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Tim Hayes, AIF®, CRPS®, AWMA®, CFS®

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  • Financial Planning
    • -Estate Planning
    • -Comprehensive Financial Planning
    • -Retirement Planning
    • -College Planning
    • -Charitable Planning
    • -Other Financial Planning
    • -Tax Planning
  • Insurance
    • -Life Insurance
    • -Long-Term Care Insurance
    • -Annuities
    • -Business Insurance
  • Pension Consulting
    • -401k
    • -403b
    • -457
    • -Defined Benefit
    • -Other Pension Consulting
  • Portfolio Management
    • -Individuals and/or Small Businesses
    • -Businesses or Institutional Clients
    • -Other Portfolio Management


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Employer Years Dates
Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc 9 years, 8 months Aug 2010 - Present
Cambridge Investment Research, Inc 9 years, 8 months Aug 2010 - Present

Designations & Memberships

  • Financial Services Institute
    Financial Services Institute
    Founded in 2004, FSI is the only advocacy organization working on behalf of independent broker-dealers and independent financial advisors. Our vision is that all individuals have access to competent and affordable financial advice, products, and services delivered by a growing network of independent financial advisors affiliated with independent financial services firms. Our mission is to create a healthier regulatory environment for independent broker-dealers and their affiliated independent financial advisors through aggressive and effective advocacy, education, and public awareness. Our strategy supports our vision and mission through robust involvement in FINRA governance, constructive engagement in the regulatory process, and effective influence on the legislative process.
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary
    Accredited Investment Fiduciary
    The Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designation represents a thorough knowledge of and ability to apply the fiduciary practices.
  • Accredited Wealth Management Advisor
    Accredited Wealth Management Advisor
    Individuals holding this designation are well versed in wealth transfers, federal taxation, retirement planing and planning for end-of-life needs.
  • Certified Fund Specialist
    Certified Fund Specialist
    CFS Designees have expertise in mutual funds and the mutual fund industry. These individuals advise clients on which mutual funds best suit their particular needs. Does not license individuals to buy or sell mutual funds.
  • Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist
    Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist
    The CRPS Program is specifically targeted at professionals who design, install, and maintain retirement plans for the business community.

Articles and Answers

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Are Interest Rates Waiting for Godot?
Published 2014-09-10 12:25:58
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      Feb 27, 2020
    • license status
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      Feb 27, 2020
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