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Angeles Wealth Management, LLC 8 years, 2 months Nov 2011 - Present
Self Employed 9 months Feb 2011 - Nov 2011
LPL Financial LLC 6 months Aug 2010 - Feb 2011
Carson Wealth Management Group 1 year, 10 months Apr 2009 - Feb 2011
Self Employed 1 year, 6 months Oct 2007 - Apr 2009

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Ask a financial questionAsk a question
Why would an investment firm recommend as many as 12 different mutual funds for IRA diversity? Seems like a lot to look at and manage.
Hi Kurt,Not necessarily. If the funds are all focused on similar markets / asset classes, you would be correct. In this situation, you could be doubling up on exposures, increasing tax-inefficiency, and even worse, owning funds where managers have contrary opinions and cancel each other out.Howe...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
When does doing an in-service?
Hi Kevin,First and foremost, you need to consult your tax advisor before making any decisions here.Your frustration is totally understandable. 401k Plans are generally not as competitive from a cost or investment choice perspective as a self-directed IRA. Hopefully the introduction of the In-Ser...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
What is the best advice you would give to a new startup CFO?
Hi Nolan,My best advice is to really develop your financial reporting and education for your boss. Producing solid, accurate accrual-based P&Ls and projections are important, but even more important in the start-up stage are accurate cashflow statements and projections. Managing your working c...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
I've been employed with my Company for almost 12 years, I've forgotten who I have listed as a beneficiary. Can you help me?
I assume you mean as beneficiary of your company-sponsored retirement account or life insurance? It would probably be best for you to call your HR Department and ask them how to look this up. This is part of their job....If your company uses a custodian with online access, you can probably find ...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
Where should I put my riskiest holdings, taxable or tax-sheltered portfolio?
Hi Vivian,It has been a pleasure to read the thoughts of my colleagues! Here's my take on the question at hand. First comes "asset allocation", then "asset location." In short, where you house your investments matters little if you make poor investments! The value of a tax shelter is worthless ...  (more)
Answered Feb 2013
Time to invest in Apple?
Hi Gordy,I don't usually comment on individual securities, but here is something for you to consider. For years, Apple was the darling of Large Cap Growth stock investors. Now that the company is maturing, and its prospects for "disruptive innovation" have dimmed in favor of incremental product i...  (more)
Answered Jun 2013
What is an appropriate fund management fee percentage?
Hi Dale,There really is no correct answer to this question, but here are some thoughts. First, "FEES MATTER!" Most fund managers don't beat their benchmark, which is usually a function of the hurdle of management fees, operating fees and commissions imbedded in their fund. Luckily for you, the m...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
In a Community state like California, how is my property traeted like my house, when is titled as Joint Tennant, and when one of us passed away, do we get a 100% step up in basis?? Or just 50%??
Hi Thomas, As a caveat, please note that the following is my opinion, and please make sure to consult your tax professional for an official answer. I'll bet your property is officially titled "Jt Tenants with Rights of Survivorship". This may read as "JTWROS." If you and your spouse are both named ...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
If someone is on your site, I know they have all of the proper certifications, et. Does that mean someone like Bernie Madoff could be there and look ok? Did he have the same certs or not? If so, how can I be sure I am not picking another Madoff?
Hi Tom,We are all glad you asked this question! We can all tell you this question comes up with some regularity. Let me give you some material differences between a Madoff-style investment and what you are probably considering.1) Defrauded investors in Madoff were investors in private accounts ...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
What questions should I be asking if an advisor has regulatory disputes?
Hi Deanna,Though I haven't had client or regulatory problems during my 25+ year career, I don't think a dispute-free record is a pre-requisite to selecting an advisor. I know many fine advisors with a blemish or two on their record.Your best course of action is to research the FINRA and SEC webs...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
If I can afford to supplement the monthly mortgage payment, where should the extra money go: on the PRINCIPAL? Or on the INTEREST section?
Hi Cydney,Assuming you have a traditional 30-year fixed mortgage, generally, if you overpay the amount due, the extra goes to reduce your principal balance. It's a good idea to write what the payment is for in the memo section on your check. This effectively shortens your mortgage, saving you in...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
My mother got into a car accident and can not make decisions on her on. i am currently her power of attoney. how can i cash out her 401K to pay for her expenses?
