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C2P Capital Advisory Group, LLC Dba Prosperity Capital Advisors 9 years, 1 month Mar 2011 - Present
Chamberlin Tax Advisory Group 16 years, 4 months Dec 2003 - Present

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  • Financial Planning Association
    Financial Planning Association
    The Financial Planning Association (FPA®) is the largest membership organization for personal financial planning experts in the U.S. and includes professionals from all backgrounds and business models. We help connect thousands of consumers to competent and ethical planners who uphold the FPA Standard of Care.
  • Accredited Wealth Management Advisor
    Accredited Wealth Management Advisor
    Individuals holding this designation are well versed in wealth transfers, federal taxation, retirement planing and planning for end-of-life needs.
  • Certified Financial Planner
    Certified Financial Planner
    A standard certification for advisors, designees are exposed to nearly 100 topics on integrated financial planning. Major topics include, but not limited to: insurance, employee benefits, securities, state and federal tax, estate tax and planning, asset protection, etc.

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    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    A RMD question - age 70 1/2. My birthday is Sept 18 1944. In 2015 do I have to take 2 distributions? 1 in April, another in December?
    Typically you don't want to put off taking your first RMD until April of the following year because that would cause you to have to take two RMDs in the same year as was mentioned above. However, if you are going to have a significantly higher income in 2015 than you will in 2016, it might make sen...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    Hello, I am planning to lease a Benz GLK 350.
    Those are nice cars. If you don't qualify for a lease, you can always look at buying via an auto loan. Either way your payment will most likely be more expensive the worse your score is. Your best bet is to go to the place you plan on leasing and talk to them about it. When you go, don't get pre...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    How will my divorce impact my pension?
    That really depends on a lot of factors. One of the biggest will be division of assets / payments that will be laid out in your divorce decree. You could be responsible for paying half of all payments to your ex-spouse, or if their is a lump sum option, you may have to distribute part of your lump...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    Before I will sit down with an advisor I always ask if he/she would show me 5yrs of their personal investment statments. If they will not or can't provide them I will not waste anymore of their time. I figure that if I'm to let them choose how to invest my money I should know how they invest their
    Ray, while I would not go through my personal financial statements with any of my clients, I do make sure to provide historical results of the managed portfolio(s) we will be utilizing in their account if they are interested in seeing that. One option may be to find an advisor who has tracked the ...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    Would it be a good financial strategy for us to roll over all our 401k IRAs to an annuity? Please see details below.
    A general rule of thumb is that it is typically not a good idea to put all of you money in one investment or investment product. Particularly with annuities that you are receiving an income from, you will want to be certain that you have a substantial emergency fund in the event that you need liqui...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2013
    What fund(s) would you suggest if I want moderate allocation with approx 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds?
    T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation is a great fund that has performed in the top 1% of all moderate allocation funds in the past 10 years and is beating the moderate allocation category by over 5% so far this year. The ticker symbol is PRWCX....  (more)
    Answered Sep 2013
    401k plans, what is the maximum you can contribute in 2013, I am 59 years old.
    The maximum that you can contribute would be $23,000. This is a combination of the standard maximum deferral for 2013 of $17,500 and your catch-up contribution amount of $5,500 for being over age 50....  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    Savings account (stuffed mattress) vs. Index Fund? Mutual Fund? ETF? Where do I begin investing?
    Susan,This is a very difficult time to find solutions for what you are looking for. I do agree with you that having your money in the bank is probably not a great place because you are most likely losing money to inflation due to bank rates being so low.If you are willing to take some risk, I wou...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    Does anyone know about lemon law in the state of california...?
    I don't actually live in the state of California, so I am not familiar with their laws, but I found a good resource that might help you find the answer you are looking for:  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    How do I get the forms to make a loan from my plan. Thanks, Dave?
    You will want to talk to the company administering your plan. If you have an HR department, talk to them first, they should be able to help you. Please also consider that you should really tread lightly when it comes to taking a loan from your plan. Certainly everyone has their own situations th...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    Do you have any tips and strategy to share in any asset trading?
