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Where can I find options of lost-cost 401k plans to suggest to my employer?
Matilda,There are much better options for smaller plans than there were just a few years ago.I would suggest you look for a fee-only advisor, who can hopefully show you how to build a plan using "unbundled" service providers. That means, the record keeper is separate from the custodian, and the ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
How do I choose the best sponsor/provider?
Juanita,You may find it difficult to go to the "big guys" because they require a pretty sizable asset base to take you on. There are Third Party Administrators (commonly referred to as TPAs that may be your best bet). Many of these TPAs work with Advisors, like the those you find on the Brightsc...  (more)
Answered Oct 2012
With all the new fee disclosure rules and regulations it also brings to the forefront the broker fees. Is there anything we can use to measure the fees we pay to the broker against other brokers?
Good question. This is not legal advice, so if you have legal questions seek out an ERISA attorney.To begin to understand plan costs and service quality, you should begin here on BrightScope. Look at a few plans, enter your plans information, and see how you stack up.You can find a great study ...  (more)
Answered May 2012
What are the risks associated with buying bonds?
Many bonds have credit risk, like the bonds of corporations and some countries, like Greece. Almost all bonds have some interest rate risk. A useful took in evaluating interest rate risk is duration.Since US Treasuries have a limited threat of default (or so we thought until last year), changes in...  (more)
Answered May 2012
How much will I earn on my 401k investments? How do I use a retirement calculator?
Monique,There are many tools available to help you calculate your retirement needs and savings expectations, but some of these tools can get very complicated. The first place to look may be on your 401(k) plan website. There may be a “gap analysis” tool there (a web-based program that helps you fi...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
What do the credit ratings on bonds mean?
Whoa, that is a good question. The ratings services, when they are being sued, say their ratings mean nothing. Based on the many of the products with AAA ratings that crashed and burned over the last several years, one might tend to agree with that assessment. The point is Caveat Emptor, let the...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
My advisor wants to have a meeting at my home...should I?
The venue is not as important as the content. Before the meeting have the Advisor provide you with an agenda and have them stick to it....  (more)
Answered May 2012
How does a Broker of Record compare to an Advisory/Fiduciary relationship?
Dear Jean,I just wanted to add to the other good answers here. If your question involves a dispute or issue that has arisen, please consult an attorney.In response to your question, fiduciaries have a higher standard of care than non-fiduciaries, and must avoid the appearance of conflicts of inte...  (more)
Answered Mar 2012
Why would an investment firm recommend as many as 12 different mutual funds for IRA diversity? Seems like a lot to look at and manage.
Kurt,I can't speak to the specifics or the quality of what your advisor is recommending, but depending on the assets under management, that may be entirely reasonable. Most institutional investors break down investments managers by market segment, for example: large-cap (capitalization) value, lar...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
My brother died how do i get his money in his 401k plan?
Viki, There are several possibilities in this scenario. Consider seeing an attorney and/or a tax advisor soon. Before you meet with them, be sure you get the following documents. -the will if there is one, -the Plan Summary Description for the 401(k) plan as well as any documentation the ...  (more)
Answered Mar 2012
I run the 401k plan for my company and some of our employees occasionally ask for personal advice about how much to save or which funds to choose, am I allowed to give them advice?
It is terrific that you are concerned about your plan participants, not enough plan sponsors are. Your plan may be the only chance some of your employees have of having a decent standard of living in their retirement years.While it is true that you should be cautious in giving personal advice, the...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
What's the main difference between a B share and an A share? Should I switch?
Elliott,Robert Harper's answer is terrific, and explains the B-Share issue well. There is a lot of information that we don't have which an advisor would need to help guide you. Some important factors on deciding where to invest these funds, once you get past the 8 year issue, are:-Your age and c...  (more)
Answered May 2012
What happened to Hartford Life's plan to get out of managing retirement plans? Should we be looking for a new company to manage our 401k?
Without speculating on Hartford’s reasons for withdrawal from the retirement plan space, it would be an excellent time to look for 401(k) services providers. We would suggest you look for a fee-only advisor, who can hopefully show you how to build a plan using "unbundled" services That means, the ...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
My insurance agent says their are no fees for the investment products he wants to sell me.  How can he make a living if the products he sells don't have fees?
