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Insights by Jason Hull

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Inflation and the Cost of Your Mortgage
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Value Cost Averaging or Dollar Cost Averaging?
Published 2013-02-01 13:56:37
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    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    Save for now, or save for later?
    Jean--Congratulations on your discipline! It can be very tempting to forsake future benefits for benefits now. There's a well known behavioral finance term called hyperbolic discounting, which means that we value benefits which we can receive RIGHT NOW over benefits which we receive much later. Your...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    I am 63 and have retired and transferred my retirement plan to a broker, a regular rollover IRA. I assume, I can withdraw some of my money as I need without penalty and of course pay the necessary taxes. However,?
    Hi William - fellow Hoo here!You're over the age of 59 1/2, so you're good to go. The only restriction is that you can't withdraw earnings (e.g. your profit) from a Roth within a 5 year period of when you contributed the funds which led to those earnings.With regards to the question about the 60 d...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    Whats the difference between 7702 v 401K?
    Alex--I hate to tell you, but you're probably talking to a life insurance salesman who is trying to convince you to get into a life insurance product so that he can make a sackload of commissions. If your company has a match for the 401k, then it's going to be hard to beat the 100% ROI that you'll g...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    How should I plan for my retirement if my employer doesn't offer retirement benefits?
    Erik--Both of those are great answers. I'm going to throw a different direction at you. Have you considered looking into entrepreneurship? I'm not talking about going out and raising $50 million in venture capital for the next Facebook or Google. Instead, I'm talking about opening up a little side c...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    What do fee-only financial planners charge?
    Rachel--Here's how much a financial planner should cost:  (more)
    Answered Jul 2013
    How do I determine how much I should be donating to charity?
    Sam--This is a great question. It's one which, unfortunately, has no consistent answer across the board.The most commonly cited rule of thumb is a 10% tithe.I'm going to deviate from that answer and hope that I don't get struck by lightning. First and foremost, you have to make sure that your fam...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    How can I raise investment capital for my startup?
    I've bootstrapped and sold a company before. We each put in $400 of funds and built the company into what it is today. I'll admit that this is a sample size of one, but I'll relate my thoughts about fundraising.You don't need to borrow money. There are plenty of people who make custom foods from t...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    What Do You Think About Penny Stocks?
    This isn't financial advice, but I get the same feeling in my gut as the quotation below. I haven't tried it, nor will I. "When I see a stock tip in my spam folder from a spammer, I feel like shorting it." - Derek Halpern  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    When is the best time to start saving for kid's college fund ? What are the typical instruments available for this purpose ?
    If you decide to save for your kids' college education, then, once you've paid off all of your consumer debt and taken care of your own retirement, then you can start saving for the kids, and, naturally, the sooner, the better. However, college education is like the airbags in an airplane. You put t...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    I am a young Federal employee that puts 5% of salary into TSP. I am also in graduate school and am paying out of pocket. Would it make more sense to allocate more $ to the TSP and take out a student loan for the grad school?
    Laura--will you get a step up once you complete the degree? I'm not sure with the job freezes which were in place before sequestration that they'll be open to moving you up in step or even in GS level, but, if you will get a known and guaranteed pay raise as soon as you get the diploma, AND you, by ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    Are there any rewards credit cards that are worth signing up for?
    Hi Monique. There are some great cash back rewards cards that are out here. A great place to take a look and see what you think is - I used to work with Odysseas at Capital One, and he's one of the smartest people I've ever come across.You do want to b...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    What's the best option for overseas purchases?
    Hi Sonia--I have found that the Capital One card lines are really good for traveling overseas because they do not charge a foreign transaction fee. Most cards charge between 1 - 3% as a fee when you make an overseas purchase, but Capital One does not. Nerdwallet keeps a good list here: http://www.n...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    I have $10k on one credit card at the moment and I am paying the monthly minimum. I have the option to transfer this balance to another credit card that has zero interest for one year. Will it be worth it to transfer the card?
