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Employer Years Dates
Vestnomics Wealth Management, LLC 8 years, 10 months Apr 2011 - Present
University of California Santa Cruz Extension 2 years, 9 months Apr 2008 - Jan 2011
Various Insurance Carriers 17 years, 5 months Sep 2002 - Present
Waddell and Reed, Inc. 8 years, 11 months May 2002 - Apr 2011

Designations & Memberships

  • Certified Financial Planner
    Certified Financial Planner
    A standard certification for advisors, designees are exposed to nearly 100 topics on integrated financial planning. Major topics include, but not limited to: insurance, employee benefits, securities, state and federal tax, estate tax and planning, asset protection, etc.

Articles and Answers

Insights by Russell Blahetka

I Don't Want to Lose Money!
Published 2012-03-06 10:21:59
Counteracting Financial Anesthesia
Published 2012-09-30 16:33:20
Should you consider alternative investments?
Published 2012-08-26 10:05:17
Make It YOUR Money
Published 2012-04-19 21:02:46
Help to Manage Your Withholding
Published 2012-03-31 08:19:03
Where's the Risk?
Published 2012-03-12 20:11:50
Plugging the Leaky Budget
Published 2012-03-08 22:30:05
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    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    Should I invest in the stock market or mutual funds?
    I agree with the answers above. However, I would like to add an additional comment. If you build a portfolio of 20-30 stocks, as Gregory pointed out, you do have your own mutual fund. However, if you start holding more stocks, say 50-100 (and I've seen portfolios holding much more than that), you ma...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2012
    Quiero saber si la señora Maria Ligia Arbelaez trabajó en el Banco de Bogotà Trust Compañy en New York y en Banco Bogotà Miami?
    Hola Cesareo,No he podido encontrar un número de teléfono, ya sea en Nueva York o Miami. El sitio web del banco tiene dos contactos internacionales que puedan proporcionar los números de teléfono. Los contactos son:Angela Albarracín Robledo: Camila Jimenéz:...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    What kind of liability insurance will I need?
    Dear Tracie,Congratulations on your new venture! You must be very excited. You are very smart to ask this question in the beginning. It shows how serious you are in launching your endeavour.I can give you some general information here. However, you should sit down with someone specializing in Pro...  (more)
    Answered May 2012
    How can reduce the amount of hard hits goings on my credit report?
    Hi Edwin,A soft hit is when you, or a creditor (looking to sell loans) pulls your credit history to see if you would make a good customer. These do not affect your report. A hard hit generally means a person has made a credit application for a loan. Have you been shopping for a new mortgage or look...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    What are the advantages of using a commission based financial advisor?
    Hi Dan,Do a search for an article written for the "Journal of Financial Planning." The title is "Who's the Fairest of Them All? A Comparative Analysis of Financial Advisor Compensation Models" by Robinson (20 no 5, May 2007). You may be able to find copies on-line.The article compares several comp...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    What are the 3 credit scores?
    Hi Calvin,This is a great question. The three credit reporting agencies are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Not all creditors report to all three reporting agencies, so it is important to look at all three of them. While the bulk of the three different reports may have the same information, some...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    How did I get trapped into this high fee investment firm Fidelity?
    Hi Edward,I think you'll find that most advisors you speak with are happy to see the new regulations for fee disclosure. Many people feel think 401(k) plans are free and the least expensive choice for investing. That's because many of the fees associated with 401(k) plans are currently not disclose...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    Banks or credit unions? Which are better?
    Hi Kinhung,I have found "better" to be relative based on concerns someone has. I have been a credit union member for over 25 years, but never realized LL the benefits until a few years after I joined. Andrew's guide is very accurate, especially when it comes to service. My experience has been that ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    What is the best way to get my debt under control after being unemployed?
    Hi Perry,Congratulations on your new job! That is wonderful news.I agree with David's suggestion about paying off small credit card balances. I have used this strategy in the past and it works. I also like the idea of freezing credit cards as a deterrent against impulse buys. To help clients in ...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2012
    Where do I find information on commodities backed ETFs?
    Hi Rainer, Most commodity ETFs use futures contracts. The custodian typically manages the fund so you should not lose more than your investment (which is possible investing directly in futures) and mimic current prices as much as possible. That said, commodity markets, and their futures markets, ca...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2012
    My Employer sponsored Paychex 401k is rated poor or below average in all categories. I want to invest $400 per month that would be safe enough to actually draw on or in someway have access to in about 6 - 10 years. Any suggestions?
