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South Pasadena High School 4 years, 3 months Aug 2015 - Present
PFS Investments, Inc. 8 years, 10 months Jan 2011 - Present
Us Army Reserve 10 years, 2 months Sep 2009 - Present
Primerica Financial Services 10 years, 2 months Sep 2009 - Present

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    Certified Public Accountant
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Dollar-Cost Averaging
Published 2013-09-02 15:32:08
The Three "Ds" Of Investing
Published 2013-08-29 13:20:11
The Three Fundamental Accounts
Published 2013-08-26 23:33:08
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    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    Who prepares form 5500 and when must it be completed? Brightscope needs more info. to compare to others.
    Hello Tom,The Plan Sponsor is responsible for filling the 5500 Form. But most 5500 are prepared by the Third Party Administrator (TPA). A copy of your company's 5500 can be found here: (I would look up the EIN # here on BrightScope and...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    What fund(s) would you suggest if I want moderate allocation with approx 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds?
    Hello Tom,I would recommend you find a Fund Family (Fidelity, Legg Mason, American Funds, etc.) that you trust and and talk to an advisor from there to explore your options. There are too many options of funds out there and at any given time one could be out performing another. As long as you have ...  (more)
    Answered Sep 2013
    Is putting your money in a universal life insurance with cash value the most efficient way to save for retirement ?
    I would say that it's NOT. But you should meet with an advisor (not and insurance agent) to see what is right for you.The problem with most "cash value" life insurance are the fees attached to them. Any rate of return that is made will be reduced by those fees. Universal Life insurance not only ha...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2014
    Compare 401k fees?
    Absolutely!! No matter who you are; sponsor, employee, or adviser. Get in there and find out what that 401(k) plan is paying. Every long-term investor needs two things to be successful, time and rate of return. With the new fee disclosure legislation in affect as of last year it is much easer to g...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    What is Index Universal Life. Why is it being sold as a 7702 plan, Can I withdraw any amount of money without a tax penalty?
    Hello UrsulaAn indexed universal life insurance policy gives the policy holder the opportunity to allocate cash value amounts to either a fixed account or an equity index account. Indexed policies offer a variety of popular indexes to choose from, such as the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100.I don't...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    I am no longer employed at pml how do I get money out of account?
    Hi Patricia,Like Mr. Glass said without more information it's hard to give you a real answer. Also, he has given you some good information on what steps you need to take now. But it will be important to know what to do once you take out your money.If you have less than $5,000, your employer may wa...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    I retired from Automotive Taining Center Exton Pa October 31 2012. What month in 2913 can I expect a release of funds from a pension fund ATC has set up.
    Hello Kenneth,You should absolutely talk with your former HR Department to find out what your options are. I am wondering however if you are asking for a "pension release" or if you mean "pension unlocking". "Pension release" is when you agree to transfer your pension savings to an arrangement tha...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    If I want to withdraw money from my 401K from the account where I no longer work, must I rollover the 401K into an IRA?
    No, you don't have to move it into an IRA. There are many options available to you like annuities. The only thing you have to keep in mind is it has to be a another qualified plan. Here is a good article to read if you want a little more information:  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    How much life insurance do I need?
    Hello Eve,To answer your question about how much you need no one here can say. There are a number of factors to consider like mentioned by everyone here. As for a formula, many people will use 8 to 10 times their salary. However this is a very fast way to do it and not as good as sitting down with...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    I contribute to a Great West 457 plan. Where can I find a rating for my plan? Why doesn't brightscope rate 457 plans?
    BrightScope ratings come from the information it gets off of the Form 5500. Most organizations that are are 403(b) or 457 Plans the Form 5500 do not have to be filled out. But, a fee disclosure must still be provided to the company and its employees. And, with that information the HR department can ...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2013
    My 401k plan has a huge number of investment choices. Where can I find help on how I should pick where to invest in my plan?
    Hi Toni,Just more food for thought. I would start with looking at and reading your enrollment kit. This should help give you an idea of what kind of investor you are and what kind of lineup (stocks vs. bonds) you should have.From there I would contact the advisor to your 401(k) plan and verify you...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    I would like to obtain the dashboard information on prior years. What shows is for 2011. Can I get 2010 and 2009?
    Hi Brian,I think you are asking about the dashboard on BrightScope. Only the current year dashboard information is available at any given time. It may be unlikely that you will be able to pull up prior years do to the fact that all comparisons are done. But if you like I can try and find out for y...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    Hi, I work for a small, privately owned company that is not in your directory. (Design Automation Associates, Inc.) The 401K plan is adminstered by AXA Equitable. How can I compare our plan to your database? Thank you, Peter?
    Hello Peter,Good news, your plan is in the database. If you talk to Karen or whomever is the plan administrator and have them contact they can talk to them about getting a BrightScope score. In order to rate a plan, needs the Summary Plan Description and the Schedule...  (more)
    Answered Aug 2013
    I have a UIL policy that earns cash value. The policy cash value is barely 3000, only have had it for 2 years.
    Hello Jessica,First, let me say that without knowing your situation it is hard to properly give you advice. Second, you can generally never “borrow” from your death benefit but sometimes you can get an advance of part of it if you are terminally ill and the policy allows for it. (Always read the ...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2014
    Other than mutual funds expenses, what other charges (for thing like"records+admin") do the best public employee 401k's?
    Hi Jim,That's a great question. Fees can be a tricky thing when it comes to 401(k) plans. Paying more is not always a bad thing if you are getting great service. So be sure to understand not only what your paying but what your paying for. Also, some cost may be passed on to the employee when the sp...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2014
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