar 28, 2017
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How student loans impact your credit

by Jose Manuel Soto Level 17
If you've finished college within the last few years, chances are you're paying off your student loans. What happens with your student loans now that they've entered repayment status will have a significant ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 05, 2016
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Loan Debt for Students – Is an Income Based Repayment Plan Right for You?

by Ann Benjamin Zuraw Level 9
Many of today’s college graduates, eager to accept the challenges of their new careers are also facing a life-long financial challenge. The burden of considerable amounts of student debt may seem overwhelming.  If you ...(more)
Comment   |  Apr 26, 2016 from Greensboro, NC
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College Planning Tips for Each Stage of Your Child’s Life

by Brett Tushingham, CFP® Level 18
  “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This quote, attributed to Benjamin Franklin, makes me think of the way many families approach paying for college. For most families, the words “planning” and ...(more)
Comment   |  Apr 04, 2016
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Learn the CSS Profile, the 'Other' Financial Aid Application

by Brett Tushingham, CFP® Level 18
Most families with college students are very familiar with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA form determines your eligibility for need-based financial aid that is based on students’ and parents’ ...(more)
Comment   |  Feb 17, 2016
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Grandparents and College Planning — the Right Way

by Brett Tushingham, CFP® Level 18
Grandparents are usually willing to help with college expenses when possible. I remember my own grandmother chipping in a bit for my freshman year at school. Knowing what I know now, it’s likely that the gift had a ...(more)
Comment   |  Feb 09, 2016
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How To Survive Planning For Retirement and College At The Same Time

by Theodore Michael Jenkin Level 19
Ted Jenkin, CFP®, AAMS®, AWMA®, CRPC®, CMFC®, CRPS®   Co-CEO and Founder oXYGen Financial, Inc. Request a FREE no obligation consultation: www.oxygenfinancial.net   For Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers the quandary that ...(more)
Comment   |  Feb 04, 2016 from Alpharetta, GA
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Proactive College Planning and the EFC – What You Need to Know

by Brett Tushingham, CFP® Level 18
At this point many families have already filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.  This is the first step in applying for need-based financial aid for college.  The information provided on the FAFSA ...(more)
Comment   |  Jan 20, 2016
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The Private 529 Plan and why it could be your Best College Savings Option

by Brett Tushingham, CFP® Level 18
Most college savings strategies can benefit a great deal by incorporating a savings vehicle into the mix.  The tax benefits and flexibility of most savings plans make them very appealing for families looking to help ...(more)
Comment   |  Dec 17, 2015
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