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Tunc Tanin 6 years, 3 months Oct 2013 - Present
Nylife Securities 8 years, 3 months Jul 2005 - Oct 2013
New York Life Insurance 8 years, 3 months Jul 2005 - Oct 2013

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  • National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
    National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
    NAIFA comprises more than 600 state and local associations representing the interests of approximately 200,000 agents and their associates nationwide. NAIFA members focus their practices on one or more of the following: life insurance and annuities, health insurance and employee benefits, multiline, and financial advising and investments. The Association’s mission is to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of its members.

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How long can a blackout legally last?
You don't have much rights. Bankruptcy court has its own rules and procedures and sometimes they are unfair. The longest one I have seen is a little over 2 years so 6 to 12 months is not that unusual. Congress would have to change the law, and regardless of who controls the congress, this issue is n...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
Can I roll over my pension deposit into my company 401k after I retire at 55?
Some 401k's will allow roll overs after you retire and some wont. You are going to have to call and ask. You should also seek several opinions whether this makes sense. Sometimes the pension plan has benefits that you cant find in a 401k, like life time benefits and survivor options...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
How would an IRA receives his quarterly fees from a client that only has a 529 plan with him? Does the plan pay the IRA?
In cases like this, I send electronic bills if the amount is slow and ask them to pay through paypal or google wallet....  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
Can I hold the California Ironworkers Pension Trust Fund responsible for not adhering to there policies/due process?
You should get an attorney like John has suggested. The number of years on the QDRO order could be incorrect that does not mean it is fraudulent. There is great confusion in case law as to how the number of years in marriage is calculated and how years of service is split and when the QDRO order act...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
I want to borrow to buy a house?
The biggest risk with 401k loans is that if you loose your job the next day, you may have to pay back the amount in full sometimes within 30 days. Another issue to consider is that if you die the loan may have to be paid back right away, otherwise it becomes taxable and had you not taken the loan, i...  (more)
Answered Jul 2014
I have a TransAmerica 401K through my employer. Every fund choice is a fund of a fund, increasing fees. Typical?
I would add few points here why you should never expect to find the same expense ratio in a 401k as compared to individual account at Vanguard. The individual account at Vanguard has a minimum account balance of 3000 and subsequent contributions have to be at least 50. If your account balance is les...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
Where do I start with Retirement Investing?
In my practice, if I met you the first recommendation would be to get a a good disability insurance coverage. I am a RIA so I have a fiduciary responsibility and based on what you are saying I really should talk you out of opening a ROTH IRA first and focus on disability insurance review. You may ha...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
I have a very good company sponsored 401k. The company was paying the matching funds as company stock.
I remember talking to 2 prospects after Enron collapsed, they were following a similiar strategy and they lost most of their money. IF you think no one can take a company down watch the rogue trader. A single person took large bank on his own to be worthless in 2 days. The same could also happen to ...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
401k rollover to IRA to cash for grad school: bad idea or does it depend?
Just to add, you claimed you have a 70% chance of getting a job. What happens in the other 30% scenario. If you cant get a job or worse case you are in a car accident and you cant start your dream job for 2 years. If you are disabled your student loan payments will get waived and you can cash your 4...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
Where can I get a loan if I have a bad credit?
If her income went down and it is not going back up any time soon, you have to see if by reducing her expenses she could sustain her living. John's advice is right on the point, borrowing money to pay off debt when your income is going down is not a sound way to solve problems. If she has assets tha...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
If I receive monthly payments on retirement plan can I roll any of that plan into a IRA account.
Just like James mentioned you can not take a distribution and then deposit into another plan. However, you are allowed to do a partial conversion to a Roth IRA. You dont need to have earned income to complete a partial Roth Conversion. But the partial conversion comes after you take out your requi...  (more)
Answered Dec 2014
Does my financial advisor need to be local to my area to be successful with me?
I prefer clients that I can see face to face at least once. I am not a big fan of giving investment advice to someone that I never met in person. I dont feel I could judge how they will feel when the market dropped 30 percent a year twice in a row. I feel I could do this better if I met this person ...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
My exhusband as of two weeks went through his 401k was he allowed to do this ? He is 64?
Hi Jacqueline,Just like they mentioned your question belongs to a lawyer. Every state has different rules in a situation like this, you may or may not have any rights. A divorce lawyer in your state can help you. As a financial advisor, we would be guessing without all the facts. I find it common t...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
My employer is changing 401K providers. We get 1 choice: a target date retire fund. Options? Losing my diversification.
