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David M. Anthony, CFP®, RMA®

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Employer Years Dates
Anthony Capital Alternative Investments, LLC 2 years, 11 months May 2017 - Present
Optimal Mortgage, LLC 3 years, 11 months May 2016 - Present
Anthony Capital, LLC 6 years, 11 months May 2013 - Present
Side By Side Quotes.Com, LLC 7 years, 5 months Nov 2012 - Present
Anthony Capital, LLC 13 years, 10 months Jun 2006 - Present

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    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    How much commission does my broker make?
    Depends on what he is selling you. Most brokers who position themselves as financial advisors sell mutual fund A shares, which usually pay an upfront commission of around 5.75%....  (more)
    Answered Feb 2016
    What's the best strategy for a charitable donation?
    Have you looked into setting up a Charitable Remainder Unit or Annuity trust? (CRUT and CRAT) If you have a highly appreciated asset, you can set up the trust and name the charity as beneficiary. You would be trustee of the account, and could then sell the highly appreciated asset tax-free, and real...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2016
    As a young professional starting a new career, what would you recommend a Roth IRA or IRA?
    Have your cake and eat it to. Max out the full amount to your defined contribution plans/IRA/401(k) plans which is $53,000 in 2016. This amount will reduce your taxable income. Let that grow tax-deferred and then convert it over to a Roth IRA account when you're ready to retire. By then, hopefully y...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2016
    Does my financial advisor need to be local to my area to be successful with me?
    No, not at all. I meet with clients all over the country via Skype, webex, conference calls, etc. A lot of clients love this feature....  (more)
    Answered Feb 2016
    When interviewing a financial advisor, what questions should I ask?
    Ask how they get paid 1st--you'll want to know if they are commissions, fees, or both.2nd, ask to see a copy of a financial plan that they've prepared for other clients. If they are a true planner, they'll have one ready to show you. It should cover investments, insurance, taxes, health care, etc. ...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2016
    I've had bad luck with a financial advisor - I paid $600 and got a folder of charts depicting my financial situation and a sales pitch for a roster of insurance products. How can I ensure that my next advisor is worth his/her commission?
    Ask to see a copy of a sample financial plan 1st and ask for referrals. Also, ask if the plan comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't see value in the plan, they you shouldn't have to pay....  (more)
    Answered Feb 2016
    Which financial planner designations are meaningful?
    CFP--Certified Financial Planner for run of the mill financial planning.RMA--Retirement Management Analyst for full on retirement income planning....  (more)
    Answered Feb 2016
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        Mar 16, 2020
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        Nov 2, 2018
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