    You probably shouldn't get involved in asset trading because of the low probability in doing so on your own. There are, however, management firms out there that are very good in executing monthly or weekly trading strategies that have significantly outperformed the stock market using ETFs. If you a...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    How much are my various investment funds costing me?
    Jim,You have been provided many great responses on how to track down the costs. Once you track them down if you want to know how much on average you are paying you can figure out the weighted average expenses by taking the expense number for a fund and multiplying that number by what percentage of...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    My wife and I have about $240,000 in 401k, $40,000 equity in our second house (which we rent out for close to mortgage costs), and I am 46 and she is 44. What else can we do to maximize our ability to retire at 60 at close to 100k per year in today's $?
    Hi Rick, to me it sounds like you are headed on the right path. Maxing out your 401k is a great thing to be able to do and on top of putting the money away, it also gives you one of the most efficient ways to invest overtime by taking advantage of dollar cost averaging.It is really important, howe...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    I don't know of a place where you will find a list of all index funds, but I do enjoy reading CNN Money's yearly list of mutual funds and a part of that breaks down top index funds for each category. Here is a link to it:  (more)
    Answered Nov 2013
    Where can i find my ATA 401k Melinda Lambert?
    There are probably 2 things that you could do.Go to and in the retirement plan search enter the company name and search for itTrack down HR for ATA and ask them about how you can find your 401kYou best bet is probably the second option, but BrightScope may be able to hel...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2013
    What are the 401k loans withdrawal rules?
    James gave a very good overview of loans. Sometimes they offer the ability to take a loan to use towards the down payment of a home. I believe it generally has to be a home that you live in and it might even have to be your first home. All of this depends on your plan. While I agree with James t...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    Is there any situation in which an annuity does NOT gain interest?
    I would suggest that you find a local financial professional to meet with to discuss your annuity and what the possible options are....  (more)
    Answered Nov 2013
    Do you feel there is any need for a retirement fund that's managed by an investment group?
    I would encourage you to talk to your advisor or if you don't have the confidence in your advisor any longer, search for someone new that can take a look at your portfolio. I would recommend a fee-only advisor.As far as your performance goes, a lot of the negative performance, I'm guessing, has pr...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2013
    What invest mix would you recommend for a soon to be 52 year old investing for retirement? Currently I have a mix of 70% stocks and 30% bonds (mostly high yield).....
    As others have mentioned in their responses there are a few things to consider before giving a true response to this question:When are you planning on retiring? --> this is important because it makes a difference if it's in 5 years, 10 years, or greater than 10 yearDo you have any expensiv...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    I have $30K in a 403b at an old employer. Insurance salesman is suggesting rolling that into a variable annuity. Thanks?
    If I were you I would want to be certain I understood everything about the annuity. If it seems too complex it may not be right. Also, make sure you ask about the total fees before doing anything.Get a list of:The M&E feesThe Admin feesThe Rider fessThe Management fees (this may be an ave...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2013
    How long should I wait after a short sale before purchasing a new vehicle?
    The time frame will depend on a lot of variables, but here are some things to consider in the process of trying to get a car loan after a short sale:You might have better luck apply for a loan with a credit union as opposed to a traditional bankYou will probably need to come to the table with a h...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    Im needing to pull out my 401k. Where do I begin?
    As stated by Michael above, if this is a hardship situation where you need the money to spend it, try taking from another source or getting a loan first by talking to your plan administrator.If instead you have left a company and are instead referring to moving your 401k out of that company, you wi...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    I'm looking to take out $40,000.00 from my 401k to Purchase a house which will become my primary residence.
    If all of your contributions were after tax and they were "Roth" 401k contributions, the $40,000 should be tax free upon withdrawal.If the contributions were not "Roth" but were still after tax, you most likely would need to determine how much of the $40,000 is made up of growth and how much is mad...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2013
    I have a problem and I would like to know if you can help me solve my problem?