This is one issue with smaller 401k plans, we are seeing more and more pushed into target date funds. If your 401k allows you to pick which target date fund you can adjust your portfolios risk by choosing a higher or lower risk target date fund. This is one of the reasons why you should always inves...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
I just got a settlement of $200k from a auto accident. I'm only 52 going on 53. What or where should I invest my money?
You can also find advisors who are commission based or fee based. Being fee based does not mean they are fiduciary or they will always do whats in your best interest. Most financial advisors will advise you to keep some money in the stock market as it is a good hedge against inflation. If you don't ...  (more)
Answered Dec 2014
My kids have a life insurance plan from my deceased mother in law and I do not know how to get it for them?
The insurance company is under no obligation to call you. If you know the company she worked for, you can call the HR and find out which company they used for their life insurance and call them. Some HR departments will help you some wont. Once you know which company has issued the policy, you have ...  (more)
Answered Jan 2015
My debts are overwhelming. What can I do?
I would also add you research bankruptcy as an option. If you don't have many assets it could be a better option for you to get out debt and build your life. I would not look at bankruptcy as a last resort. Then you wont have much leverage. A good advisor should be able to tell you the pros and cons...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
What are the 3 credit scores?
The scores are similar but never exactly the same. In addition what was already mentioned, creditors also report to credit reports at different times. So your Capital One balance may be up to date through September on credit report, and the other 2 may have the August balance. The companies also use...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
Some weeks I have 70-78 hours in a week. should I exempt more than myself during those weeks?
Your income tax withholding is much higher when you work 80 hours instead of 40 hours. Even though you just doubled your hours, your taxes being withheld went up more than that. You may be tempted to adjust your withholdings so that you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to get the extra t...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
I have 3 IRAs with 3 different firms, invested in 30+ stock funds. Would consolidation be a good move or will fees hurt?
While most advisors would advise you to consolidate as it makes our job easier to manage the assets, there are very few cases where you may be advised not to consolidate. I know this goes against majority on this board.If over the years if you have not added any traditional IRA contributions to you...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
What do I do with my annuity? At 30 years old I could use it to pay down my house or switch it to a 401k I control.
A rollover may or may not be in your best interest. With some of these union plans, you may not have the choice of rollover before age 59.5 or sometimes age 65. Even then the union plan may have better options then whats available in the open market survivorship and disability payouts. You should ta...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
Hello and good day I am seeking to know if I can direct my invest monies to metals?
While the demand for metals could possibly go up or remain where it is, the world is no where close to running out of anything anytime soon. 30 years ago world was expected to run out of oil in about 30 years according to popular press. Well now 30 years later we probably have 100 year supply left b...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
I left my job with money in a Roth 401k, can I roll it to a Roth IRA? I only had the Roth 401k for 3 years."?
I would add this. Don't roll over your Roth 401k into a Roth IRA you already have open. When you do that 5 year period starts all over. I usually recommend a Roth IRA over a ROTH 401k because the ROTH 401k is subject to RMD's where as Roth IRA is not. If you roll over your Roth 401k into a ROth IRA...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
How does Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group compare to other managers?
They are active portfolio managers using a value based investing. Who do you want to compare them against to? ...  (more)
Answered Dec 2014
While Retirement Readiness has been the buzz, a Financial Wellness Benefit encompasses and builds on it.
is this a question from the general public or someone in the industry trying to get our take on a new product?...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
I received some paper work about having money in my 401 and want to know how to retrieve it asap i am disabled now?
I am sorry to hear about your disability. I hope you get well soon.If you are under the age 59.5 you will pay income taxes and an additional 10 percent penalty from early 401k withdrawals. IRS will waive the penalty if you are permanently disabled. If you are eligible for SSDI or another private d...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
Are 401K fees generally higher than IRA fees even the the underlying mutual fund is the same?
I have seen it both ways. One thing to remember, you have no control over which funds go into your 401K, the company can change them any time. Your company can merge with another company and you can find your 401k fees suddenly double. There are also cases where the 401k is better, like the federal ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2016
Money withdrawn from an IRA put back in too many times??