    If you're paying the monthly minimum, then chances are that you won't have the $10k paid off by the time the grace period (usually 12 months) rolls around and the interest rates get jacked up through the roof. I used to work at Capital One, which was, at the time, the master of the balance transfer ...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    How can i find my 401k for key?
    Go here and click on the Form 5500 Data tab: will give you the plan administrator's contact information. You can update your contact information there so tha...  (more)
    Answered May 2013
    Can I borrow a loan on my 401k?
    Yes, you can if your plan allows it. You shouldn't, though. You will wind up being double taxed on the money that you use to pay the loan back - the first time, you'll be taxed when you make the contribution back to your 401k to repay the loan. The second time will be when you withdraw the money or ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    My father passed away in October. He had a 401k, we are unable to find paperwork that state's beneficiaries. It is through Wells Fargo. They are not helpful over the phone, we also had a lawyer send a letter asking the same info. Help...
    A quick way to find out good contact information is to go to the Brightscope home page. Type in your father's employer in the RIGHT HAND search box (the left hand one will just get you a list of financial advisors). Then click on the Form 5500 tab in the results and you will get both the company pla...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    Is there financial aid for graduate school?
    Yes. I used Sallie Mae and private loans to fund business school. However, if you can do it, try to self-fund or to get scholarships and grants. It's a lot better to be done with graduate school debt-free, as then you're not locking yourself into the hunt for the highest salary you can find. Do as I...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    This was my son first time filing taxes, he accidentally check the box where nobody else can claim him as a dependent. I supported him all year and I cannot claim him on my return. What is the proper way to fill Amended return?
    Darrius--Jim's got the right answer. One approach you could use to avoid paying fees and interest penalties is to file your return as if you couldn't claim your son as a dependent, pay the appropriate taxes, and once your son's 1040x is processed, file your own 1040x showing your son as a dependent...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    I have a plan with three owners and one other HCE. If I use my top paid group (20% of the employees), I would only need two people. When I rank based on comp, it is owner1, owner2, HCE, owner3. Who should be in the top paid group for testing purposes?
    Sharon--The employer can elect HCE or the top-paid group. See the IRS pub 7334 for details: Another resource is the always fun to read U.S. Code:  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    My son worked for COMPUSA at the time of his death 5-12-00. Unknown to us at the time he was involved in their 401k program. A nephew of ours just brought it to our attention now almost 13 years later. We saved our son's things and found an old pay slip from 2 months before his death and he was inde
    Dennis--I'd take a look at the abandoned 401k claims program here:  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    I have a loan with my plan ,how do I find out how much I owe?
    You can go to the home page of Brightscope, and type in your employer in the RIGHT HAND search box. That should pull up your administrator's information. You can then contact your administrator to find out how much you owe. Try to pay it back as quickly as possible. The wh...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    I'm 54. I have $156K in a traditional IRA in 18-month bank CD earning .55% This amount represents my retirement fund "cash out" from previous employer. With current employer, I have $58k in a 403b that is managed by Diversified. Currently, I have 90% in interm./Long-term Bonds and 10% in stocks. I w
    I will suggest this - you don't need someone who's going to take 1-2% of your money every year. That will mean less money for you to work with to reach your retirement goals, and it will probably cause the advisor (if he/she is trying to help you reach your retirement targets for your money) to take...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    How do I find out all the hidden fees & expenses I am paying in my employer sponsored 401K plan?
    The Department of Labor has a pretty good pamphlet on what to look for: you're not getting the answers you want, call up the plan administrator and ask them to explain every fee until you're happy. If you aren't happy, go visit HR. It's amazing wha...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    Do I need to create an LLC or an Inc?
    I've founded, grown, and sold a company before, and we were an LLC. The form was quite useful when we wanted to split profits differently from having managerial control. Given what I know now, though, I might have structured it differently.However, with that in mind...The advice about attorneys ...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    May a non-working spouse of a retiree (drawing a pension) contribute to a Roth IRA?
    Jen--Another option would be to contribute to a traditional IRA, since your spouse is earning income, and then converting it to a Roth. Here's the IRS link: noticed you're in the Ukraine (unless Kviv and Polohy-Yaneky are...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    What happens to my 401Kif i dont work there ANYMORE.....
