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Richard K. Armon

Alternative revenue streams, Volatility dampening, Downside protection, Option selling strategies.

Wealth Preservation Consultants, LLC.



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Wealth Preservation Consultants 8 years, 5 months Jul 2011 - Present
Individual Investor 3 years, 11 months Jul 2007 - Jun 2011

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An advisor told me to go to cash on Dec 31. My question is when should I get back in?
Edward, congratulations on going to cash. No one knows what the market will do so market timing can be as good or bad as any other strategy. Going forward, I am currently looking at stocks I would want to own if the market continues to sell off an additional 10%. I hope to own AT&T at $30 by s...  (more)
Answered Feb 2014
Where is the best place for me to invest my soon to mature large retirement CD given the current market situation?
Tom-Considering you want exposure to equities, and want to stay away from bonds and annuities( smart.) You need to look outside the box. Hedged strategies right now can offer huge downside protection, total liquidity(which you need) and strong revenue streams. Look at covered call and put strategie...  (more)
Answered Dec 2013
How do I invest short-term and protect my principal without resorting to using my bank's low yield certificates?
Marty, it all depends on what your return goals are. Some simple option strategies on blue chip dividend paying stocks could provide a 5% yield while giving you a large amount of downside protection. At a certain point your principal could be at risk, but the chance of this would be very slim....  (more)
Answered Mar 2014
How do I invest short-term and protect my principal without resorting to using my bank's low yield certificates?
James, I never said there was no risk of principle. Everything has risk, including cash. And yes, the chance of principle loss is very slim!...  (more)
Answered Mar 2014
ETFs vs Index Funds in Tax Exempt Retirement Accounts?
Options are available on many ETF's. A clear advantage....  (more)
Answered Jun 2014
I'm paying a financial advisor 1.5% plus a $750 annual fee to manage my 450K portfolio. Is this too much?
David-Is your portfolio actively managed and up 15% year to date? The fees sound great.Or, is your portfolio in some long-term funds, not actively managed, and underperforming the market? You could do that yourself and save $7500 a year....  (more)
Answered Jun 2014
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    Wealth Preservation Consultants, LLC.

    Last updated on March 19, 2016
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