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Employer Years Dates
Regal Investment Advisors, LLC 2 months Mar 2017 - May 2017
Wealthcare, LLC 6 years Jan 2014 - Present
Wealthcare, LLC 6 years Jan 2014 - Present
James River Holdings Corp 2 years, 5 months Jan 2012 - Jun 2014
Professional Entity Management 6 years, 7 months Jun 2008 - Jan 2015
Ingram Mill Investments, LLC 14 years Jan 2006 - Present
Insurance - Non Variable 14 years, 5 months Aug 2005 - Present
Springfield Property Management 9 years, 7 months Jun 2005 - Jan 2015
Punta Cana Properties 7 years, 9 months Nov 2004 - Aug 2012
Wattswood Farms 18 years Jan 2002 - Present

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    Withdrawing from 401k to pay off a mortage.
    While I don't know your specific situation, in general I don't favor raiding retirement funds to pay off your house. You generally won't be able to replace those funds, and the tax that must be paid beyond the mortgage payoff is so significant as to substantially negatively impact retirement for mos...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2016
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        Dec 11, 2019
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        Dec 11, 2019
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      Wealthcare, LLC

      Last updated on Dec. 10, 2019
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