    If you're offered the option of keeping your 401k at your old employer or rolling it over to your new employer, then make sure that you check out the administration fees of each before making the decision. It may make sense to keep the money in the old 401k.I generally think it's wiser to just roll...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    Why dont advisors get paid by performance and not a fixed percentge of assets?
    The answer is simple: you're paying someone else to be lucky. Michael Maubossin points out that in a field where the difference between the least skillful and the most skillful is low, then luck plays a bigger factor in explaining high or low performance. Given the proliferation of information about...  (more)
    Answered May 2013
    I'm on a committee to recommend a 401k policy for my firm. We've been discussing whether to automatically enroll all employees (they could opt-out), and also to auto-increase contributions with raises. What are the costs and benefits to these policies for our firm and employees? And are there rules
    Liam--One thing that you'll want to consider is the tendency for 401k providers to lower the match when they have auto-enrollment so that the overall costs remain neutral. If you expect reasonable participation, then perhaps the higher match is more important. I'm still a big fan of Craig's answer,...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    What is your opinion of the Over-The_counter (OTC) market? Is it a viable invesment option? Do you know any honest books that describe this type of investing?
    It's awfully illiquid and not subject to some of the same scrutiny that other stocks would be. If there's a stock there which you know inside and out (not just because some e-mail told you that it was going up today or a talking head on CNBC mentioned it), and you feel comfortable taking a small pie...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    What do you think about a company that does not match 401 k. And only has ESOP? Is it worth to move to a new company? When mine matches 100% and I'm fully vested? Thank you.
    Hi Lori--I think that you have to look at the totality of your compensation package (health care, total pay, bonuses, ESOP valuation, vacation, etc.) as well as the type of work that you would be doing compared to what you are currently doing. 401k matching is one relatively small piece of the over...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    I'm currently in the process of purchasing a home. I trying to decide which would be the best approach to paying for the downpayment/ closing costs of the home. I am a first time home buyer and wanted to know if it was a good idea to borrow from my 401k?
    I'd definitely sell the company stock. Make sure that you choose the company stock which you've held longest to take advantage of long-term capital gains taxes. Never, ever, ever borrow from your 401k unless it means that you're using it to eat food. Not only do you run the risk of having the loan c...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    If you had $500 dollars to start investing, what would you do with it?
    I'm a HUGE fan of small business. While the constant application of $500 increments will add up over time, one investment of $500 isn't going to radically affect the outcome of your life if you invest it in the market unless you happen to catch AAPL right at its IPO and hold onto it for 30 years. Ho...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    I have a 401k from 1997 or maybe earlier that I totally forgot about; how do I go about getting that money? I was Diagnosised with Breasted Cancer/ Lymphoma. Had a Bone Marrow Transplant aswell. So I could really use this Money tor Bills Etc...
    Hi April--Sorry to hear of your circumstances. Be brave and resilient and you will get through your current struggles. That's more important than any money issue.Unfortunately, there's nothing really available through searches based on that information; the address shows a new fitness center. There...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    Does a 401K loan make sense if we have more money than is anticipated to be needed in it?
    Hi Joseph--I think that you're framing the question in terms of current needs, e.g., you have more money in your 401k than you need right now and are wondering if you can get a higher return on the money with some other form of investment (paying off your mortgage and buying an investment condo) ra...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    What is student loan consolidation?
    Student loan consolidation is generally done so that you can merge all of your federal loans (subsidized and unsubsidized federal loans) into one payment and one loan. It's usually done so that you can receive a lower interest rate - you get a chance to do a one-time loan lock in. I consolidated min...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    You're probably best off contacting your human resources department. If that doesn't work you can always use the Brightscope search tool to find the administrator of the fund (assuming this is a 401k). Go to their home page and type in your employer in the search box on the right hand side, and you ...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    Hello. I will like to find out of my 401k. I will like to know when was the last time my employer contribute to my 401k and how much is my total accumulated up to present? Thank you?
