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Employer Years Dates
Battle Born Financial Advisor 2 years, 11 months Feb 2017 - Present
Interactive Financial Advisors 4 years, 6 months Jul 2015 - Present
Nevada Benefits 5 years, 1 month Jan 2012 - Feb 2017
Mass Mutual 1 year, 2 months Oct 2010 - Dec 2011

Designations & Memberships

  • Certified Financial Planner
    Certified Financial Planner
    A standard certification for advisors, designees are exposed to nearly 100 topics on integrated financial planning. Major topics include, but not limited to: insurance, employee benefits, securities, state and federal tax, estate tax and planning, asset protection, etc.

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Insights by Brent Leavitt

Financial Planning for engineers
Published 2017-04-03 11:53:42
Did you think to remodel your home?
Published 2017-06-08 13:52:03
STEM careers and finances
Published 2017-04-21 11:28:46
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    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    How to borrow money from your 401k?
    Typically all you have to do is log into your 401k plan's website and access your account. The website should have a section where they give you the forms to fill out and/or the request form should be available. You might also need to contact your HR department for the proper forms and/or contact in...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2017
    Where should I consider investing retirement savings after maxing out 401k?
    You can still contribute to an IRA. If you make too much to deduct your IRA contributions, you can make a non-deductible contribution then turn around and convert all of your IRAs into a Roth using a Roth conversion. If you have some other tax-deducted IRAs it might cause a big tax to you, so make s...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2017
    Can a construction company exclude field employees as a class in a 401(k) plan?
    It gets extremely difficult to discriminate in 401k plans, because the purpose of them is to make sure everyone gets an equal share of retirement. from the IRS "Contributions or benefits must not discriminate.Under the plan, contributions or benefits must not discriminate in favor of highly compe...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2017
    In order to really compare your plan, it is good to first find out how many people are in your plan and how much money is saved in the plan. If your company just recently established the plan and hardly anyone is contributing any money, you will probably find the fees are quite high relative to the ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2017
    Mom passed before she could get a divorce husband was using hard drugs. Can I get her 401 even though she was married?
    Without a beneficiary you will have to battle out who gets the asset in court through a process called Probate. The court will then give paperwork to the awarded party of her assets that you will then be able to present to the financial institution. Find a good estate planning attorney and start the...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2017
    My name is derek limron. I want to talk to u about 401k withdrawal. Plz get back with me in a timely matter?
    Here it is a month later and I am now looking at this question for the first time. I am assuming it is directed at a specific company or plan sponsor you were using? You might have to jump through a few hoops depending on how the plan was set up through the employer. I have seen some plans where the...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2017
    Does any participation in an employer sponsored plan make one ineligible to participate in a self-directed IRA?
    You can still contribute to an IRA even though you are able to contribute to a 401k, assuming you do not exceed the annual income limits. here is the link to the IRS website regarding this  (more)
    Answered Mar 2017
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