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Vanguard 500 Index Fund <$1M

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    Employer Years Dates
    Maximum Advisory LLC 3 years, 7 months Sep 2016 - Present
    Acg Advisory Services 5 years, 5 months Feb 2011 - Jul 2016
    University of Richmond 3 years, 4 months Aug 2007 - Dec 2010
    Best Buy 4 years, 8 months Sep 2006 - May 2011

    Designations & Memberships

    • Chartered Financial Analyst Institute
      Chartered Financial Analyst Institute
    • Accredited Investment Fiduciary
      Accredited Investment Fiduciary
      The Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designation represents a thorough knowledge of and ability to apply the fiduciary practices.
    • Chartered Financial Analyst
      Chartered Financial Analyst
      Widely considered the gold standard for investment professionals, this six decade old charter is only given to designees who can demonstrate competence, integrity, and dedication to the field of investment management.

    Articles and Answers

    Insights by Edin Cuskovic

    2016 W2 form is due to the IRS by January 31
    Published 2017-01-08 20:13:21
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      Ask a financial questionAsk a question
      I'm requesting a Hardship W/d for Purch of Princpal Residence and need to know what a Closing Disclosure form is?
      The Closing Disclosure is prepared by your closing attorney. I believe it is sometimes referred to as the HUD statement. It lists all the various financial details pertaining to the purchase of the home such as closing costs incurred by you, and who will receive how much....  (more)
      Answered Nov 2016
      My wife did not put much money in 401K, but I had a windfall and would like to max her's out and save taxes, possible?
      Couple of things - your wife's 401k plan document has to allow for "one time" contributions. This would be in the administrative guide of the plan document, not something companies readily share with employees. Usually this provision is allowed and not a big deal. The bigger issue you will have i...  (more)
      Answered Dec 2016
      I am getting a pension from bayhealth and need to change my beneficiary however they are not returning my calls. Advise?
      I would recommend first calling the recordkeeper of the pension. The recordkeeper is the company that sends you statements (typically a large, national firm). They should have a blank beneficiary form that they can send you. If they do, fill it out and send it to both the recordkeeper and Bayheal...  (more)
      Answered Nov 2016
      I no longer work for rg costumes inc. and I'm trying to cash out my retirement funds, but I have no idea how.
      Call or email the HR person and ask for a distribution form....  (more)
      Answered Dec 2016
      Is R5 shares at American Funds better than R4 shares at American Funds?
      R5 shares have a lower expense ratio than R4 shares. Therefore, they will have better performance. ...  (more)
      Answered Jan 2017
      How do I compare our Plan's administrative fees to other plans with similar balances?
      You can purchase a database such as the Fee Benchmarker by fi360/Ann Schleck (I recommend you don't), or call service providers around town to get quotes. You can also find other plans of that size and call them and ask what they are paying....  (more)
      Answered Jan 2017
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          Jul 3, 2019
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          Not registered
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        Maximum Advisory

        Last updated on March 5, 2019
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          • $79.5K
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        Fee Only Advisor
        This advisor has certified that they are compensated soley by their clients, and do not accept commisions or compensation of any kind based on the products they recommend.

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