    It's also possible that you no longer work for that particular employer. You can use the Brightscope search functionality by going to and entering in your employer in the search box on the right hand side to find out who the administrator is. If that doesn't work, you can ...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    Quickest way to get rid of PMI, on a conventional loan. Would you be able to get rid of MI if the home appraised higher than the purchased price??
    R--There are a couple of non-conventional ways to get rid of PMI too.VA loanUSDA loanNavy Federal Credit Union loanNone of those above require PMI at all. You could also check to see if your local credit unions would cut you a deal with no PMI if you refinanced the loan through them. Of course,...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    I am a former employee of Barnabas Health. I don't know if I have any funds in pension. Plan, 401k or 403b. I continue to get fidelity literature and I would like to know.
    You're probably on Fidelity's mailing list. You can always write RTS and put back in your mailbox to have the mail sent back to them, but an easier solution might be to give them a call when you have some time and can multitask when you are sitting on hold listening to elevator hold music which is d...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    Hi I'm an investor with Signator Investment Inc. How can I, on-line look at the type and status of my investments.
    Or you can give them a call. I second the part about NEVER posting identifiable information about your brokerage account, credit cards, etc. online. 197 Clarendon St.Boston, MA 021161-800-803-5194...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    How do I find out what's in my account I haven't worked for this company since 2002?
    Anthony--Go to the Brightscope home page,, and type in the company name in the RIGHT HAND search box. That will lead you to a results page. Click on the company you worked for. Then look up the administrator's details and contact the administrator. They should be able to p...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    I am 55 years old and will likely need to tap into an IRA account this year to help pay expenses. I want to minimize my tax liability as much as possible. I have no other assets right now. Any strategy thoughts to minimize my tax hit?
    If you have a Roth IRA, you can withdraw your contributions without a tax consequence.Still, if you can, try to get another job or reduce your other discretionary expenses; you don't want to continue to be in this situation....  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    How do I find out if I had a 401k plan from my previous employer?
    One note to Erik's answer, which is bang on. For now, you can't search under the Q&A tab, even though the dropdown shows up. You can't click on it. So, if you're looking at this answer, you can't just go up to the search box and search from there. You'll have to go to  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    I had a 401K account through Logicalis, Inc. and I am searching for information about it.
    Hi Richard--Click on the link below, and you should be able to find out both the Logicalis point of contact as well as the plan administrator. One of those two should be able to point you in the right direction!  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    I worked for Perot Systems prior to their sale, and do not know where my 401k funds are for the period of time I worked for the company. Is there a method in which you can tell me whether or not my 401k is still with your firm?
    Hooah. Ft. Huachuca was going to be my next duty station before I got out of the Army.Here's the contact information for the plan administrator for Dell: PLAN ADMINISTRATOR INFORMATIONAdministrator Name Ocarina Networks, Inc.Address One Dell Way Rr1-33C/O Nicki HuschkaRound Rock, TX 78682Te...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    Can the money be rolled over to an IRA that I can start contributing to?
    Hi, Kim. Herbie's spot on. The actual rollover process is pretty simple. You can ask the brokerage that holds your IRA to do a rollover for you. You'll want to make sure that they execute a trustee-to-trustee transfer so that you do not receive the funds and potentially trigger taxes and penalties. ...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    How can I write off expenses from my new small business when I currently do not have any revenue?
    W - The SBA has a good guide for what to do with your expenses between formation and putting that first dollar bill in a frame:'s the link to the relevant section of ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    What are some common mistakes that people make around the time of retirement?
    Here are a dozen of them. You'd think that most retirees don't do well, even though they do!Not knowing how much their expenses are going to be in retirement. 14% of retirees spend more than they bring in during retirement:  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    What's the best distribution between college savings and retirement savings?
    It's pretty noble to want to put your kids through college, but recent research shows that your nobility may be misplaced. Recent research by the University of California's Merced's Laura Hamilton shows that mean GPAs of children who come from families making more than $90k in annual income who do n...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    How can i know how much i have in my 401 k?
    If you have no idea who the administrator of the fund is, you can always look it up from the front page, in the white box in the middle right hand side. That should have the contact information you need to get the information. When you check, make sure they have your corre...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    I last worked at scolaris in 2009 and now they are out of business.. My current job does not have a 401k how can i withdrawal my money?
