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Employer Years Dates
Reh Wealth Advisors LLC 10 years Apr 2010 - Present
Reh Wealth Advisors LLC (153826) 10 years Apr 2010 - Present
Financial Network 5 years, 3 months Mar 2005 - Jun 2010
Pertronix 15 years, 8 months Aug 2004 - Present

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  • Chartered Financial Analyst Institute
    Chartered Financial Analyst Institute

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Insights by Stephen Reh

Is My Advisor Working in My Best Interest?
Published 2015-03-23 16:57:13
Mortgage Refinance - Old Rules No Longer Apply
Published 2015-03-25 14:48:50
Risk Tolerance – Beyond the Questionnaire
Published 2015-03-20 15:08:06
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    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    I own two rental houses. I was thinking about selling one.
    Hi George,Your first question:1) Can I use the proceed from the sale to invest in the other property. I recommend confirming it with your tax preparer but my understanding of 1031 exchanges is that it cannot be used to improve an existing property and needs to be used to purchase a like kind prop...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    How does a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) compare with a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)?
    Great question. As a CFA Charterholder and CFP, I can tell you that the programs compliment each other well. I do think there is a misconception that CFA Charterholders only work as analysts or at mutual funds or that the program only teaches people how to pick stocks. There are several of us tha...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2015
    How do I know if I need a financial advisor?
    I agree with much of what others said. Here are some questions I would be asking:1) Do I know what I own and what I owe? Do I review it at least once per year?2) Do I know what "Risk" is for a portfolio of stocks and bonds?3) Do I know how much risk I want to take?4) Do I know how much risk I ...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    I had a 401k several years ago with Jitney Jungle who now does not exist. Does the 401k still exist?
    Michelle. First, the good news is that your retirement money is protected. So if you had a vested balance it cannot be taken from you.When a company acquires another company, it is not obligated to take over the company's retirement plan. In many cases, the employees years of service start over ...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2015
    How much should testing cost for a 9 million dollar 401(k) plan ( new comparability feature) with 38 participants.
    For an unbundled plan I help with (TPA work, administration, and fund expense are all separate and you know what each costs vs bundled into the fund expenses). The new comparability pricing regardless of number of employees or asset size is:$775 Minimum fee for 3 hours of work.$225 per hour above ...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2015
    I am leaving the company and would like to withdraw any money I have in my current 401k account, how do I do that?
    Stephanie,One quick aspect not touched on so far. There is one area that 401k's have as a clear advantage over an IRA you should be aware of if you meet the age requirements. Its often overlooked but can save you the penalty.Basically, if you are 55 years old or older the year you separate from ...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    Is low inflation good for retirees?
    Great question and the answer for me is "Real Returns" are what matters for those who have most of their assets in a portfolio mixture of stocks and bonds. If inflation is 6% and my portfolio returns 10%, than my real return is 4%. If inflation is 4% but my portfolio returns 6%, my real return is ...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    How do I access my specific annuity and pension info?
    Thomas, Is that the Heavy Construction and General LAborer's Local 172 out of New Jersey? so, It appears there is some contact info here : would try the Zenith TPA at 866-553-5514 if that looks like the correct Union.Below co...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    What types of performance and financial planning software do you use as an RIA or CFP?
    Erik, I use a variety of software. 1) I use Moneyguide Pro for Comprehensive Plans. I like its retirement cash flows better than what's available from Morningstar Office. I have been using this 8-10 years2) I use Morningstar Office for Portfolio Management, Reporting, Client Billing etc. I ha...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    Should I invest in the stock market or mutual funds?
    I am going to attempt to provide an analogy that will help understand your question which is a great question and one I get and see often.Here is the analogyI was told that I should drink lots of fluids for my age and activity level and then drink lots of water as I get older but when should I swi...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    How important is picking mutual funds with 4 or 5 stars from Morningstar versus funds with extremely low fees?
    When looking at an investment, its very important to consider the expenses and Morningstar will be the first to tell you.Morningstar actually did a study on your exact questions of stars vs expenses here: chart they link t...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2015
    Do I need to have money invested in other countries to properly diversify my portfolio?
    I fall into the "international" investing offers diversification benefits and better risk adjusted returns. However, it is worth noting that AAII Journal (American Association of Individual Investors) recently removed all international investments from their model portfolios. They are a respected ...  (more)
    Answered Jul 2015
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