Toni,Questions to ask, better in writing:What are the internal expenses for the investments? What is his or her commission? When can I get out of the product?This last question is very important. You may find that you can not get out of the product for some number of years (5, 7, 10, 12). ...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Are there any 2035 target funds that are actively managed?
Most of the target date funds that we have seen are on a glide path, that is they are mechanically reallocated as they approach their target date. Target date funds tend to have higher expense ratios as well. You may be able to build your own diversified portfolio, but If you are talking about you...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Is the pension plan the same as the 401k plan?
Vickie,Sometimes those terms are used interchangeably. There are two major forms of retirement plans. Defined Benefit "DB" and Defined Contribution "DC" plans. What is the difference and why does it matter?Defined Benefit plans pay benefits from a pool of assets often called a pension "fund." T...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Mutual fund suggestions/help?
Dear Ada,Great to see that you are thinking about saving now, at an early age. You told us you are thirty, but there is some other information that would be useful in answering your question.Do you think you are going to been needing or using this money in the near-term or mid-term? Are you ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
Is the 403b plan going extinct?
The 403(b) is a tax deferred retirement plan available to employees of educational institutions and certain non-profit organizations as determined by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.If the person you were talking to has any documentation concerning the demise of 403(b) plans, or is ...  (more)
Answered May 2012
How do I avoid a high tax bracket in retirement?
Octavio,Your question does not include some information that would be helpful to this discussion, for example we can't be sure what other assets or income you have, nor do we know your age, so we will attempt to give you an general answer that would include various scenarios. In general, once yo...  (more)
Answered Apr 2012
How can I find out what fees a mutual fund charges?
Gershom,The mutual fund company publishes a prospectus and fact sheet where you can find all of the information about the mutual fund share classes. If you go to the following link you will find a discussion of different share classes:  (more)
Answered May 2012
How did I get trapped into this high fee investment firm Fidelity?
Edward,Don't thow out the baby with the bathwater yet. There is a fair amoutn of complexity to these arrangements. Without more information about your situation, it is difficult to comment on your fund lineup or costs. Fidelity may be providing custody and/or the front-end (what you log into). F...  (more)
Answered Apr 2012
Should I buy Facebook stock now that it's public?
Jim,No one can be sure if Facebook will be the next Microsoft or Novell. There is one thing for certain, there is a lot more risk in individual securities, than in a diversified basket of securities like the S&P 500 (large cap stocks), or the Russell 2000 (small cap stocks). It will likely t...  (more)
Answered May 2012
ANy truth to the adage "Sell in May &stay away"?
What is clear Wesely, is that there can be a cost to market timing. According to Morningstar, an investor in large capitalizion stocks, like the S&P 500 or the Russell 1000, from 1992 to 2001(5,042 days) would have made a near 9% return. If that investor missed the 10 best days the return wou...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Which of the lowest risk bonds should I switch to?
Flora,To add to several good responses here, there are several ways to approach investing in bonds, depending on how much you have to invest. The key to investing in bonds, or your entire portfolio, is diversification. One of the best ways to invest in the bond market is through index funds or in...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
What does it mean by 401k risk profile?
I just want to add a bit to James's answer. Many times, plan participants answer a questionare. One of the areas addressed is the psychological aspect of risk. Your Investment Advisor may have you answer a questionnaire to help establish your risk profile. You will be asked question about your a...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Is now a good time to buy a home? And how to a determine what I can "afford", eg what is the ideal mortgage payment to income ratio?
Ben,Santa Barbara is a beautiful place. Wherever you are buying, to answer the question about whether this is a good time to buy, first, look at the comparables over the last several years to see how the pricing has behaved. As far as interest rates, this is a great time to buy, and if there can...  (more)
Answered May 2012
I'm trying to analyze the average 401(k) plan fees for the past 10 years lets say. Any good public research out there? Thanks?
Yes, there are a couple of great studies that were done by Deloitte for the Investment Company Institute, here is a link to the most recent study, The "all-in" fees are sliced and diced any number of ways. This is very useful. If you are a plan ...  (more)
Answered Mar 2012
Should I play it safe now that I'm retired?
