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National Wealth Management, LLC 12 years, 5 months Nov 2007 - Present

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My company offers a dozen or so mutual funds that I can invest in my 401(k). I can look at 1/3/5 years performance data, etc, but how can Bright Scope help me figure out how to allocate my paycheck deduction to these funds for the best possible return?
Steve - I am not aware of any feature within BrightScope that would help you with your question. Moreover, past performance data are not indicative of future returns. Instead you should evaluate each fund's investment strategy, expenses, and risk in order to select a fund or combination of funds t...  (more)
Answered Sep 2012
I am having trouble picking between Deutsche Bank stock (DB) and Lihua INTL stock (LIWA). Both are strong buys, and both come with a questionable risk factor. My question is which should I invest in (short term) and why?
Shane, sorry to break this to you...but if you are asking this question, as you evidently are, then you should not be buying either stock. Instead, and assuming that foreign stock exposure is appropriate for your financial objectives and circumstances, then you are far better off investing in a low...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
How do I find out how the clients of advisor do with their investments after paying all the fees?
You have asked a very important question, which you would think deserves a simple answer. Unfortunately, however, the reporting of investment performance is a very complicated subject that is rife with abuse, misrepresentation, and neglect. We recommend that you find an investment advisor who is c...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
I will have two children in college this fall and need to find a way to pay for their tuition. I have a 401(k) through my employer that I am considering taking a withdrawal from. Should I use my 401(k) to pay for their college education?
Meghan, without know more about your financial circumstances, I would suggest that it's generally a very bad idea to either borrow from or withdraw from your 401(k) plan to pay for your children's education. You should encourage your children to apply for scholarships, work part-time, and/or apply ...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
I have a small company with 65 employees and want to switch to the lowest cost 401K plan possible to give my employees the highest return on their 401k and not lose a significant amount of money long term due to high expenses. Can someone please recommend a plan with low costs?
Ty,As the company owner and plan sponsor, you will either pay some or all of the costs or pass them through to your employee participants with a fiduciary obligation to control costs. Consequently, under any arrangement, costs will be a very important consideration for you.In evaluating the costs...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
Will my 401k plan distributions affect my Social Security benefits?
Hi Sven,Distributions from your 401(k) plan will NOT affect the amount of your Social Security benefit. However, your 401(k) distributions MAY affect how much of your Social Security benefit is taxable. For that reason, we recommend that you evaluate the timing of your various income sources, esp...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
I plan on retireing at age 66. I have about 700K in my 401k. Tax wise, what is it better to take money from my 401k now or wait and take the manditory withdrawals.?
Keith,The question you ask is important, but complicated! The answer depends on many factors including your living expenses, other assets, and Social Security status. A qualified, fee-only financial planner can objectively help you to develop a retirement income plan that optimizes your financial...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
My dad just retired at age 70 and wants to know if he should leave his 401k with his company or move it. Where would be the best place to move it?
Donald - You've asked an important question. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all simple answer. For most retirees, the answer depends on the quality of your dad's 401k plan vs. the quality of IRA investments which he would have access to. Generally, IRA's offer a broader range of investm...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
If i quit my job can i cash out my 401k?
Yes, once your employment is terminated, you can either withdraw the funds, transfer the funds to an Individual Retirement Account, or, if permitted by your new employer's qualified retirement plan, transfer the funds to your new employer's qualified retirement plan. Depending on your age and the n...  (more)
Answered Nov 2012
My father passed away in October. He had a 401k, we are unable to find paperwork that state's beneficiaries. It is through Wells Fargo. They are not helpful over the phone, we also had a lawyer send a letter asking the same info. Help...
Jen - Generally, beneficiary information is maintained by the employer who sponsors the 401(k) plan. Try contacting the human resources department at your father's employer....  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
With an inherited IRA, I know I have to take a RMD by 12/31 of this year. My question is , Can I take more than the RMD if I am doing it by the life expectancy tables?
William - RMD is an abbreviation for Required Minimum Distribution. You can always take more than the RMD up to the full value of the account. By doing so, however, you irrevocably give up the tax deferral benefit if Traditional IRA or tax free benefit if Roth IRA. If the inherited IRA is a Tradi...  (more)
Answered Nov 2012
Is it a good option to invest in any foreing fund? What about investing less than 20% on this type of funds?
With more than half the value of stocks and bonds issued by companies and governments outside of the United States, you should always consider foreign investments as part of a globally diversified investment portfolio. Moreover, foreign stocks and bonds may offer higher yields and better fundamenta...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
How often should I re-evaluate my risk level in my portfolio?