    The first thing that you can do is to check with the Brightscope 401k search on the home page,, to find out who the provider is. Just because the employer went out of business doesn't mean that the provider itself went out of business. They're two separate entities, just l...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    Ihad almost 90,000.00 in my 403 right before the market disaster in 2008. I am finally up there again. how do I keep from loosing it in the event of another crash?
    Joseph-- Congratulations for your discipline in staying the course. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in the market. The only safe place to keep your money is hidden in a safe underground in a location where only you know. The problem with that approach is that it's a) a pain in the butt to fin...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    How does my 403b plan differ from the 401k I had previously?
    403bs also have different contribution limits depending on your age. You can check out the IRS guidelines for the contribution limits here:,-Employee/Retirement-Topics---403(b)-Contribution-Limits...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    I am a young (26 y.o.) employee of the Federal Government. I am currently contributing 5% of my salary to TSP. What funds should I be in? I am in G now, and I know that this is far too conservative for my age, but I'm confused with the other funds (CSI and L). Please help!
    The typical rule of thumb that I use is 110 - your age = % of assets which should be in stocks. Your money is in anything but equities if you're in the G fund, since it's the government bond fund. How you want to differentiate between the other funds is a personal choice based on all sorts of factor...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    My name is Gregory M Beltran I am former employee that work with Nordstrom. I just wanted to know information about my 401k and stock account. I work for company for 13-plus years and was fully invested. I never closed my account and wanted to know what?
    Hi Gregory--Click on the link below and look at the Plan Administrator Section. There's a phone number in Seattle for the administrator. They should be able to update your information and you can update your contact information so that you can get statements.  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    How can i purchase economy mud stock?
    Hi, DuJuan. If you're talking about this company - - it looks like they're privately held. You could contact them directly and inquire about opportunities to get involved with them....  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    I am a lawyer in a firm with three lawyers and 12 staff members. I am struggling to determine what type of retirement plan is best for us - 401(k), SEP-IRA or Simple IRA. More than half of the employees (including the two partners) are over 60 with about 5 employees under 50. Can you offer some a
    Based on the structure of your firm, you may want to consider a Top Hat plan. If you're looking to compensate the rainmakers, then a non-qualified profit sharing plan may be in the cards rather than a traditional structure like you posit above. Even if you go with a traditional plan (401k, SEP, SIMP...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    I have two jobs and I am 56 yrs old. Is it possible I can max out my 401K for each job, i.e. $ 23,000/- each total $ 46,000/- or only maximum of $ 23,000/- combined from each job. Pls clarify. Thanks Thomas?
    Your 401k contribution limit is capped at $23k regardless of how many employers you have. The total of your contributions plus employer contributions is $56,500. If you have two concurrent plans, you're going to be responsible for managing and communicating this since the two (or more) plan owners w...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    I like to know the difference between a DEFINED-BENEFIT PLAN and a CASH BALANCE PLAN?. Also, what are thw advantages and disadvantages?
    Hi Edwin--A defined benefit plan provides a specific benefit for an eligible employee at retirement. It's generally what you think of when you hear the term company pension.A cash balance plan is a type of defined benefit plan. A cash balance plan is one which the plan provides you a certain perce...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    How do i allocate more of my 401k to cash in a company 401K. Does cash mean bonds?
    There are two types of "cash" that you can think about in this scenario. There's true cash, which is, in this case, probably a money market account, which will return you something just slightly over 0% interest. Then there's income-producing investments, which, for your 401k, is probably some sort ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    I have inherited some money and i want to take it out of venezuela. How do i go about it.
    You'll want to talk to a tax specialist on the ground in Venezuela (probably Caracas since that will be your point of departure). There may be laws regarding expatriating funds which would require you to go through a third country bank hosted there in Caracas such as RBC.Here's a good article about...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2013
    I have the option of buying shares of stock ( Investment stock options). The company is privately held and in my opinion is very close to going BK. If I were to purchase shares and subsequently the company does close, can I use the loss to offset a gain?