    Robin,You may have some options here. It can be frustrating when you want to save, but your choices are limited and they don't meet your expectations. 1) Are you currently saving in a deductable IRA? If not, depending on your income and marital status, you may qualify to contribute to a deductible...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2012
    How do I get an auto loan?
    Hi Aleksandr,Victor's advice is very good in this regard. I would like to add a couple of things from my experience.I have found credit unions offer very good rates on auto loans, and some operate buying or search services to their members. These services are generally no cost to the member. Some ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    Where would you put leftover cash after you fund your 401k and if you have no debt?
    In addition to a ROTH IRA, you should see if your company provides a ROTH 401(k) option. Based on your income, expenses, etc., this might provide you with additional contributions beyond the ROTH IRA limits. If you are over the ROTH income limits you could still qualify. The only downfall could be ...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    Is it a good idea to invest in my company's stock?
    Hi Amelie,I work with employees of computer hardware and software companies in Silicon Valley. Sometimes they are so positive about their company's prospects they become overweighted in their company's stock. I know from personal experience it can be difficult not to get caught up in the frenzy.Fo...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    How do i find out how much money is in my local 152 saving plan?
    Hi Denise,I assume since you used the term Local 152, this is a union retirement plan? If so, there are a number of ways to find this information. One way is to contact the saving plan administrator. You will need to answer a few questions for security purposes, but once they establish that you ar...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    Distribution on 401k ADP failure after leaving plan due to change in employment?
    Hi Charles,I would definitely speak to a tax professional on this (CPA or EA). You can also call the IRS, but if you do record date, time, person you spoke with, etc. and keep it with your tax records.You contributed the maximum to a plan that failed its test, so you had excess contributions. The ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    How should I handle a foreign inheritance?
    Hi Alzane,I am sorry to hear of your loss.i went through a similar situation several years ago. My wife inherited money from her father. Her family is from Venezuela.the whole process was fairly straight forward. The only issue was moving the money from Venezuela. Whenever there is a windfall, s...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    Can i get a loan from my 401k?
    Hi Antonio,401(k) plans are like cars. They have basic features and options. Whether your 401(k) plan allows for loans depends on whether your employer decided to offer the option.Contact your HR department. They should know whether loans are allowed on your plan. If they do not know, then contact...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    How can i do my 401k right now??
    Dear Dizhwar,I'm glad to see you are motivated in starting your retirement savings. The earlier you start, generally the better you do.I assume you work for a company that privides a 401(k) plan. If so, then contact your HR department. They will help you get started. They should have all the paper...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    Can I view my 401(k) statement online?
    Hi Christine,It is very likely you can. You will need to go to the website for the company that handled the investments for your 401(k) plan (e.g. Fidelity, Nationwide, etc.). If you cannot easily find a link to get started you can call their customer service line (generally toll free). You don't ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    How do I withdraw my balance?
    Hi David,Are you asking about an IRA or another type of retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b)? The type of plan and the type of withdrawal would affect the answer. If you plan to simply remove the funds from a retirement plan, be aware you may need to pay taxes. If you are under 59-1/2, ther...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    Relative Strength Index Vs. Relative Price Strength?
    Bardo,Each of these measure something different. One is a ranking mechanism, and the others are momentum/trend indicators.Relative Price Strength is a ranking mechanism. It answers the questions, "How does this stock rank in terms of its peers." Usually this measure is taken over the preceeding 12...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    In a Community state like California, how is my property traeted like my house, when is titled as Joint Tennant, and when one of us passed away, do we get a 100% step up in basis?? Or just 50%??
    Hi Thomas,In general, if you own a home with your spouse as joint tenant with right of survisorship (titled as such)in a community property state, then the surviving spouse will get a full step up in basis. However, this should not preclude you from speaking with an advisor and an estate attorney ...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2012
    I worked for Clover Contracting and am in a financial tough spot...?