Lionel, The following is a basic approach that may work for you. Remember one of the best means of reducing risk is investing in a broad range of asset classes in diversified portfolios. You should have 3-5 years of cash flow needs in CD's, money market funds and short-term bonds, which will...  (more)
Answered Mar 2012
I have a financial adviser trying to sell me a 401k plan through transamerica for my 4 person small business,ideally is it better to go with plans that have higher costs/higher returns or an employee fiduciary model that has lower costs but performance not as high?
Jory,Unfortunately, the cost of investment choices do not necessarily correlate with performance. Many advisors that are long in the tooth might argue the opposite is usually true. The asset allocation often the more important factor. Depending on your assets, you may want to consider a SEP IRA...  (more)
Answered Oct 2012
Is it better to max out my 401k early on in the year or spread it out and make regular contributions?
Lowell, Just to add to the good answers here: 1. If you can, max out on your contribution regardless of how you do it, and take advantage of the step-up if and when it is available to you. 2. Dollar cost averaging is a great way to take smooth out your return over time, below is a way of t...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Can I move my balance from my employer's 401k to a traditional IRA?
There are fiduciaries for your plan, called plan trustees. Usually these are partners or upper management. They have a duty to be sure that the plan's expenses and fees are reasonable. It would be a good idea to let them know of your concerns, in writing. ...  (more)
Answered Jul 2013
Where can I find info on investing in start-up business?
Sayed, before making such an investment, you need to consult a business lawyer. In the event you are a major financial contributor, you need to be sure you have some say in how the company or LLC is run, with provisions that protect you from dillution of your interest. If you are forming the busi...  (more)
Answered May 2012
What are the benefits of dollar-cost averaging?
Gerrit,Edward Smith's advice is very solid. There are many other good comments here. Permit me to throw my two cents in as well.If one looks at the most common form of dollar cost averaging, monthly contributions to a 401(k) plan, you will see that the markets are up one month and down the next ...  (more)
Answered Apr 2012
Do you tend to recommend mutual funds, ETFs or individual stocks as a general rule for individual investors?
Cydney,As Jim Lorenzen mentioned, the assets under management do make a difference in how one approaches asset allocation. Mr. Morris echos our sentiments about the risk in buying individual securities.In our opinion, Index ETFs are a great, low-cost way to diversify. They are pretty tax effic...  (more)
Answered May 2012
What happens to my 401Kif i dont work there ANYMORE.....
Juan, There are several good recomendations here, and so pardon me if I am redundant. 1. In all likelyhood, you would save money if you roll the money into a rollover IRA at Vanguard, for example. The fees and expenses, even at a low cost 401(k) plan will likely be near 1% or more, unless th...  (more)
Answered Mar 2013
Are lower expenses the main benefits of index funds?
I would just like to add to Mr. Wilson's answer. There are index Exchange Traded Funds ETFs available as well. At Vanguard, ETF internal expense ratios are low even compared to the same mutual fund index funds. If you have a low-cost trading account, this may be a viable alternative....  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
How often should I re-evaluate my risk level in my portfolio?
Let us begin by saying it would be a good idea to visit a fee only investment advisor, let us tell you we might approach your situation.Unless you have some extraordinary cash flow needs, like having to care for a ill spouse, child or parent, we believe the most important driver of risk should be ...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
I own a small company and I'm looking to start a 401k plan for my employees, how do I get started?
Catherine,We don't know much about your company. If you have a small number of employees, it may be best (and importantly more cost efficient) to set up a SEP-IRA. These plans can be set up by an advisor and they are relatively simple to administer, and your investment choices may be wider. When...  (more)
Answered Apr 2012
Former employer holds money in defined benefit plan. Now a few options are given: leave it in defined plan, take as cash, rollover to IRA or put in lifetime annuity and start taking money now. Which is best?
Matthew,If you don't think you will need the money anytime soon, you may want to consider rolling the money over into a IRA Rollover account. If you got a 7% return over the 20 year period, using the "Rule of 72" you could wind up with something like $28,000. If you made 3-4% each year while takin...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
I have an account with B Braun Medical. I wanted to know if I can control how the money is invested?