    Rod's response was a very good way to get started. If you would like to get monthly updates on your account and have access to more investment options, it might also make sense to find a local fee-only financial advisor. An advisor like this should be able to help you manage your 401k assets going...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    I am retiring in February. I will receive a lump sump payment from my 414(h) of $105,000.00 before taxes. I want to pay off my car loan, put a large down payment on house and have some to survive on until Social Security Disability kicks in. is there a way to do all of this and not loose $29,000.00
    Your best bet might be to roll the whole plan over to an IRA. Once the money reaches the IRA you can then take out what you need from it to cover expenses such as your car loan and down payment.By doing the rollover you will not have to pay taxes on everything all in one year, which might help you...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    I worked for Arthur Andersen LLP (later changed to Andersen LL) for 23 years until the firm's collapse in 2002. I am now nearing the retirement age (62 in September) which was the normal retirement age for their retirement plan. I need to get in contact with the plan administrator or find out how
    Hi Cynthia,The best course of action would be to try to track down some old documentation on the plan if you have any. By doing this you might be able to identify the company that is maintaining your plan and give them a call. If that company is still around they should be able to help you as lon...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    At what age should my kids start building their credit?
    Something that I found helpful when I reached my college years was to buy a new car with an auto loan that my mother cosigned. I was able to get zero percent financing this way, which gave me a very reasonable monthly payment and more importantly helped me enormously to start building my credit sub...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    I need to get access to my 401k account and need help. I work for Northeast Rehab Hosp?
    Your best bet is to talk to HR at your job. They should be able to help you with access.Many companies allow access online, but if you have never accessed it before, your best bet is to talk to HR first....  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    I put into my 401k but if my wife dies before me, do I loose money in my monthly retirement amount?
    You shouldn't lose any money from your 401k if your wife dies before you. As far as a monthly amount being lost, I believe this is something separate from your 401k that we are discussing. If you have a pension benefit and elect a 100% survivor benefit (essentially a lower payment monthly, how...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    How do I find out how much money I have in my 401k on line?
    If you have a paper statement from the past or you know the servicing company for your 401k, you could try going to the website of the servicing company that is on that statement (ex: Fidelity). Once you arrive at that website you may be able to follow the process for setting up a new user that John...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    How frequently is 401K disability insurance offered?
    Peter,I believe that this is a question that could best be answered by your companies HR department since this is something that is offered by some companies and not all companies and it will vary from company to company.If you get some more information on this and would like to discuss it some mo...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    How much do I have in my 401k and how can I pull it out?
    Everything Curt mentioned is great stuff. I will add that if you are indeed younger than 59 1/2, the best thing would be to try to avoid taking from your 401k unless absolutely neccessary.If by chance you have moved on from a prior employer and you are looking for a way to move your money away fro...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    I had 30k which Primerica doubled to 60k over the past 10 years. Now not sure where to move the money.
    If you truly want to avoid someone who is a salesperson the best way, in my opinion, is to find a fee-only advisor. By going with a fee-only advisor, you know you won't be sold any products that are going to generate a sales commission that can foster the "salesman" and salesperson relationship tha...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2013
    Suppose the realized rate of return on the market portfolio is one percentage point greater than its expected return. How would the realized rate of return compare with the expected return of a security with a beta of +2?
    There really is no way to know without more information. Here is why:Example 1-Portfolio 1: Expected was 1%, Realized is 2% (1 percentage point higher)+2 Beta Security: Expected is 2% (2x the expected return of the first portfolio)Example 2-Portfolio 1: Expected was 10%, Realized is 11%+2 Bet...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    I'm 58 yrs old, currently with JNJ. I do have a pretty good 401 k plan. Can you recomm a financial my area.
    Greg, my office is at Manchester & 270 in Des Peres. I would be happy to sit down with you for a complimentary consultation. You can contact me by going to my profile on this site or by going directly to our website: Let me know if you have any questions!...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    Can you give suggestions on Financial Planners in the st. Charles / St. Louis Missouri area ?
    Greg, I responded to your other post, but if you missed it here is what I said:My office is at Manchester & 270 in Des Peres. I would be happy to sit down with you for a complimentary consultation. You can contact me by going to my profile on this site or by going directly to our website: www....  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    Elective Deferral or Employer Contribution from a Solo 401(k) first?
