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    Employer Years Dates
    Strategic Wealth Partners 2 years, 6 months Oct 2017 - Present
    Westbourne Investments Inc 2 years, 6 months Mar 2015 - Sep 2017
    Lpl Financial, LLC 1 year, 6 months Sep 2013 - Mar 2015
    Campbell Wealth Management 1 year, 6 months Sep 2013 - Mar 2015
    Mml Investors Services 7 months Jan 2013 - Aug 2013
    Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company 9 months Nov 2012 - Aug 2013
    Park Avenue Securities LLC 1 year, 1 month Sep 2011 - Oct 2012
    The Guardian Life Insurance Company 4 years, 5 months May 2008 - Oct 2012
    Virginia Tech 2 years, 8 months Sep 2007 - May 2010

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      Certified Financial Planner
      A standard certification for advisors, designees are exposed to nearly 100 topics on integrated financial planning. Major topics include, but not limited to: insurance, employee benefits, securities, state and federal tax, estate tax and planning, asset protection, etc.

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      Ask a financial questionAsk a question
      My brother's 401k was given to his wife of 3 years, is his biological daughter entitled to half?
      Paul,In most cases it sounds like his daughter may be out of luck. The beneficiary designation supersedes a will, so even if in his will he designated money to go to his daughter, it would not be honored. Here is a similar case where this exact thing happened and it ended up in Court which ruled in...  (more)
      Answered Aug 2015
      Will I be OK withdrawing from my Roth IRA after tax contributions, or could there be penalties/taxes to consider?
      Hi Mike,Good question. If you are only taking out your contribution and not any earnings then you can withdraw this amount without any tax or penalty. The biggest determinant will be if you deposited the money in a Roth IRA or a Roth 401k with your new employer. I couldn't discern which based on yo...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2015
      How can I tell if I am paying too much in fees, commissions, etc.?
      Hi Nick,Great question. There are a few ways you can go about looking into your expenses such as those mentioned above. The limitation with most online services is that they are only an estimate. If you want a true understanding you'll need to look at a few different components such as adviser fees...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2015
      Is it possible to get money out of my 401k if i really need it?
      Mr. Defrance is spot on with his thorough response. The only thing that could be added is that any loan could be limited to $50,000 or 1/2 of your vested account balance (whichever is larger). You should consider the tax impact and opportunity cost of borrowing from the 401k. Many people underestima...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2015
      Is it possible to borrow money against future Disability Income Insurance payments i receive from Metlife?
      I worked with these products for a number of years and would strongly advise you from doing so. Having witnessed my mother go through a disability and the troubles that go with filing for SSDI, I know that times can get tough. However, the disability approval process can be lengthy depending on your...  (more)
      Answered Aug 2015
      How do I find out who holds my 401k balance.
      Cathleen, Since you have located the money it sounds like it is being transferred over to Merrill Lynch. I would update your contact information with Merrill Lynch and also with T. Rowe. Since the money is being moved it may be in a black out period where you can't make any adjustments to the inves...  (more)
      Answered Dec 2015
      Can i return to work after taking 401K withdrawls at age 55 and continue to withdraw from my 401K ?
      Hi Don, Are you going to be contracted through your own company? If so then it shouldn't impact your ability to make withdrawals. I would consider rolling the funds into an IRA and then continuing to take withdrawals as necessary. Let us know if this helps. You'd be surprised by the number of peop...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2016
      I would like to know if I can do a direct rollover for a company listed here on BrightScope.
      Justin,Congratulations on your transition! This process can be quick and painless if done correctly. Here's how: Once you leave UTM you'll want to set up an IRA with a financial institution such as Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade or any other financial institution you are comfortable with. This is p...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2015
      I am getting a pension from bayhealth and need to change my beneficiary however they are not returning my calls. Advise?
      Hi Norma, Have you been able to update your beneficiary yet? If not, then I would call the company you receive statements from and ask them for the necessary form. Often you can complete this task on their website. When you update the beneficiary be sure to add a primary and contingent (back up) be...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2016
      I was sent a letter by the So. Sec. Admin. saying my deceased husband had an account with you.
      Hi Paula,I'm sorry for your loss. You should contact the Carpenters Retirement Savings Fund. They will likely ask for a copy of your marriage certificate as well as personal identifying information.You may also, unfortunately, now qualify for survivor benefits from Social Security. I would advise ...  (more)
      Answered Aug 2015
      Can I receive survivor benefits? Or does my income negate benefits I might receive?