    Hi Duncan,I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties. I hope it's temporary.Cashing out may depend on whether you are a union member and if your union sponsored the plan. This is called a "Taft-Hartley" plan. It essentially allows you to have multiple employers but only one plan. If this is the ty...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    Can a retiree contribute to an IRA if spouse is still working?
    Hi Otto,If her income exceeds the the maximum allowed, then the answer would be yes for a traditional IRA. Also, depending on your AGI, contributions may be deductible for doing so.If her income is under the limits, you may want to consider a ROTH IRA. While you wouldn't get a deduction now, it c...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    Are there any rewards credit cards that are worth signing up for?
    Hi MoniqueI use a credit card for my practice that provides reqards. There are no annual fees. Through it I was able to get a shop vac for myself and a Kindle to give as a gift. I use another one of things like cell phone bills, satellite, etc. that has provided several trips to see family (such as...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    ESOP repayment?
    Hi Brent,There are a number of rules around ESOP payouts, and like other retirement plans, much depends on your age, reason for termination (retirement, disability, etc), etc. Like other retirement plans, companies can customize certain aspects of their plan, such as vesting, within certain paramet...  (more)
    Answered May 2012
    Can I get rid of my mortgage insurance?
    Hi Adlai,Thomas provided some excellent information. Here are a few other items to add to it:If you have an FHA loan, generally you cannot drop PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) for five years. If you refinance to a non-FHA loan, then the PMI requirements (if any) would be with the new lender.Gene...  (more)
    Answered May 2012
    I would like to be updated regarding my 401k. I have not heard anything in at least 2 years.?
    Hi William,Two years is a long time to not have seen anything on your 401(k) plan. Fortunately, it should be easy to get in touch with your money.If you still work for the employer that has the 401(k) plan in question, then contact your HR department for information on how to get your statements. ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    How do i start 401k?
    Hi Laitasha,Have you been in touch with your HR department? The HR department can provide you with the forms and other information required to get things rolling. To help you choose your investments, your HR department can put you in touch with the 401(k) provider they are working with (e.g. Fideli...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    Am i eligible for retirement from Brown & Root?
    Hi Noah,Hopefully someone more familiar with the company's history can provide more detailed information. The company has gone through several changes over the years, from being part of Haliburton to now being part of KBR. This may make it difficult to track down what, if anything, you may have ava...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    5500 form for welfare plan of kraft foods inc?
    Hi Maria,Brightscope provides 5500 forms on some companies. There is one for Kraft Foods. You can access it through the 401(k) plan search.There is also Free Erisa ( ...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    When will I receive my stock certificate so I can cash out?
    Hi Jason,Often times a company provides stock from an ermployee stock purchase plan, options, or restricted stock units (RSU) through a brokerage such as e*Trade or Scott Trade. You may want to contact your HR benefits department on this.I tried to find a ticker symbol for Rehrig. The closest I ca...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    I'm a Former Employee of Advance Auto Parts from year 1997-99 I receive a 401K Plan S?
    Hi Charles,Have you tried calling the HR department at Advance Auto Parts? They should be able to help you. I considered the idea that Advanced Auto may have changed plans since the numbers you have are from the year 2000, but the represeantative you spoke with should have known that and either poi...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
    I would know the balance on my present loan?
    Hi Malcolm,You didn't mention what type of loan you have. So, some of these methods may be better than others:1) Call the lender. They can give you the current loan balance and the pay-off amount (they may be different numbers based on how the lender calculates interest).2) If your lender provide...  (more)
    Answered May 2012
    Is it possible to get some tax deductions if you are single and on a non-immigrant visa?
    Hi Madan, The answer to your question would depend on a few factors. There are several types of non-immigrant visas, such as F1 and J1. Another factor would be the amount of time you have been in the U.S. Based on the amount of time and your visa, your tax status could change from non-resident to ...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2012
    How much money do i have in my account?
    Hi Victor,The best way to get this information is to contact the investment firm that is holding your money. If you have a statement or other document, there should be a telephone number on it for you to call. You didn't mention what type of account you have. If the account is a 401(k) from an emp...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2012
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