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Credible Mtg. Solutions LLC. 3 years, 4 months Aug 2007 - Dec 2010
Fba Wealth Managment, LLC 19 years, 6 months Aug 2000 - Present
Financial Benefits Alliance, Inc. 19 years, 6 months Aug 2000 - Present

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Should I convert my traditional 401k to a Roth 401k because of the new fiscal cliff deal?
It may sound odd to you, but I don’t agree with what you have read. Like you, I believe that future taxes are going to be at a higher rate. And if this is the case, you’re better off paying the taxes at a known rate than an unknown future one. With unknowns, all you can do is increase the probabili...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
How do I determine how much I should be donating to charity?
I’m assuming you are talking about $4m outside of your retirement accounts, too. If so, one of the ways to think about it would be, "How much of my assets do I not need and would like to see a charity benefit from?"In some cases we advised our clients to establish a charitable remainder trust with ...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
I have about $20,000 after tax $ in my 401k. I have about $10000 I am paying on a PLUS Loan at about 7%. Can I withdraw the $10000 from my 401 K to save paying the higher interest rate on my Parent Loans? Would my 401k have a penalty or growth suspension?
The only provision that is available for you is the borrowing availability. If you withdraw the $10,000 out of your 401(k) you’ll be subject to the 59 ½ IRS rule of 10% penalty + income tax. The only way to avoid this is by proving a hardship. Paying back a loan early is not considered a hardship.S...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
I received a letter from Social Security stating that I have money owed me in a 401K from Aegis mortgage when I worked for them. They instructed me to send a copy of this letter to Aegis at the address on the letter in Texas. I did this and it came back to me undeliverable and out of business. Wh
It's my advice that the Social Security Administration will rarely if ever advise you on any money owed to you by anyone. What you describe sounds like an attempt to get some information from you that somehow will help “them” in an attempt to get your personal information....  (more)
Answered May 2013
What to look for in a 401(k) record keeper?
Retirement plans are a complicated issue. You should probably talk to a professional specializing in this. There are a few options for doing this: if your interest in this is in building a practice, your best bet is to join, at least in the beginning, a practice that is already doing this and learn...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
How can I write off expenses from my new small business when I currently do not have any revenue?
If you have no taxable revenue, there are no business tax deductions you can take. On the other hand if you have losses because of expenses, you can accumulate those against future profits. this way when you hopefully have revenue you’ll be able to reduce or even eliminate having to pay taxes. You s...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
How do I, as a small company plan administrator, evaluate the financial stability of a 401(k) plan provider who offers a turn key operation including investment funds and plan administration?
There are a few items that you as a plan administrator should be aware of, and evaluate periodically, and it is not only the financial stability of your 401(k) provider--especially if they offer bundled services.1) Are there any conflicts of interest?2) Are fees that are charged to the employees...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
How do I find out all the hidden fees & expenses I am paying in my employer sponsored 401K plan?
One of the simplest places to start would be the statement that should have been given to you after August 30th of last year. This statement is a result of the dept. of labor's newest ruling, and intends to show full transparency of all the fees deducted from your account.As far as the amount deduc...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
For the last few years when we do our taxes AMT gets triggered. Been to several accountants and they all say that there isn't much we can do to lessen the impact. We heard that a tax advisor or an enrolled agent might be more knowledgeable. Suggestions?
Unfortunately, it's very difficult to advise you without seeing your tax return. CPAs are not always the best to talk to on that. Sometimes a knowledgeable, savvy, and experienced registered advisor can analyze this, and get you better results. ...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
How much disability income insurance do I need? Should I get disability insurance?
The best way to think about this is that you’re trying to replace your net income in the unfortunate case in which you become disabled.There are two types of disability policies. Short term that covers you up to 6 months, and a long term one that can be until you reach full retirement age...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
Are corporations trending toward retirement buyout/packages with high cash stocked up and a need to lower aged employee to hire young, innovative employees?
Corporations have tried for a long time now to replace some of their older employees. In most cases it is a cost saving tool. Often they can hire two young employees for the same pay as one older one.Additionally, in some cases it is done as a way to reduce the future pension liabilities (Defined B...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
I have an annuity that I bought 8 years ago. It has been sold to another Ins. company, Transamerica Advisors. I had no control over the continued participation in the annuity. Yet my IRA is in this annuity and I wonder about its solvency.
The company you are with now, Transamerica, is a highly rated company. To find out more you may call the SEC or the state security commission to get any additional info....  (more)
Answered May 2013
Is additional disability insurance necessary?
By basic disability, I’m assuming you meant short term disability. Those policies are covering you for up to six months. If this is the case my recommendation is to add an additional long term policy that will cover you after that period. At your age and health condition you can find a good polic...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
What's the right life insurance for me?
It depends on the reason you are looking for life insurance to begin with.If you are young and have a family to protect, buying a term policy will give you the highest amount of insurance for the lowest premium. On the other hand if you’re looking for a policy that will last you for the rest of yo...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
What is the best model to determine the total return and tax implications of investing in a 529 college savings plan vs. lunmping all money into a consolidated investment portfolio.?
The simplest way to look at it is – Taxable (capital gain & dividends) as you go along, or tax free as long as it is used for education. Therefore, to calculate the equivalent total return of a taxable account use the 529 return and add to it your tax bracket....  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
What's the best way to calculate how much long-term care insurance coverage I should buy?
I recommend:1) Three years of coverage.2) Researching the average per day cost in your area. The annual average is about $200 per day.3) Inflation protection 3-5% every year. The higher the better.4) A comprehensive plan that covers home care, assisted living, and nursing home. ...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
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