      Robert,Survivor benefits are available after age 60, however they will be reduced by 4.75% for each year you file before age 66. See here: your income, I agree with Mr. Mullen that the earnings test is another factor for consideration. While the benefits will no...  (more)
      Answered Aug 2015
      Social security?
      Hi Stephen,Thank you for asking a great question that a lot of people are asking after recent changes to the law. As noted from the great responses above, your window of opportunity to execute a file and suspend strategy is quickly closing. You will want to consult a professional to run an analysi...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2015
      I have been working for Meijer for two but i forgot to set up my 401k . How do i go about setting it up?
      Hi Tamikka,Your HR department can help you set this up. Depending on their plan entry dates and participation requirements you may not be able to join until a later date, but you should at least be knowledgeable about that information. You may also have been automatically enrolled without realizin...  (more)
      Answered Jul 2015
      How can an financial advisor help me with college planning or a 529 plan?
      Justin,Great question. Here's one benefit I can think of: as a financial advisor I have the ability to help a business set up a 529 plan for the employees. In doing so the employees are able to invest in American Funds at Net Asset Value (0 cost). Ordinarily these funds can have a sales charge of u...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2015
      I'm searching for my old 401K information from Circuit City. Do you know where I can find any information? Thanks!
      Adair, I would call the PBGC at 202-326-4100. The 2009 5500 form listed them on their form. They should be able to help you further. Good luck,Nathan ...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2015
      I have a 401k thru toro/wheelhorse. Please inform as to when and how I can access this account for retirement.
      Bobbijo,Carlos and Michael have laid out the fundamental answers to your question. The 401k should be transferred to an IRA upon your retirement. You can then begin to withdraw funds at any point after age 59.5 without penalty. Distributions from your IRA will be taxed as ordinary income so you sh...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2015
      Who offers the best 401k options and lowest fees in the industry currently?
      How are you defining best? What are low fees? The reason I ask is because many people overlook the work involved with low cost options. The same thing with low fees. Are they low because the employer receives a kick back from the mutual fund company or because they offer indexed options? Maybe you...  (more)
      Answered Oct 2016
      Is there a way I can check a company I worked for and see if there is a 401K account started with this company!
      Thomas,Your 401k administrator is responsible for sending you statements and notices as part of their fiduciary duty. If you have not received a statement it could be that they have tried sending, but do not have current contact information. I would second Eric's advice and put in a call to human ...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2015
      How do I look at my personal 401k account?
      Ryan's answer is spot on. I would contact your HR department for the website to login. From there you can not only view your balance but also make adjustments to how much you contribute. Further, you will be able to adjust your investment portfolio. Does that make sense? Please let us know if we ca...  (more)
      Answered Jan 2016
      What's a Rap Account?
      Hi Mark, A wrap account is a fee structure between you and a financial advisor. To expand on Bruce's answer above, it's an agreement where you pay a fee for service rather than paying commissions for each trade. What is the amount being charged? Is it to manage all of your assets or just a portion?...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2017
      Obtaining Money?
      HI Bernie, It sounds like you need to contact the advisor directly. If you have a question that you'd like input from multiple professionals this is the place to ask. ...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2017
      How can i find out about my 401k that i had with Tyson Foods Inc.
      Hi Gertrude,Thanks for your question. A lot of people are unsure about how to get the money from their 401k after they leave an employer. To give you the best information, can you tell us a bit more about your situation? When did you leave the company? Do you have any statements? The link below sa...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2016
      Where is my retirement money?
      Hi Dean, Sorry to hear this news. I know that it must be very concerning for you at this point. Your funds should be available, but you may have to do some research. If the retirement plan was transferred to a new vendor, for instance from Fidelity to Vanguard, there may have been some information ...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2016
      How do I cash it it?
      Christina,Can you provide more information so we can assist you? Specifically what type of asset you are talking about, the ownership and how long it has been owned. ...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2015
      401k alternative options for small business?
      V, Great question. A tip of the hat to you for looking into this further. What was it that prompted you to look at the fees closer? While you will very likely find a cheaper option, I would be very concerned about the fiduciary protection you're going to receive with any advisor. In most instances...  (more)
      Answered Sep 2016
      I was employed by rummel eye care for 3 yrs what happens to the money when its not rolled over.
      Christine,I would contact the plan administrator (Fidelity, Vanguard, etc.) to get a current statement. You can then roll these funds over to your new 401k or an IRA. Either way, I would consider doing so to make it easier to manage your money. Since Rummel was a smaller company I doubt they are ac...  (more)
      Answered Jun 2015
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