Rodney,Your portfolio's risk level is absolutely the most important consideration you have in investing! The degree of risk you take should be a function of both Risk Capacity and Risk Tolerance, two very different assessments. In assessing your Risk Capacity, you should consider quantitative, ob...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
I have a 401k from my previous company which is still being managed by them. I am not sure if I should rollover my 401k to my new company and get someone else to manage it. Can you please provide me with some options I can explore.?
You have 4 options:1. Withdraw the cash value of your 401k account.2. Leave the funds in your previous company's 401k plan, provided the plan permits funds from terminated employees.3. Transfer the cash value to an IRA.4. Transfer the cash value to the 401k at your new company provided the plan ...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
Is it reasonable to expect that an novice investor like me could turn $5600.00 into $45000.00 within the next 27 years?
Matthew - your question implies an annual compounded rate of return of slightly more than 8%. Such a return is not unreasonable provided you implement a disciplined strategy using low cost index funds and avoid the temptation to panic. Obviously, this outcome cannot be guaranteed and you will like...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
Around 2008,my 401K savings got put into KBR when i became permanently disabled. I am just wondering how do i find out where it is & how to get to it if needed? Tim Woods (
Was KBR your last employer? If so, contact the human resources department and ask the 401(k) administrator who the plan recordkeeper is and how to contact them. Consider transferring your 401(k) savings to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), which may offer lower costs and a broader range of i...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
Please send me information on the Long Term Growth Fund, the Conservative Fund, and the Fixed Income Fund. Thank you...?
Delan - you need to identify these funds more specifically, i.e. either the full name or the ticker symbol....  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
My inherited IRA hasn't done squat this year. Is there a better choice of where to invest this money?
Since the Standard & Poor's 500 Index of large company stocks has gained more than 14% from the beginning of this year through October 31, and your inherited IRA invested in stocks has not gained, then it would appear you have a problem either with your investment strategy, costs, luck, or all o...  (more)
Answered Nov 2012
I purchased Class A mutual funds. I paid $6250 for each fund and received shares totalling $6250 for each fund. In cashing in these funds there is no indication that a front end charge was applied. Can a mutual fund juggle share price to cover the front end cost?
Clarence - depending upon the type of account in which you purchased the shares or under certain qualifying conditions, the mutual fund may waive the front end load on A shares....  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
I worked for a company called Energetic Solutions several years ago. They were located in Brooksville, Fl. I believe they are now called EBV Enviromental. I think I had a 401k with them and would like to know how to find out if I did have a 401k and who I can contact to find out about it.?
call the company and ask for the HR department...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
How do i get the paper work and find out how much money i have in my 401k?
ask the human resources department at your employer. Federal law requires statements to be sent to you....  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
Should we allow our adult son to move home or help him out financially?
Mercedes,Without knowing more about your family and the financial facts and circumstances that you and your son are facing, it seems to me that allowing or encouraging your son to move back into your home will represent a net savings to the family unit as the incremental costs to you and your husba...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
RMDs - What's the purpose?
Colin - I would say that all of those reasons apply to the rationale for RMD's. The adage about death and taxes applies!...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
Are the Franklin Templeton family of funds a good investment even with the 5% front end loads they charge.
Rich's answer is on target. Just to add a possible clarifying point, there is no evidence or reason why funds which charge a 5% front end load will perform any better or worse that funds that do not charge a front end load or sales charge. It's strictly a matter of whether and how you are compensa...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
I have the option of buying shares of stock ( Investment stock options). The company is privately held and in my opinion is very close to going BK. If I were to purchase shares and subsequently the company does close, can I use the loss to offset a gain?
Steve - are you nuts? Why would you make a cash investment in a company you expected to go bankrupt? Yes, you can deduct the loss to offset gains if the company goes bankrupt....  (more)
Answered Feb 2013
Are 401K fees generally higher than IRA fees even the the underlying mutual fund is the same?
oRalph,our ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2016
Are 401K fees generally higher than IRA fees even the the underlying mutual fund is the same?
Ralph - costs vary widely and it's often difficult to discover what all the costs are. 401(k) plans typically have higher administrative and reporting costs than IRA accounts. Somebody has to pay those added costs. Many plan sponsors choose to pay some or all of the costs, but many others choose ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2016
I am thinking about cashing out an old 401k and paying on my house. I am 57. I got the 401k when I was 54.
Hi Ricky - Being permitted to do something does not mean you should. What impact will your 401k plan withdrawal have on your retirement income plan? Do you have a retirement income plan? You do not want to end up with a beautiful house and no retirement income. I recommend that you meet or speak...  (more)
Answered Oct 2016
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