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Brian G Mahoney

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Employer Years Dates
Camelot Wealth Management 4 years, 10 months Mar 2015 - Present
Camelot Wealth Management, LLC 7 months Aug 2014 - Mar 2015
The Fuel Wagon LLC 3 months Oct 2013 - Jan 2014
Cosette's Corner 4 months Dec 2012 - Apr 2013
Bgm Property Management 8 years, 7 months Jun 2011 - Present
Charles Schwab Bank 6 years, 8 months Oct 2007 - Jun 2014
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. 6 years, 10 months Aug 2007 - Jun 2014

Designations & Memberships

  • American Association of Individual Investors
    American Association of Individual Investors
    The American Association of Individual Investors is a nonprofit organization with about 150,000 members whose purpose is to educate individual investors regarding stock market portolios, financial planning, and retirement accounts.
  • National Association of Tax Professionals
    National Association of Tax Professionals
    The National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) is a nonprofit professional association founded in 1979 to serve professionals working in all areas of tax practice through professional education, tax research, and products. NATP is the largest organization dedicated 100% to tax professionals and their success.

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How can i get form for tax purposes if i receive retirement benefits?
I would like to add, you need to verify that the information on your tax forms (1099-R) match up with the end of the year statement for your plan. If you do discover an error, have them correct it, which includes a corrected 1099-R sent to you and the IRS. ...  (more)
Answered Jan 2015
How do I find out how much money is in my retirement account?
My question is how don't you know? You should be logging in and checking your investment performance at least monthly. Withdraws are being made every pay period, this is your hard earned money, stay on top of it. If you're not able to, hire someone. Over the last 24 years I have seen people lose tra...  (more)
Answered Jan 2015
Do gov pension plans file 5500?
There are forms and plan documents that still must be submitted. Start with your retirement plan website and look for the "plan document." You kind find a lot of information there. ...  (more)
Answered Jan 2015
Has my one time lump sum check been mailed I will be gone and will need my son heck my mail box?
Find your last statement or call human resources. And make sure you understand the consequences of your actions from a tax perspective. ...  (more)
Answered Feb 2015
How can I obtain a copy of the Terms of Withdrawal on my 403-B Tax Shelter Annuity?'s the IRS link. Prior to any withdrawal make sure you understand the consequences. ...  (more)
Answered Feb 2015
In the 90's I worked at McDonald's. Supposedly I was a part of profit sharing. How do I access it now?
Call Us.1-800-244-62277 days a week7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CSTHere is a main contact number for them. Explain your problem and they'll get you in touch with the right area of the company. ...  (more)
Answered Feb 2015
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      Aug 6, 2019
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