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    A standard certification for advisors, designees are exposed to nearly 100 topics on integrated financial planning. Major topics include, but not limited to: insurance, employee benefits, securities, state and federal tax, estate tax and planning, asset protection, etc.

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Should I avoid buying ANY stocks in September?
Hi Jackie,An old saying on Wall Street is “sell in May and go away” which comes from the Stock Trader’s Almanac. Generally the 6 months from May through October have a lower rate of return than November through April. Lower does not mean negative.Since the goal is to buy stocks low and sell high, ...  (more)
Answered Sep 2012
Best course for inheritance money?
Hi John,I’m going to list some general advantages/disadvantages of investing your inheritance either in rental property or in a portfolio of stocks and bonds. There are important particulars that you and your wife should review with a financial professional. Some of these particulars are your fami...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
What is an appropriate fund management fee percentage?
Dale,Mutual fund management fee charges are an element in considering in investing. One reason is fee charges are required to be disclosed by regulations. Since the fee charges are disclosed they can be compared. If two mutual funds of the same type have similar performance, an investor should pick...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
As a young federal employee (25 yo) I am putting 7% into the TSP account. We now have the option of putting our funds into a Roth TSP (similar to a Roth 401(k)m not a Roth IRA. Can a Roth benefit me? What is a marginal Federal tax rate?
Great question Dena and congratulations on being financially responsible. Uncle Sam, your employer, says you can pay your income tax now or you can pay me later on the money you want to save for your retirement. The money going into your TSP is the money you will pay taxes on later. The money goin...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
Finding an old 401k , company no longer in business.?
You might have some luck contacting Lesley, Thomas, Schwarz & Postma, Inc. is a full service certified public accounting firm. Their contact information is 2244 West Coast Highway #100 Newport Beach, CA 92663(949) 650-2771 They were the auditors of the Ameriquest Mortgage Retirement Plan...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
Will working longer and deferring retirement allow me to have more money for when I finally retire?
Hi Nelly,A person who works longer, saves for retirement, spends less than they make, and invests their savings in a prudent manner should have more money when they retire than a person who doesn’t do all these activities.Working with a professional investment advisor will help you personalize how...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
What is the best advice you would give to a new startup CFO?
Welcome to the razor's edge Nolan,CASH FLOW and Control of CASH Burn Rate, most startups fail because of insufficient cash flow. Your runway needs to be paved with enough cash to make take off. The free cash flow at the end of the runway needs to be great enough justify the initial investment. Go...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
My financial advisor believes I will have enough money for retirement, but doesn't make any calculations for health/dental insurance. I'm 53, will retire between 62 and 66. Three questions: 1) can I receive Medicare before I reach full retirement age and will there be a fee? 2) My spouse is 3 yea
Hi Dave,Without knowing your current net worth and your projected net worth, it is not possible to evaluate your financial advisor’s opinion. It’s also impossible to determine whether or not you will have enough funds to buy health/dental insurance. All of your living costs should be estimated to ...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
I'm in my mid-twenties and am looking for advice on how to allocate my assets properly. What's the best type of financial adviser to look for in this process.?
Hi Ryan, How an advisor is paid is important and it is more important that you understand how the advisor is being compensated. Is the advisor compensated by a firm supplying the products or is the advisor directly compensated by their clients. There is no question of conflict of interests with adv...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
If futures and options are such risky investments, in what situations does it make sense to invest in them?
Hi Gabrielle, Futures and options are riskier than most investments because investors can lose MORE than their orginal investment. Not only could an investor lose the money they invested, they may have to place more money into their investment account. If you are interested in learning more about...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
Where is my 401K from Fibernet Telecom Group?
Fibernet Telecom Group was acquired by Zayo Group. Zayo Group's contact information is 1-303-381-4683 or you find their address at ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
I make $113000 a year. I contribute the maximum amount to my 401K every year. I am 53 years old. Can I save another $6000 a year in an outside IRA and write that off my taxes?
Hi James,Steve’s suggestion of investing in a Roth IRA is an excellent one. You don’t get to write the contribution off against your income however your investment grows tax free as long as it is in the Roth IRA. You will have to pay income tax on all of your withdrawals from your 401k in the futu...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
I'm trying to decide where to invest next. I'm maxing out my employer matched 401k, maxing out a traditional IRA, and will soon have an emergency fund in a savings account that I'll continue to add to every paycheck. Where to next?
Great question J, the answer depends on several variables. One very important question I ask my clients is why are you investing? Some other information I like to know about my clients’ is, what is their tolerance for risk, what is their investment time frame, and what are their financial responsib...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
I'm newly employed. Plan on putting as much as my employer will match (15%) in my 401K as soon as I am eligible. I also plan on putting probably 10% into a savings account, but I also want to save more. From my research it seems like either a traditional IRA (I'm out of the limits for a Roth IRA) or
You are clearly on the road to financial independence. Rule number one, save some of what you make for the long run. I agree with at least putting as much as your employer will match into your 401(k) plan. It’s one of the best returns you can get for your investment dollar. I would recommend that ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
Life Insurance as an Investment?
Hi David,There are elements of all six answers I agree with. Life insurance provides limited access to cash without paying taxes unless the policy is no longer in force. If the life insurance policy is no longer in force then all loans convert to distributions and become taxable. The loans incur i...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
Where can I get icome from my IRA??? I am retired at 56 and my husband is 57?? Debbie?
Hi Debbie,You may withdraw money from a traditional IRA anytime. You may have to pay a 10% tax penalty if the withdrawals are before you are 59 ½ unless you qualify for an exception.One exception that might work for you is the Annuity exception.“You can receive distributions from your traditional...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
What is the difference in an indirect compensation and eligible indirect compensation paid to an insurance provider? I have to show that on my schedule C. Please suggest..?
