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Korving & Company LLC 10 years, 3 months Jan 2010 - Present
UBS Financial Services Inc. 4 years, 7 months Jun 2005 - Jan 2010
#Ia Painewebber Incorporated 14 years, 10 months Mar 1995 - Jan 2010

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    Financial Planning Association
    The Financial Planning Association (FPA®) is the largest membership organization for personal financial planning experts in the U.S. and includes professionals from all backgrounds and business models. We help connect thousands of consumers to competent and ethical planners who uphold the FPA Standard of Care.
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    Certified Financial Planner
    A standard certification for advisors, designees are exposed to nearly 100 topics on integrated financial planning. Major topics include, but not limited to: insurance, employee benefits, securities, state and federal tax, estate tax and planning, asset protection, etc.

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Insights by Arie Korving

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Three things you must do as you get older.
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Financial Guidance for Family Businesses
Published 2015-02-09 12:44:35
Boosting social security benefits for widows
Published 2014-05-13 06:39:20
Three things you must do as you get older.
Published 2014-05-13 06:17:48
Three things you must do as you get older.
Published 2014-05-13 06:17:46
Three things you must do as you get older.
Published 2014-05-13 06:17:06
    *Articles are published by advisors without compensation.


    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    Is it worth it to hire a financial advisor?
    Is it worth it to hire a financial advisor? The answer depends on your perspective and what you are looking for. First of all, the term “Financial Advisor” is used by a great many people from insurance agents to stock brokers to Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). I often use the analogy of a ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    I have 100% of my retirement money in a target date fund. Do you consider that diversified enough or not?
    Target date funds have become popular because they provide some of the diversification that an asset allocation program does. However, they have several problems in actual practice. They were criticized for not doing a better job of protecting their shareholders during the market crash of 2008 - 2...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    I have been contributing to ING for 35 years and have become concerned about their fees and the impact on my returns,?
    Yes, fees do eat into your net portfolio returns. You have to keep in mind that you will have to pay fees no matter what custodian you use for your 403(b) plan. However, annuity based plans offered to participants have higher fees than non-annuity based plans because they also come with some guara...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    Does my financial advisor need to be local to my area to be successful with me?
    The question is a good one and influences both clients and advisors. Because the majority of advisors have limited budgets, they have a tendency to focus their outreach on the city or region where they are located. From the perspective of people seeking financial advice, most assume that they will...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2015
    Where do i start when planning a retirement if my employer does not offer any plan?
    Joshua, the place to start planning your retirement is at the kitchen table. You have to start thinking about when you want to retire and how you want to retire. How you want to retire means figuring out kind of lifestyle you want to have when you retire. With that guidance and with an outline of...  (more)
    Answered May 2014
    How can i find out if a pension is in my name from my dead mother and if i cant find the statement what do i do?
    Darrell, I'm not quite sure that I understand your question. Most pensions end when the pensioner dies. If there is a surviving spouse, the survivor will often receive part of the pension payments. But I'm not aware of any pensions that provide benefits to children. ...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    23 years old, 40+ year term investment, which funds or at least which categories and what percent should I invest in?
    Joseph, you are experiencing the challenge that lots of people face when they get a job and are asked to decide how to invest their 401(k) contributions. You are looking for free advice, and I appreciate that. But giving investment advice to people via the internet is like providing medical advice...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    I have esop stock from k m industries holding. and wonder should i get any kind of dividend checks from them?
    Diana, the simplest way of getting an answer to your question is to ask the HR department if the company pays a dividend. ESOP plans vary widely and the company itself is the best source of information. If the stock pays a dividend some ESOPs allow the dividends to be paid out to the stock-holders...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    I just got a settlement of $200k from a auto accident. I'm only 52 going on 53. What or where should I invest my money?
    Vicki, the suggestions that others have made are all valid. Here is your dilemma: no-risk investments like CDs are currently paying around 1% or less. So if you avoid the stock market, get a very low interest rate, and withdraw $1000/month. your settlement will last you about 17 years, assuming i...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    X% of fee on portfolio value and commission on each trade.
    I think the others have answered your question in some detail. One of the things we cover very thoroughly with any client before we accept an engagement is how we are compensated. When people get an unexpected fee once a relationship starts, it can lead to suspicion that he has not been truthful o...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    I have to my first RMD this Dec or next April. Can I do part of the total in December and the rest in April?
