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Shawn A. Wilson

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Employer Years Dates
S.A. Wilson & Associates, LLC 8 years, 3 months Jun 2011 - Present
Financial Network 4 years, 6 months Dec 2006 - Jun 2011
The Juniata Valley Bank 4 years, 7 months Nov 2006 - Jun 2011
S.A. Wilson & Associates, LLC 9 months Feb 2006 - Nov 2006
Nationwide Securities, Inc 1 year, 4 months Mar 2005 - Jul 2006
Nationwide Insurance Company 1 year, 4 months Mar 2005 - Jul 2006

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I am retiring soon and I am nervous about having a lot of my retirement dollars in the stock market. What are the annuity products I have been reading about that guarantee retirement income for me?
Most likely a packaged product issued by an insurance company called a variable annuity with guaranteed living benefits purchased for the benefit of either you alone or the inclusion of your spouse or domestic partner. Inside this variable annuity are sub-accounts that consist of many different asse...  (more)
Answered Jan 2012
I have 1/3 of my net worth in the markets (95% equities, im 26). The other 2/3 is cash. Where do you advise I put this? I have no debt and might use some money to start a business so I might want to be able to access it in the short to medium term of 1-3 years?
Ryan- I have read your are looking at starting a business in New York, have you prepared a complete business plan with spreadsheets of your first year expenses and expected revenue along with athorough examination of the industry you may participate? Not to mention living expenses. I...  (more)
Answered Jan 2012
After I leave a company should I leave my money in the 401k or transfer it to an IRA?
Toni-What are your plans for the account? Do you need current income or are you waiting for a later time. Doing a rollover into an IRA may cost you more in the form of higher expenses and upfront or deferred sales charges, not to mention commissions. If you are pleased with the selection of investme...  (more)
Answered Jan 2012
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      Mar 2, 2015
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      Apr 5, 2015
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