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Employer Years Dates
LPL Financial LLC 1 year Sep 2009 - Sep 2010
Dal J. Darrac & Co. Inc. 12 years, 7 months Jul 2007 - Present
Smart Investor 18 years, 8 months Jun 2001 - Present
Smart Investor Services 18 years, 8 months Jun 2001 - Present

Designations & Memberships

  • Centre for Fiduciary Excellence
    Centre for Fiduciary Excellence
    CEFEX is an independent global assessment and certification organization. It works closely with investment fiduciaries and industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs to improve risk management for institutional and retail investors. CEFEX certification helps determine the trustworthiness of investment fiduciaries.
  • Financial Planning Association
    Financial Planning Association
    The Financial Planning Association (FPA®) is the largest membership organization for personal financial planning experts in the U.S. and includes professionals from all backgrounds and business models. We help connect thousands of consumers to competent and ethical planners who uphold the FPA Standard of Care.
  • Accredited Estate Planner
    Accredited Estate Planner
    This accreditation acknowledges designees their experience and specialization in estate planning.
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst
    Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst
    The AIFA designees hold the knowledge necessary to understand and implement a prudent process for Investment Stewards, Investment Advisors, and Investment Managers and can perform fiduciary assessments to verify or certify an entity's conformity to CEFEX's Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence.
  • Registered Financial Consultant
    Registered Financial Consultant
    Supplemental online designation for already-certified advisors who are interested in additional knowledge in the wealth management industry

Articles and Answers


Ask a financial questionAsk a question
I run the 401k plan for my company and some of our employees occasionally ask for personal advice about how much to save or which funds to choose, am I allowed to give them advice?
It’s completely understandable that you’d want to help when friends or co-workers ask you for guidance. But when it comes to sharing investment or retirement planning advice, it’s best to proceed with caution. Your good intentions could expose you to greater personal liability. You say that you’re...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
I am the CFO of my company and we offer a 401k plan, how do I know if I am a fiduciary?
Melissa, Without knowing the specific details of your situation, it’s hard to say whether you are a fiduciary or not. Based on the information you’ve provided, though, it sounds like you might be. Generally, there are a couple of things you can do to determine if you are a fiduciary. Ask yourself ...  (more)
Answered Feb 2012
How Do I prepare our company's 401k plan for 2012 fee disclosures?
As a plan sponsor, the best way to prepare for the upcoming changes to 401(k) fee disclosures is to educate yourself about your company’s 401(k) plan now so that you can be sure you’re meeting your fiduciary duty and offering the best possible plan to your employees. Currently, it’s difficult to cu...  (more)
Answered Feb 2012
With all the new fee disclosure rules and regulations it also brings to the forefront the broker fees. Is there anything we can use to measure the fees we pay to the broker against other brokers?
The Department of Labor’s new fee disclosure rules should make it easier to understand the broker fees that you’re paying. Once you get a clear fee breakdown from your current broker [which they’ll be required to provide once the 403(b)(2) regulations take effect July 1], you’ll have a clear idea of...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Do you think the DOL will further delay the implementation of 408(b)(2) from April 1st, 2012?
As a follow-up to this question, I wanted to mention that the DOL has in fact pushed back the implementation of 408(b)(2) from April 1 to July 1, 2012. This three-month extension of the final implementation of the new 408(b)(2) rules was announced early this month. The DOL granted the extension in o...  (more)
Answered Mar 2012
Is it worth contributing to my company's 401k plan if they don't match?
That’s a difficult question to answer without having specific information about your company’s 401(k) plan. In general, while having an employer-sponsored retirement plan is great, it’s even better if it comes with matching contributions. However, even without matching contributions, 401(k)s offer c...  (more)
Answered May 2012
Who gets the trust funds if beneficiary is deceased and no one is named?
Hi JL,I’d just like to echo Robert’s answer above. Get a second opinion from another lawyer, one who has lots of experience working with trusts and estates in your state. An estate lawyer can review the trust documents and offer you an expert opinion on how the estate should be divided.The trust l...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
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      Aug 6, 2019
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      Not registered
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      Aug 5, 2019
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    Smart Investor

    Last updated on March 29, 2019
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    Fee Only Advisor
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