Hi RAM, "Schedule C (Form 1040) is used to report income or loss from a business you operated"see question is related to filing a tax return. It should be answered by a Tax Return professional, like a C.P.A. who is informed on your personal situation...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
Can I continue contributing to a Coverdell Account while my grandson is in college?
There is an age limit for contributions to Coverdell Accounts Eleanor. According to IRS Publication 970 ( ) contributions may be made until the beneficiary reaches age 18. As long as your grandson is under 18 years old, you ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
I am 70 this year and will have to start taking money out of my IRA. I have been told to role it over into a gold invested IRA. Is this a good idea?
Frances, this is not a good idea for at least two reasons. The first reason is diversification and the second reason is the historical rate of return of gold.Diversification is the best reason to own different asset classes. Asset classes are different ways of breaking the different areas an invest...  (more)
Answered Sep 2012
Do we include gains/losses in the excess aggregated contribution to be shown on the Form 5330?
Hi Ram,This question is best answered by your C.P.A. and/or your retirement plan administrator. This form is used to report the tax on various items related to retirement plans. You may also contact the Internal Revenue Service, if you would rather not employ a retirement plan administrator or C.P....  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
In what case will I pay more taxes- If I take as cash Money from a Defined Benefit or If I rollover funds into Traditional IRA and then Into Roth IRA?
Hi Matthew,If you take a lump sum payment from your Defined Benefit plan, the plan may be required to withhold 20% of your distribution and pay it to the I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service). You may verify this with the plan administrator. You may roll the 80% you receive into a Traditional IRA and a...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
I am witout a 401K at the moment. I will bne ab le to join my companies plan sonn. I need to find to roll over to a 401 plan I am acummulationg saving and it is just sitting in a savings account. I am a small invtesor compaired to most and I seem to a cold shoulder from invetmant firms.?
Hi Charles,I agree with Steve and Danny, you should hire a professional to help you attain your goal of retiring in 5 years. You should determine how you want to compensate your employee, the adviser you hire. The financial profession you hire should appreciate your business. They should recognize ...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
I plan on retireing at age 66. I have about 700K in my 401k. Tax wise, what is it better to take money from my 401k now or wait and take the manditory withdrawals.?
Hi Keith,You should interview different financial advisers and understand how you pay for their services. Most professionals are paid a flat rate based on the assets they are managing or an hourly rate.Have each of the advisers create investment proposals that disclose all the costs to you. Hire t...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
What target date funds would you recommend for someone who is in their 30s but is still focused on a low-risk portfolio?
Hi Parker,Target date funds lump all investors of a particular age into a portfolio with an asset allocation based on their age more than the current conditions of the financial markets. For your age group the Fidelity Freedom 2040 Fund (symbol FFFFX has been one of the best performers for the last...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
Standard goverment TSP compared to ROTH TSP verses Roth IRA.?
Hi Fred,As we use to say in the Army, “it depends on the situation”. The key situational question is; “will your income tax rate be lower in the future, when you are retired, than it is today when you are working?”Historically most investors have lower income tax rates when they are retired than b...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
Does U.S. Security Holdings, Inc. Retirement Savings Plan give his contribution in the amount that I have invested ? If yes How he does it ?
Hi Jean,I'm guessing you are a participant in this defined contribution plan. You should contact the plan administrator or your human resource department and ask them your question. Good luck, Dave...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
Are Dividend Reinvestment Plans good investment tools?
In prior decades when stock trading commissions were $100 per trade or a max of 7% of the investment principal, dividend reinvestment plans were attractive because an investor avoided the purchasing commission cost. An investor still did and does incur the selling commission costs.Now commission co...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
Should I cash out my 403 (B) of $20,000 to help pay off a $17,500 private student loan with an 11.75% interest rate?
If you withdraw $20,000 to pay off your loan, it may cost 40% in taxes and early withdrawal penalties. (10% penalty plus estimated 30% in Federal income taxes). So your net amount from your 403b after taxes to pay off your loan may be $12,000. Leaving you with a $5,500 balance at 11.75% and ...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
How long can Apple keep up the hype? A new iSomething product here and there has worked so far, but looking long term, how much higher can a stock like Apple really go?
There is, in theory, no limit to how high in price any stock may go. Price alone is not a determining factor in the future price of any stock. Look at Berkshire Hathaway, it has gone from $7225 in February 1990 to over $130,150 today, an annualized rate of return of 13.6%.For me the question is how...  (more)
Answered Sep 2012
If you are employed as a Secretary as a non bargaining employee, not working under the Bargaining Agreement, does the employer have to pay in to this retirement on my behalf?
Hi Letitia, the best place to get an answer your question is your employer's human resource department. You may confirm the answer you get from the human resource department with the Federal Department of Labor at and the LA Department of Labor at Have a great day, D...  (more)
Answered Aug 2012
How often should I re-evaluate my risk level in my portfolio?
Excellent question Rodney, I concur with George and David a qualified financial professional would be best at helping you answer this question tailored to your personal situation. You should be familiar with how you are compensating the professional you employ, whether it is flat fee based (the long...  (more)
Answered Jul 2012
How do I convert a savings annuity into an income stream?
Hi Rick,Most annuities have two phases, the accumulation phase and the distribution phase. Contact the insurance company that issued your annuity. Tell them you wish to know the options for annuitizing your annuity. Let them know you are interested in monthly income.A portion of your monthly distr...  (more)
Answered Jun 2012
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