    Let’s go through the math.Assume that you have $1,000 in capital gains that you wish to offset with capital losses. Also assume that you have another $1,000 to invest.Option 1: Invest in potential BK company.Share cost: $1Shares bought: 1,000Total cost: $1,000367 days later (just to match gain...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    My name is Walter Hill, I used to work for Moog Aircraft Group Torrance Operations. I am afraid that they do not have my current contact information, how can I update this as I am close to retiring.
    Hi Walter - if you're looking for the 401k info, try here: you're looking to contact them directly, look here:  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    How can I find out if I have money in a 401K with Florida Tile?
    You can find out the contact information here:  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    I was previously employed at Bob Evans and I want to know how to claim my 401k benefits?
    Hi Linda--Try giving Bob Evans Farms Retirement Center a call at 1-888-233-4015. Their hours are 8 AM - 7 PM EDT on weekdays.Morgan Stanley is the administrator; their number is 1-877-401-5233. Their hours are 9 AM - 5 PM EDT (typical bankers, huh?) on weekdays.The online plan information for the...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    What are the motivating factors for a "Fee-Only" RIA firm to consider a new investment product for their clients?
    I'm a fee only hourly planner - much different beast than one who does AUM. So, I'm going to look at risk-adjusted, AFTER-FEE returns. Slap too high of a management fee on there, and I'll not touch it.Basically, I take the approach of passive investing. I am more of a fan of residential real estate...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    Is it better to have a C-Corp or LLC for your consulting company?
    When I had a software development company, we chose LLC with partnership tax status. It was great when we were in startup mode and had a taxable loss each year. However, once we got to the point where we were rather profitable and paying the partners salaries (in that case, guaranteed payments), I t...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    How do i know the right administrator contact detai?
    Go to the home page on Brightscope,, and type in the name of your company in the right hand search box. That should bring up all of the information you need....  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    What are Independent Advisors seeking in Real Estate Alternative Investments?
    I'll come at this from the perspective of someone who's made some pretty good real estate investments and someone who's made some pretty bad ones. I am assuming that you're talking about real estate as an investment and not a REIT, so if you're talking about REITs, this isn't the answer for you!Her...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    Considering refinancing at 15 year at 2.75% or 30 year at 3.5%. We can afford the 15 yr and still contribute to retirement accounts but with rates so low I am leaning toward the 30 yr and investing the difference. Is this a good plan?
    I'll go against the flow here and say go with the shortest loan period you can and get super aggressive on paying that sucker off as quickly as possible. There is no such thing as "good debt" (, and while you might be able to ...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    I have a car loan at 14% cosigned by my mother it was a 6 yr loan payment is $376. Payoff aamount is $11,115 payoff date sept 2015. I have been offered to refinance in just my name at 9.45% for 42 months with payment $373. Will score go up if in my name.
    The question shouldn't be whether or not your credit will go up, but what will happen to your net worth. All you're doing is extending the misery to save $3 a month. This is not a wise decision. Instead of going to the car dealer to try to get financing, see if you can get something from your local ...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    Is it a good idea to buy a foreclosure or short sale? Any risks?
    I'll address the question as foreclosure or short sale versus regular house on the corner not in a distressed situation. If a) you can get it at a price below market, and b) the condition of the property is not such that when you add the repair costs and the purchase price together, you're at or abo...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    How do i find my 401k. Do not have nore receive 401k statements and the company close down?
    If you know your old employer, you should be able to go to the home page,, and in the search box on the right hand side, type in your employer and find out the 401(k) information. Just to confirm that this approach works, I looked up Circuit City, which has been out of bus...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    When a mutual fund achieves profits, it distributes these profits to shareholders as dividends. Yet the distribution is done by increasing the number of shares and reducing the share price. Thus, leaving the share owner with no loss or gain. So why (how) is a dividend considered a profit?
    Clarence--Is it possible that you opted to reinvest dividends when you purchased the mutual fund? That would account for you seeing no money in your account but more shares. The NAV (price) would already reflect the gains in the account, which is why you'd see no spike in price concurrent with the d...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    Is there a statue of limitation after defaulting on a 401k loan and what to take out another loan?