    Barbara, as you can see, the way you phrase the question can be confusing. The rule for RMDs is that in the year you turn 70 1/2 you have to begin taking distributions. But for that first distribution you can delay all or part of the distribution until April 1 of the following year. The distribut...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    Hi, I'm wondering if I can contribute the $5,000 a year to a an existing rollover IRA that was previously funded?
    To answer your initial question, the answer is "yes," you can make a contribution to your rollover IRA. I have a word of caution about getting too cute with penalty-free withdrawals from a 401(k). I suggest checking with a CPA before you do that. Here's one answer from which sugges...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2014
    Do I take a lump sum pension pay off or keep the pension.
    Larry’s advice is good. The company is offering you a lump sum payment to reduce their pension liability. Here are the pluses and minuses of a pension versus a lump-sum payment. A plus for the pension is that you will never run out of money while you are alive. You may also be able to structure...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2014
    I received a gift of $10,000. Should I open a new Roth IRA, or increase my contribution to my employer's Roth 401 K ?
    All the advice you have been given is good within the confines of the way you put the question. Let me give you an alternative suggestion. At age 35 you should have an investment account that has no restrictions on either contributions or withdrawals. While IRAs and Roth IRAs have lots of tax adv...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    Where do I start with Retirement Investing?
    You have gotten some good, and very specific, advice already. There are only a few things I would add from personal experience. Years ago a resident at a local teaching hospital contacted me to help with his wife’s modest IRA, something I was happy to do. After graduation he set up in practice in...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2014
    How can I contact someone regarding my former 401k acoount balance?
    Pam provided you with the two sources of information. The only thing I would add is when you find out where your 401(k) is and how much it's worth, roll it over into a rollover IRA. Make sure it's done properly so that you don't end up paying taxes and penalties....  (more)
    Answered Jul 2014
    RMDs - What's the purpose?
    Colin, your intuition about RMDs is correct and the answers you have received confirm that. It's the reason why many RIAs strongly recommend Roth IRAs and 401(k) plans for people who are as far from retirement as you are. The government spending trajectory is up and where spending goes taxes will ...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2014
    Follow up to whether to migrate existing 401K to new 401K or IRA:?
    You have received lots of good answers but I'll add my two cents. A lot depends on your personality. If you are the kind of person who wants the maximum amount of freedom of choice, you will roll the 401k over into an IRA with an investment firm like Schwab who is not part of a mutual fund organiz...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2015
    I am retiring in 4 years. What is to outlook for the sequioa fund. Should I hold or move to another fund?
    Peter,Without knowing more about your retirement plans I don’t think anyone can give you an answer. If your question is because this fund has underperformed this year, you should look into the reason why. One of the reasons is that because it has a very high cash position. It’s a very concentrat...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    Can I cash in my retirement?
    Debbie, your question does not supply enough information to allow anyone on this board to give you an answer that applies to you. What it tells me is that you need to sit down with either financial planner who specializes in retirement planning or someone in your company's personnel department who ...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2015
    Looking for more information on current companies I hold my investments: The On-Line 401K, and American Funds companies.
    Alejandro, you can go to the fund websites and get all the information you want on the funds. The American Funds can be found at and On-Line 401K can be found at  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    Northcoast Assest Management ETF investment?
    I took a brief look at their ADV via the FINRA website. Here is some relevant information for your consideration. They manage about $2 billion. Over 75% of their clients are “high net worth.” They have 5900 clients. You may want to consider how much personal attention you will get from them and...  (more)
    Answered May 2014
    My insurance agent says their are no fees for the investment products he wants to sell me.  How can he make a living if the products he sells don't have fees?
    Your agent is either misleading you or does not understand the product he's selling. In either case you should not be doing business with him....  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    My son's mother deceased and there was a 401K through Chart Industries. How can he find out about it?
    There is one added piece of data you may want to have. You did not indicate whether your son’s mother died while still working. If so, her company may send the assets to the named beneficiary without advising that person. It all depends on the rules if the company. I blogged about this. http://...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2014
    How do I find out if my 401k / Profit sharing Plan is still active with a previous or former employer.
    You are entitled to receive a statement about your 401k account at least once a year. You may want to check the address on the last statement you received. If you have moved or if it was delivered to your address at your previous employer they may simply have lost track of you. Simply contact the...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2015
    Not working for company anymore can i cash out?
    Yes ... but it's probably not a smart thing to do. When I hear someone mention "cashing out" of a 401k what I hear them say is: "I'm taking the money and plan to spend it." A 401k is designed to allow you to save money for your retirement tax deferred. The wise thing to do is to roll the money fr...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    The plan administrator is required to send you a statement at least once a year. So if you have worked for the company more than a year you can call the plan administrator and get the information you need. If you have been there less than a year and have not received a statement, go to the benefit...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    Sis died in march. She had a 401k at aa. I provided all info asked for by the plan they will not tell me yes or no?