    Rebecca,First off, the deadline to make a contribution is during your last pay period of this year and therefore it has to be made by 12/31/2013 at the very latest.For your second question, this is a really good resource for you:  (more)
    Answered Sep 2013
    Is it advisable to borrow, in the form of a fixed loan, for the purchase of securities?
    The first question you have to ask yourself is: What would you do if the market went down by 50% or more like it did from November of 2007 to February of 2009?If you are comfortable with your answer to this question and the fact that it very much could be a real possibility, then maybe it's a good ...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    How do I get my 401k from an employer I'm no longer employed with?
    The first thing you will want to do is determine who the plan administrator is. This company should be the one to process your distribution. You can start by contacting HR from your former employer.Once you have the plan administrators contact information you can get in touch with them to process...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2015
    Fixed rate annuities for those in retirement. Good idea?
    I like fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities, but you want to make sure that you put your money in an annuity that has a high rate when compared to competitors and also that the rating of the insurance company is strong.Personally, we have been using fixed and fixed indexed annuities as an al...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2013
    Is a fixed rate annuity a good idea for someone nearing retirement and has an old 401k to transfer from an old job?
    I like fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities, but you want to make sure that you put your money in an annuity that has a high rate when compared to competitors and also that the rating of the insurance company is strong.Personally, we have been using fixed and fixed indexed annuities as an al...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2013
    Can my advisor manage my 401-k for me?
    That depends on a lot of things. The simple answer is yes, even if it isn't the traditional way of managing an account.You can meet with your advisor, go through you investment options in you 401k and ask for their input on how to allocate your 401k.The caveat to this is that I know there are a l...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    What is a "RIA" firm ?
    Robert,You have gotten a lot of great responses here. One thing that I like is a piece by TD Ameritrade that really explains the differences between an RIA and a broker as well as one of the main things the sets them apart, which is the difference between being a fiduciary vs. just simply needing ...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    How do i get started with 401 k?
    The basics involve determining how much your employer is going to match. Once you know that, I would always suggest contributing enough so that you at least get the full match. For instance if your employer matches 3%, make sure you contribute at least 3% of your annual salary. Ideally you will w...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    I have to my first RMD this Dec or next April. Can I do part of the total in December and the rest in April?
    Barbara,The short answer is yes you can do part in each year. As has been stated above it would be best if you met with a professional who could help you to figure this all out.One thing to consider about delaying part of your RMD into next year is that you still will have an additional RMD due b...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    I'm a Grad Student soon to graduate and recently came into a good deal of money, where do I start?!
    Outside of having a loan with an astronomically high interest rate that you want to pay down, it makes the most sense to start an emergency fund with the money in my opinion.My suggestion is to simply put the money into a bank account. I know it's not going to get a great return and it won't help ...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2013
    I Am In The Union Local 553 Raleigh NC. Trying To Access Retirement Fund Balance How Do I Get Where I Can Enter Login Name And Password. Please Help?
    Allen,You may not have the availability to login and see a balance. Your best bet is if you can find an old statement from the past that shows the information on your balance, etc... There should be some information that details who to contact and/or what company is servicing your plan and this i...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    Cash out my inactive 401k-?
    I think you need to talk to HR first. They will give you an idea of what you can/can't do. If they are not helpful you can also talk to your 401k custodian and they might be able to give you insight into whether or not you can roll over the balance of your 401k or continue contributing.In my prof...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2015
    I resigned, as a line employee, from the Auto Club of Southern California in 2007. In mid 2010 ACSC sent me a retirement form form option to take lump sum from their retirement plan. I submitted that form in May 2012. Now ACSC retirement manager tell me that I cannot get lump sum amount and must app
    That seems like quite a long time to finally hear back from them over a year later that you don't have a lump sum option. I would dig a little deeper and try to figure out the specific provisions in the plan document as Michael suggested above. Have you asked their manager why you are no longer e...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    How can i obtain my statements online?
    I assume you are talking about an account you have with a financial institution. Your best bet is to track down the phone number for the institution online, give them a call, and let them know you are looking for a way to access your statements online. Most institutions should have online access, ...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2013
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