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Employer Years Dates
Dynamic Wealth Advisors dba Palm Capital Management LLC 1 year, 11 months Dec 2017 - Present
Steel Peak Wealth Management, LLC 2 years, 2 months Sep 2017 - Present
Steel Peak Wealth Management, LLC 5 years, 8 months Mar 2014 - Present
Defined Productions, LLC 1 year, 3 months Dec 2012 - Mar 2014
Wells Fargo Capital Finance 11 months Jan 2012 - Dec 2012
Lionfish Advisors 5 months Aug 2011 - Jan 2012
Pepperdine University 1 year, 11 months Sep 2010 - Aug 2012
High Net Worth Private Family Trust 3 years, 7 months Feb 2007 - Sep 2010
University of San Diego 3 years, 9 months Sep 2002 - Jun 2006

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Articles and Answers

Insights by Alano Massi

Retirement and Healthcare for Baby Boomers
Published 2015-10-20 12:09:18
Inflation Chart
Published 2015-04-28 15:48:18
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    Ask a financial questionAsk a question
    I would like to borrow money form my 401K. How much is available for me to borrow?
    Please also keep in mind that if you borrow from your 401(k), you are essentially "paying yourself back" with after-tax dollars. Then, when you withdraw during retirement, you will pay taxes on the amount withdrawn. So, the amount you borrowed from your 401(k) will incur a double-taxation. ...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2015
    I want to access my personal 401k Statement. Would just like to know the balance. Please tell me how to find it.
    HR should provide... also, you should be able to view your account anytime through your benefits access online, if your plan is fully transparent....  (more)
    Answered Apr 2015
    How important is picking mutual funds with 4 or 5 stars from Morningstar versus funds with extremely low fees?
    Low fees, historical performance, star ratings, etc. are important to analyze, but it is imperative to consider (among other things) where we are now in the economic environment. I believe many investors make the mistake of seeing a five-star rated security with solid historical performance, and im...  (more)
    Answered Apr 2015
    I resently got let got from genesis and want to cash in my retirement. How do I go about that?
    Your benefits department can detail the procedure, which is company-specific. Usually, they send a check to your personal account. However, be careful of tax consequences for taking unqualified early distributions... you run the risk of a 10% tax penalty in addition to taxes owed upon withdrawal....  (more)
    Answered Oct 2015
    Between stock options and owning stock out right, if I need fast cash, which of these two would be better to hold onto.
    Please have a personalized analysis done by a professional to determine the answer to your question. Bottom line... it depends on the stock options and the stocks you own.Examples - If an option is not yet in the money, you may want to wait and not sell depending on the time value. If you own a s...  (more)
    Answered Oct 2015
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        Feb 22, 2019
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      Last updated on Feb. 23, 2019
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      Dynamic Advisor Solutions LLC

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