    Unless you are the legal executor of her estate you can't force the administrator of your sister's estate to give you information about her 401k. Determine who the executor is. If she had no will the laws of the state determine who can act as her executor. For a more detailed answer, I suggest yo...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2015
    Are cash gifts taxable to the recipient?
    This is a common question because most of us expect to be taxed on money we receive. But gifts are different. The short answer is "no." If someone gives you a cash gift - or anything else of value - you do not owe any taxes on the gift. Earned income is taxed. Portfolio income is taxed. Gifts ...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2015
    Is there any way I can print out my most recenty quartly statement of my 401K?
    If your 401k custodian provides on-line access, the answer is yes. However, the statements for the fourth quarter of 2014 may not be available yet. ...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2015
    Need help to analyze my financial portfolio?
    Naren,You have gotten a number of good responses. I want to briefly focus on your decision to withdraw from the stock market in 2007. I hope you were lucky and escaped the market downturn. There are two things I hope you will take away from your experience. First, market timing requires two dec...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2015
    OverSaver Needs Assurance! Wondering what 401k contribution % to drop down to?
    Colin, others have made some good suggestions and have congratulated you on your ability to save. Let me give you some unorthodox advice that you may not get from people who focus tax deferred investing. Your IRAs and 401(k) plans will probably not be the only places from which you’re going to g...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2014
    Given present market condition, is it advisable to change my current 401k plan selection of stable value to stock/bonds?
    I agree with most of the previous comments about risk tolerance, age, dollar-cost-averaging and other suggestions. But here is one added point. If you are still working and contributing to a 401(k) plan you are probably under 65. An actuary would tell you that you are probably going to live at le...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    I was awarded ,half of my ex spouse pension .Through Qdro, would I have to wait until he retire to do rollover to Ira?
    Your question refers to a pension rather than a defined contribution plan like a 401k. Not to be nitpicking, but a "pension" usually refers to a defined benefit plan which, in most cases cannot be cashed out or rolled into an IRA. It's a lifetime payment that begins after retirement and ends at de...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2015
    I need to take out $3700 from my traditional IRA and have no clue how much tax to pay on it. Do I pay a fixed $ or %?
    Sarah, if you are confused don't have any tax withheld from your distribution. At the end of the year you will get a tax statement from your IRA custodian and you can use this information when you file your taxes next year. Please keep in mind that if you are under 59 1/2 you may pay a 10% penalt...  (more)
    Answered May 2015
    How does Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group compare to other managers?
    It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a money manager with a focus on “Value” style they may be the right firm for you. Their account minimum is $1 million, but it can be waived. Fees for non-institutional investors range from a high of 2% to 1.4% and are based on assets...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    Can you please tell me a good, simple book on estate planning that is less than 200 pages long?
    Matthew, a simple will should not be an expensive proposition. There are a number of other issues that you and your mother should be aware of. After a quarter-century experience helping people cope with the death of a relative I wrote a set of books: BEFORE I GO, and BEFORE I GO WORKBOOK. You can...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    Contributing to two 401k plans?
    There is another consideration. If you are over 50 years of age you can contribute an additional $5500. ...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    I'm trying to lower my cc utilization ratio. I have 3 cc with high balances. I have some money to lower my debt.
    Dave Ramsey, who has a great program on reducing debt and building wealth, recommends paying off the debts in order of size, from the smallest to the largest. It's not mathematically the best solution, but it is psychologically; and psychology is one of the things that gets us into financial troubl...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    After 25 yrs i just found out they dont need me. What do i do with my 401k? Company matched.
    Luann, sorry to hear about your being "downsized." I'm sure that you are going through quite a bit of emotional turmoil right now. When you are terminated, the first thing to do is ... nothing. Give yourself some time to settle down. Once you have decided what you are going to do from a career ...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    My wife and I work in same company. Can we both have separate life ins. policies and nominate ech other as beneficiary ?
    Unless you know of someone who depends on you and has a special need, your spouse if the natural beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Keep in mind that life insurance is primarily designed to replace income that the beneficiary needs to maintain his or her lifestyle. That means that two inco...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2014
    What is the process to withdraw funds from my 401k plan.