Hi Crystal,Sorry to hear about your mother. FYI the IRS does allow for "hardship" withdrawals, of which unreimbursed healthcare expense likely qualifies. However, you need to make sure your Mom's individual plan allows for such a withdrawal. Your first course of action is to call the HR Departm...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
Is now the time to invest some of my emergency savings?
Hi Zoe,It's not "emergency savings" if you invest it in risky instruments. The problem with emergencies is that we never see them coming. I recommend continuing to invest your emergency savings balance in very low risk instruments. I know it may feel like the money is not working hard enough for...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
How do you sell certain shares when you have different strike prices?
Hi Daniel,You need to identify the specific lots your are selling at the time of sale so the broker doesn't default to another selection process. Many online brokers allow you to do this yourself by selecting the specific lots. Some even have a "tax lot optimizer" option, which actually runs the ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2013
Do you tend to recommend mutual funds, ETFs or individual stocks as a general rule for individual investors?
Hi Cydney,There is really no perfect answer here. As the client, you need to interview the advisors you are considering with an eye towards answering two questions; (1) do you believe that the advisor's strategy makes sense for you, and (2) do you believe the advisor has the resources to deliver....  (more)
Answered Apr 2013
How do I pull out my 401K. I am no longer with company that offers retirement & it Has just been setting out there for a couple years & I would like to withdraw it?
Hi Deborah,The really important thing you need to consider is to NOT withdraw your 401k account, but roll it over into an IRA Rollover. If you ask your former employer for a distribution in the form of a check, you will not only owe income tax, but an early withdrawal penalty of 10%, assuming you ...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
Are equity linked CDs a good investment idea?
Hi Hugh,The problem with equity-linked CDs is that they are another synthetic product created by brokerage firms to be sold on a commission basis. The products are very complex, the imbedded commissions are very high, and the liquidity before maturity is virtually non-existent. Generally, the sal...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
Is it OK to have multiple financial advisors each managing a portion of my assets?
Hi Carol,Some people feel better with multiple advisors, and other are more comfortable with only one. Having multiple advisors really puts a lot of the burden on you to make sure your advisors are building portfolios that don't neutralize each other. Having one advisor makes it much easier to to...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
Do I need to create an LLC or an Inc?
Hi Chris,So here are a few thoughts for you about the different choices:C CORP: This is the general structure of most public companies, but generally not ideal for a privately-held company due to the double taxation issue. In a C corp, if you earn money, the corporation pays corporate tax . Then...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
Why dont advisors get paid by performance and not a fixed percentge of assets?
Hi Rick,You can expect to get a LOT of responses to this question! You have hit a hot button with many of my colleagues. There are a number of different compensation schemes when hiring an advisor:1) Commission - Generally an upfront charge for the advice given, and could be in the form of a mar...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
Does my financial advisor need to be local to my area to be successful with me?
An advisor doesn't need to be local, but it certainly can be helpful to both the advisor and client. Face-to-face meetings with clients have always been an important part of many successful relationships. However, FREQUENT face-to-face meetings are not always necessary. Phone calls and emails can...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
What are some ways to save money?
Alexsandr - First an foremost, focus on saving money via instruments that are tax-advantaged. Your number one focus should be in funding the maximum allowed in your company 401k. This money is not only saved pre-tax, it is often matched by your employer, at least up to a certain amount.The math ...  (more)
Answered Dec 2012
What is a closed end fund?
Hi Andre,Closed-end funds are mutual funds that are a finite pool of capital. Open-end funds provided liquidity to investors via daily opportunities to invest or liquidate. These orders are processed at the end of each business day. Based upon these requests, an open-end fund either grows or shr...  (more)
Answered Feb 2013
Can you tell me a good, honest and simple book to read on investing?; it should have a sound investing startegy?
Hi Matthew,I'm going to take you a completely different direction than my colleagues! I think looking for a good book on investing is jumping the gun. I think where you need to start is with basics on markets and securities issuance. There is a great book written over forty years ago called "How ...  (more)
Answered Jun 2013
Considering refinancing at 15 year at 2.75% or 30 year at 3.5%. We can afford the 15 yr and still contribute to retirement accounts but with rates so low I am leaning toward the 30 yr and investing the difference. Is this a good plan?
Hi Max,It sounds like you are getting excellent advice from your accountant. It's really all about your discipline. If you have strong discipline, then taking down a 30-year mortgage and doing the above makes a lot of sense. There is nothing prohibiting you from turning a 30-yr mortgage into a ...  (more)
Answered Jan 2013
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