The congress intended IRA's for retirement purposes, not as a piggy bank. The IRS may be able to waive the 10 percent early withdrawal fee if you ask them. I found them to be more willing to waive this type of penalty then others due to most financial advisors also get confused on the rules. I would...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
I have indexed universal life insurance for me and my kids with national life group. Is this a good idea?
It all depends on your objectives and financial situation. We would need to know a lot more to tell you if it is appropriate or not. I don’t sell National Life group products and I don’t normally recommend indexed Universal Life. However, I do recommend other types of life insurance and index annuit...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
Can I use my 401K to pay up the bankruptcy arrears without penalty?
Elizabeth,. You can't really cash your 401K while you are in chapter 13 and have the cash from 401k only apply to your your mortgage. Trustee has to follow the bankruptcy rules. Since you already lost your job and assuming you are single you may be able to convert your bankruptcy to chapter 7 or t...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
From TP, I purchased spousal insurance from employer when married, Now divorced, Is the policy still be valid? Txs?
Teresa, Some group life policies cancel when you get divorced. Please talk to a professional insurance agent, It all depends what the policy documents say. It is not clear from your question who the owner of the policy is. If it is the company as I suspect, it will all depend what the group life pol...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
Does anyone know of a company that can invest my money in 100% of stock and 0% dividend i.e nothing to do with Interest?
Mohammad,I give a lot of advice in the muslim community. You will find that there are differences of opinion as to what is allowed and not. The above mentioned funds don't completely eliminate interest, they just minimize it. Aris portfolio would not really work for Muslims. Most of the stocks in t...  (more)
Answered Jan 2015
Is an indexed life insurance policy a viable option for a high income earner who is a wage earner?
I have been selling life insurance for 10 years and I learn something new all the time. There are pros and cons to your approach. You should talk to an experienced advisor who has been selling life insurance and other investment products for a while. I would generally avoid fee only crowd, very few ...  (more)
Answered Dec 2014
I was given half my exhusbands do i get it?
I will add this from my experience. It is best to contact the fund company/pension plan first and to see if they have any requirements to be included in the QDRO order from the court. Don't talk to a lawyer first and then get the QDRO order and then try to roll over the money. Even with a court orde...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
My student loans are consolidated, is there a way to reduce the burden w/o accruing massive interest or a huge payment?
If your credit score is good, you can try refinancing through sofi or purefy. They require great credit but they may lower your interest rate. Check them out...  (more)
Answered Feb 2017
Where can I get information on an old 401K account from the 90's when I have pretty much NO information?
They may have moved your money to the new 401k provider, left it at the old 401k provider or cashed it out and sent you a check for the proceeds. If the account balance is less than 2500, they dont need your permission to cash out. If the account size is small and you think it may have been cashed o...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
How do I determine traditional 401 vs. ROTH 401?
I would split it favoring the ROTH, because if things change in 5 years and you get laid of, you can roll over your ROTH into a ROTH IRA and then 5 years after that you could access the principal tax free. It becomes a nice cushion that grows tax free and the principal is accessible without any tax ...  (more)
Answered Feb 2016
What is the tax for receiving the money transfer from a non US Citizen?
Most mortgage underwriters want the money in your account for at least 2 months under your name. They would not want the money to transfer to your name 2 days before closing. Please work with an experienced mortgage broker. And congratulations on your new home....  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
What is the process to withdraw funds from my 401k plan.
You may need your spouse authorization in some plans so make sure you contact your HR or plan administrator, every plan is different...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
What to do with a non-deductible Traditional IRA?
Some of the advice given here is misleading. It would only make sense for you to convert to a ROTH IRA f you have no other IRA accounts. You can't just convert your non deductible IRA and ignore the other IRA's...  (more)
Answered Feb 2016
When I pass will my child receive my 401k?
I would like add that sometimes leaving a large 401k balance like 200,000K to 17 year old child could have unintended consequences. If the child receives the payment as lump sum, the child would have no chance of receiving need based financial aid. While you can do a 5 year stretch payment, even at...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
What to do with a non-deductible Traditional IRA?
Some of the advice given here is misleading. It would only make sense for you to convert to a ROTH IRA f you have no other IRA accounts. You can't just convert your non deductible IRA and ignore the other IRA's...  (more)
Answered Feb 2016
Should I roll over my 401k into an IRA? What should I do?
Most of the time rolling over a 401K to an IRA will give you more choice. Most financial advisors believe that the more choice you have the better for you. More choice also means more complexity and more likely that you will hire a financial advisor. Sometimes the choices in your 401k are better the...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
Im 25yrs old i had traditional 401K then switched to roth and now back to traditional. Investing 7%. Which is better?