    The others have answered the basic question which is to contact your HR department. But I’m curious about some information you left out. Are you still employed by the company where you have the 401(k)? If so, you may not be able to withdraw money unless you leave the company … or if they allow an...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2014
    When someone 65 years old opens an IRA with lets say $2000 to start, with a brokerage firm.
    The others have provided good answers. If you and I were sitting down, the first question I would ask is: why are you doing this? That’s not a challenge, but it will determine my advice. If it’s to get a tax deduction on earned income, the regular IRA would serve. If it’s to put money aside that...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2014
    When I pass will my child receive my 401k?
    Previous commenters have covered the subject well. I suggest that you get a copy of my book on the practical aspects of passing your estate to your heris. It's called BEFORE I GO and you can read the first three chapters by going to our website.  (more)
    Answered Jul 2014
    I am new to investing. How do start my investments.
    Before you begin investing you should think about your objectives. I would make a list of your goals and put specific dates and values in it. For example, "I want to retire at 65 and have an income of $100,000 for the rest of my life." Once you do that, you can get help determining the best way o...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2015
    Any suggestion on keeping 401K costs to the lowest and is it worth switching from a SEP for total of 4?
    The popular press puts a great deal of emphasis on the costs and expenses of mutual funds and investment advice. I am price conscious and shop around for many things. All things being equal, I prefer to pay less rather than more. However, all things are rarely equal. Hamburger is not steak. A C...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2015
    Should I borrow against my 401k for a first time home loan? Currently living in Southern CA and thinking about an?
    This is a really bad idea for the reasons others have given. Let me add another reason: real estate is not a liquid investment and you have very little in emergency money. If it does not rent immediately, or the renters fail to pay on time, you could be in a severe cash crunch. I have some experi...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    I'm paying a financial advisor 1.5% plus a $750 annual fee to manage my 450K portfolio. Is this too much?
    The fee arrangement you cite is an unusual one. Most advisors charge a fee either as a percent of assets under management, a flat fee, or an hourly fee. The question I would ask is what you get for these fees. If it’s only investment management, the fee is higher than the industry standard. ...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    I have a pension through my employer, should I also invest in an IRA or Roth IRA, or invest in individual securities since my risk tolerance is a bit higher than an average pre-retiree?
    Miranda, I realize that my contribution to your question is a few years after you asked it, but for anyone who has a similar question let me add one additional thought to what others have said. If you have the ability to save more than the IRA/Roth IRA limits, I encourage you to do so. Furthermo...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    Fee structures; what is normal?
    David, A fee of 1.5% is within the range of industry practice but it's at the top of the range. For that fee you should be getting some personal attention and a portfolio that's designed to meet your objectives. If this is not the case, you may want to do some shopping. ...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    What is average company contribution to a 401K plan?
    The others have given good answers to your question. Keep in mind why companies offer 401k plans in the first place. One of the main reasons is to allow the highest paid employees (i.e. the owner in case of a small business) to save - tax deferred - for their own retirement. They are usually the ...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    Employer plan offers both trad & roth 401k options, but won't allow me to convert?
    Without knowing more about your company or your plan, it’s hard to provide you with the answer to the question you pose. To allow you to convert they may have to amend their plan, which they may be reluctant to do if there is not a big demand for it. There are a few things you may want to consider...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    How can I get my statement from my 401k plan?
    Your employer is required to supply statements to you either quarterly or at the very least annually....  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    Should I invest in the stock market or mutual funds?
    I have no idea where you read this particular piece of advice because it's not only wrong but confusing. The smart beginning investor who wants to buy stocks will invest in mutual funds because that is a way of investing in stocks without having to guess which stocks to buy. You can invest in a fu...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2015
    I recently got married, is it a good idea for my wife and I to write wills now?
    Of course you should have wills, and update them whenever your family or financial situation changes. But keep in mind that the way your assets are titled - and beneficiary designation in retirement plans - is even more important than a will. Newly married people sometimes keep accounts at the ba...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    If I am fully vested, quit my job and caah out my 401k will I receive the employer matching contributions if under 55?
    Matthew, the amount you personally contributed is always yours and you can take it out when you leave. A good advisor will always suggest a tax-free rollover to an IRA rather than giving part of it to the government via taxes and a penalty. If your employer matched a percentage of your contributio...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    How can I start saving for retirement if I'm a college grad with few funds and no benefits?
    Elizabeth, congratulations on being so far ahead of your peers in terms of financial wisdom. Time is the biggest asset that anyone has when it comes to building wealth. For example, the $24 that Minuet paid to buy Manhattan 388 years ago would have grown to nearly $4 billion today at just 5% inter...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
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