    Not that the government is particularly good at issuing clear language guidance, but here's a guide from the IRS which is slightly more plain English:  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    Can I convert my 401k account into a Roth IRA in part, by opting to pay taxes when I am still with the company I work for?
    If you have appreciated company stock in your 401k, then you may want to consider the effects of net unrealized appreciation (NUA). Take a look at this IRS publication for more information:  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    What's moving AMZN after the poor earnings they JUST posted?
    Justin Fox from the Harvard Business Review had an interesting take which also shows why investing in AMZN (or any single stock, for that matter) is risky business - and I don't mean fun with Tom Hanks! you're going to fool arou...  (more)
    Answered Jan 2013
    How often should I meet with my financial advisor?
    This is really dependent on what sort of relationship you want to have with your financial adviser. If you want someone to do all the work for you, then probably an annual check in and azimuth report is sufficient. Just don't be like some of these sports stars who delegate authority and responsibili...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    After death can bill collectors come after 401 investments?
    If the beneficiary is someone other than the estate, then no, as it's a payable upon death account and would pass to the beneficiary and not be considered part of the estate. The estate stands good for the debts upon death, so if the 401k is not part of the estate, then the collectors cannot go afte...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    Are the Franklin Templeton family of funds a good investment even with the 5% front end loads they charge.
    No, absolutely positively, definitively not. Loaded mutual funds underperform their no commission counterparts in ALL NINE of the Morningstar mutual fund categories. Someone who recommends a loaded mutual fund to you is simply asking you to take money out of your pocket and put it into theirs. This ...  (more)
    Answered Jun 2013
    I was laid off from Domtar how long do i have to wait before i can withdraw all my money from my 401k?
    Rafael--Sorry to hear about your situation; hope you can find your next job quickly. If you're under 55, you can't access the funds without paying a 10% penalty and having the plan administrator withhold 20% for taxes. If there are hardship provisions in your 401k plan, you might be able to avoid t...  (more)
    Answered Mar 2013
    Are owners always included in the top paid group when determining HCEs? I have a plan with 3 owners plus one other employer making over $115,000. If there are only 11 total employees, my top paid group would only include two people. Do I just take the three owners even if the other employee has th
    The basic answer is that if you are a 5% or more owner (or your spouse or lineal descendants are), then you're HCE. Also, if you're an officer of the company, you're HCE. Here's the link to the actual IRS code: (note, the limitation is $115,000, as you...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    I took a new posting with my employer outside the US.. Since my payroll is no longer in the US how can I continue in my 401k. Are there other options for me. I do not want to be locked out for three years(my contract). This would also impact my taxes?
    Roop--I don't know that you can continue in your 401k, as that will be up to your employer and the plan administrator, but you can still contribute to your IRA as long as you are receiving some income in the United States. If all of your pay is through the host country, you could opt not to take the...  (more)
    Answered May 2013
    I retired last year from the Columbus Ohio Division of Police and I would like to find out what my total investment is in Giant Eagle's 401k plan. I worked as a special duty police officer in their store and am enrolled in the plan. I still get letters from the 401k provider, but never any investmen
    Hi Troy--You can find out the contact information for Giant Eagle's 401k plan administrator here: should be able to help you out. If not, try the store manager where you worked. If that ...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    Should we take out a 15 year loan to reduce out total interest costs?
    My wife and I had a similar decision to make while we were paying off our mortgage. We were being hyperaggressive in paying that thing off (kill your mortgage as quickly as possible; your blood pressure will thank you!), but we had a pretty crummy 2006 vintage rate, so it was very lucrative, potenti...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
    Is a bi-weekly mortgage a good idea?
    A biweekly mortgage is just a way for the bank to make extra money. They're going to charge you a fee which is completely unnecessary. Just set up an automatic debit each month for your mortgage + 1/12 of a mortgage payment, and you'll accomplish the same thing. Just make sure that you're indicating...  (more)
    Answered Feb 2013
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