Donna,Have you tried to look up your old plan on this site? You may find some useful information there. In addition looking here, it would be a good idea to see if you can find the Summary Plan Description "SPD", if you don't have a copy request one from the plan administrator. This publication ...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Where do I find information on commodities backed ETFs?
When investing in commodities, especially precious metals, be very careful. Commodities, if one is not in the relavant business (agriculture, mining, energy, etc.), are pure speculation. Many of the wild claims you hear about gold, for example, would not be possible if the market was regulated lik...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
What's the difference between a redemption fee and a deferred Sales Charge?
Hana,Redemption fees are there to prevent market timing. The redemption fees are often 30-60 days, but some are up to a year. Contingent Deferred Sales Charges (CDSC) are usually there to be sure the mutual fund company recoups the commission paid to the broker. For class C shares the CDSC is o...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
What are reasonable fees for administering a 403b account, assets size is less than $5 million.
Byron,The truth is the Defined Contribution plan fee structures have been unnecessarily complicated. Do you wonder why that is? Do you wonder why the DOL felt they had to do something to make them more transparent? At least under the new regulations, you can get the information on fees and poten...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
What would it mean to the global market if Greece rejected the recent aid package and fell out of the euro zone?
Regardless of where one places responsibility for the situation in Greece, Greece can’t inflate its way out of the current economic problem since it is tied to the EURO. Even though it may be difficult for Europeans to fathom a partial (if not total) decoupling of the common currency, it seems like...  (more)
Answered May 2012
What does it mean for a bank to be net long or net short for a stock?
Savita,Your question about long and short positions is timely, because today you will find many investments, even mutual funds, that have long-short positions. Many of these investments are managed by very experienced and capable managers, but understand that even in the most capable hands, these ...  (more)
Answered May 2012
How do I short a stock?
You short a stock with extreme caution. The risk of loss on a short-position is theoretically unlimited. There are ways to use short positions as hedges, but know your risks before you act....  (more)
Answered May 2012
Are Dividend Reinvestment Plans good investment tools?
Keenan,You may want to consider index funds at Vaguard instead. You can purchase the funds in small amounts on an ongoing basis, and have the dividends reinvested. The issue with investing in a dividend reinvestment program is the risk you have in owing one, two, or ten stocks (many of which may ...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
401(k) Plan Fees?
Nenia,There is a good resource at the following link: report looks at fees in a variety of ways....  (more)
Answered May 2012
We would like to submit an RFP for invtmnt advry srvs for a DCplan. Can u provide us a scope of work doc template?
Douglas, I am not sure if you are just looking for information relative to an Investment Advisor or relative to all the 401(k) plans services. Some of the suggestions here go beyond just the Investment Advisor, so please disregard if they are not applicable.Mr. DeNoyior has come up with a good li...  (more)
Answered Dec 2013
Do all banks offer lines of credit for co-op apartments?
Armando,Co-ops are a unique ownership structure, most prevalent in NY. With a Condominium form of ownership you own everything within the walls. You and your co-owners share the common areas and pay for amenities and maitainance. With a co-op structure, you own a portion of the co-op entity (lik...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
Forex - Investing in the Euro after the Greek elections?
Jeffrey is right. FOREX investing is used for hedging, for example, to take risk out of a contract to deliver goods or raw materials . Betting on FOREX is like any other speculative venture, you may win or lose, but the house always takes its share....  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
We are changing 401k providers. Do I have to "accept" the Financial Advisor that ADP is providing or can I interview several and select the one I like?
We would suggest you look for a fee-only advisor, who can hopefully show you how to build a plan using "unbundled" service providers. That means, the record keeper is separate from the custodian, and the advisor is separate from them both. An advisor could also help you understand the cost involved...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
Can you tell me a good, honest and simple book to read on investing?; it should have a sound investing startegy?
Matthew,I would recommend, “The Investment Answer,” by Daniel C. Goldie and Gordon S. Murray. This book can serve as a reference book as well a guide for investors. Their focus on fees, investor decision making, and diversification is the essence of what an investor needs to know. They also speak...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
What happens if a retired parent is deceased with a retirement plan, how does one go about passing the funds onto the next of kin.?
here are several possibilities in this scenario. Consider seeing an attorney and/or a tax adviser soon. Before you meet with them, be sure you get the following documents.-the will if there is one,-the Plan Summary Description for the 401(k) plan as well as any documentation the 401(k) plan admini...  (more)
Answered May 2012
X% of fee on portfolio value and commission on each trade.