We don't know what income tax bracket you will be in 40 years, we may even have a different tax system then. We may have 3% income tax rate and 55% sales tax rate. Who knows. However, if you happen to loose your job and you did not have enough other savings, Roth is more advantageous then a regular ...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
If I can afford to supplement the monthly mortgage payment, where should the extra money go: on the PRINCIPAL? Or on the INTEREST section?
While Kiplinger and Money magazine's used to say that it is a good idea to shorten your mortgage, then the rates were much higher. Also you may be able to afford it now,, but can you afford the extra payment in the future. One problem with paying off a mortgage is that it is not a very liquid soluti...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
When someone 65 years old opens an IRA with lets say $2000 to start, with a brokerage firm.
You should look into a Roth IRA if you qualify. They work out better for people who are 65 and just starting out. Even if you can find a low fee option for your traditional IRA, you still have to start taking out RMD.'s when you turn 70.5. There are no RMD's for Roth IRAs so it would be easier for y...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
My wife inherited $55,000 from her deceased father this year, how will it be taxed?
May be. If it was qualified money yes, if it was not then a portion of what she received may be taxable. ...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
I have a Roth IRA and the wife wants one too. Max out contributions to one Roth IRA or split that money btw 2 IRA's?
I would also add this. The roth IRA becomes eligible for withdrawal after age 59.5. If there is a large age difference, it may benefit to plan for withdrawals now. If one spouse is 50 and the other one is 30, you can fund the 50 year old for the next 10 years and then fund the other spouse for the n...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
Is a early retirement payment into a government defined benefit plan tax deductible?
You would not find anything in the code, because the tax code only mentions when a tax deduction is allowed and under what circumstances. Yours is not one of them. There is no tax deduction for buying years at a Defined Benefit plan. It is optional.If this were allowed it could easily get abused by...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
Performance reporting: Trade Date vs Settlement Date?
Having worked on the custody side, there are many different issues to consider for international trades. You have contractual settlement dates and actual settlement dates and these vary due to industry practice. The solution depends on what type of trading you do and I don't believe there is a perfe...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
Does 'forgiven debt' count as taxable income?
It is a taxable event however, it is possible you may not owe any income taxes on this even though you received a 1099. The 1099 is reportable as income on your tax return, however, if you are considered to be insolvent by the IRS, the 1099 is not included as taxable income. I would suggest to consu...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
What's the best strategy for a charitable donation?
If your parents are over the age 70.5 and they are receiving RMDs from their qualified plans, you can ask them to donate the RMD to the charity. There are no income taxes due on donating IRA funds to a charity. The income tax savings sometimes beats the savings from donating appreciated stock....  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
Do I rollover my 401k to my other investments that are in Life Partners, or do I leave them where they are at?
You should talk to an advisor who you can work with. It would not make much difference whether the advisor is fee only or commissioned based, there are highly qualified advisors in both worlds. You should ask trusted friends for a recommendation. ...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
RMDs - What's the purpose?
IRS does not pass tax laws. Congress passes tax laws. If you did not have RMD's Congress would either have to tax someone else or cut spending on something else. As most tax laws pass as a compromise there is sometimes no logic in the end tax bill. ...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
Do I take a lump sum pension pay off or keep the pension.
I agree with most of the advice here. I would also recommend you talk to a financial advisor who is a RIA and is also experienced in variable annuities. Fee only advisors are not well exposed to all the annuities in the market, they only limit themselves to few insurance companies that offer variabl...  (more)
Answered Oct 2014
Should I cash out my 403 (B) of $20,000 to help pay off a $17,500 private student loan with an 11.75% interest rate?
Sorry to hear your situation. However, I would not advise you to cash your retirement to pay for student loans. One of the advantages student loans is that if you become unemployed you can put off payments for up to 3 years. If you were to become disabled you also dont have to make payments while yo...  (more)
Answered Nov 2014
If I am planning to resign from local 770; what do I need to know about my pension?
I am not a big fan of fee only advisors but in a case like this it may make sense to get an opinion from a fee only advisor. Advisors who bill based on how much money they manage tend to recommend you to roll over your pension in a lump sum. While that advice is probably true in most cases, sometim...  (more)
Answered Sep 2014
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