John,I am not sure of your exact situation. If your adviser is acting as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), then as a fiduciary he likely should only receive the fee you pay him and get no commissions or other fees (like 12 (b)(1) fees or payments from third parties). That said, the custodian...  (more)
Answered Dec 2013
How do I get the money that is owed to me?
Thomas, while we empathize with your situation, we don't have much to go on here:Are you ineligible for social security due to age or non-participation, or are you talking about social security disability?Are you covered by a defined benefit pension plan and/or a 401k plan?Without more informatio...  (more)
Answered May 2012
What return should we expect for 6-10 year period?
Richard,In a 401(k) plan each person should have an asset allocation that reflects their individual risk tolerance and years to retirement. In order to evaluate a portfolio's return, one has to figure out a valid benchmark. Benchmarks will differ based on the portfolio holdings. Evaluating a port...  (more)
Answered Nov 2013
Why don't you have any data about the Colorado Public Retirement Association 401K Plan?
Mr. Matarazzo,My guess is that the Colorado PERA plan you speak of is a public retirment defined-benefits plan; that means that you receive a benefit from the plan based some combination of age and years of service. So in a defined benefit plan you would receive a stream of payments (benefits). I...  (more)
Answered Nov 2012
Largest Insurance company retirement plan providers?
Cody,Ed and David are spot-on. I just wanted to add that a smaller plan may be best set up as a SEP-IRA for example, which can reduce the overall costs, and give the employer more flexibility. If you have a larger company you can get services bundled with everything wrapped in the same package (lik...  (more)
Answered Mar 2012
Hello, Am I eligible to get the 401 K benefits from the Company's 401K assests?
Narasimha, If you look at the statement and there are funds in the plan in your name, then they should break out vested and non-vested. The vested portion of the benefits would likely be yours....  (more)
Answered Dec 2013
Is there a way to search 401-k plans by things like state, number of participants and performance?
There are some free services, like BrightScope and free ERISA, which have a lot of the information you seek. Performance is another, more complicated matter. That would require looking at the fund holdings and model portfolios, if any. Beware of anyone talking about performance of a 401(k) plan i...  (more)
Answered Jan 2014
Who can help with investment related tax questions?
Gavin,The link below is to an IRS publication which covers many investment related issues (not for the faint of heart). are also guides at sites like, yahoo finance, etc.You may want to spend a little time getting as familiar as you can with ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
I purchased Class A mutual funds. I paid $6250 for each fund and received shares totalling $6250 for each fund. In cashing in these funds there is no indication that a front end charge was applied. Can a mutual fund juggle share price to cover the front end cost?
As Mr. Fuhrman stated this is probably a load waived share. Often time the "Ticker" will have a .lw behind it.Clarence, If you bought these in your own self directed account without a broker, then this is likely the case. The 12b1 fee is another matter. In some 401(k) accounts the 12 b1 fees ar...  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
Why dont advisors get paid by performance and not a fixed percentge of assets?
There are several good answers here. I would like to add a couple of comments. -being paid a percentage of assets is performance based when you think about it, the more the assets grow over the long run, the Advisor and client benefit, if the assets decline then they get paid less. In that wa...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Is there a way to view the peer groups?
Ashli,While the business of comparing managers to their peers can get very esoteric, there some great tools available for the individual investor that provide you with more than the basics. I would recommend They have a plus service, for which you can pay monthly or annually. Mo...  (more)
Answered Apr 2012
How do I find out if my company sponsored 401-K through principal financial has fees?
Moira,You can be sure that there are fees in there somewhere. At the end of August you should get some basic information about the fees you are paying. Sometimes it is quite difficult to figure out on your own, since a lot of the fees are "built-in" to the products. You could ask your plan administ...  (more)
Answered May 2012
I'm looking for a source for share pricing information for the SMAs in the Microsoft 401k plan.?
Daryl,Separately managed account information is available on several of Morningstar's advisor products. I believe they are also available on platforms like Wilshire's....  (more)
Answered May 2012
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