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    Asset Strategies Group, LLC 10 years, 2 months Nov 2009 - Present
    Sonnenalp Resort 25 years, 5 months May 1991 - Oct 2016
    Vail Resorts 38 years, 1 month Dec 1981 - Present

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    • Investment Management Consultants Association
      Investment Management Consultants Association
      IMCA—Investment Management Consultants Association—was established in 1985 to deliver the premier investment consulting and wealth management credentials and world-class educational offerings—membership, conferences, research, and publications. IMCA sets the standards and practices for the investment management consulting profession and provides investment consultants with the credentials and tools required to best serve their clients.

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    Where I would find the fees charged to manage my 401K account.
    Katherine, Costs do matter in investing. New regulations require fee disclosure for employer sponsored 401(k) plans. This disclosure can be found on-line and/or is available through your employer's HR department. Participant fees exceeding 1% are considered high, but you should stay in the plan (ev...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2014
    Is it better to roll my old 401K $ into my new job's program or combine with my wife's for high $? Both are strong co's?
    Roll your old 401(K) into the new job's 401(K), if costs are low and investment choices are of high quality. Combining your 401(K) with your wife's 401(K) is prohibited. Your combined household rate of return is not affected. Your next best option is to transfer (rollover) your old 401(K) into an IR...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    RMDs - What's the purpose?
    Colin, The timing of your question is good as the end of the year approaches. Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from tax-deferred retirement accounts catch some investors by surprise. The government forces these distributions because the money has never been taxed and never would be taxed if inve...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2014
    Buy a house, or max out 401k?
    The answer to the question is not either/or. It is both, if you are talking about your primary residence. The home should be a place to cook, sleep, and tuck kids into bed first, and an investment second. If you have a down payment shortfall for your home purchase, it is likely a good idea to (tempo...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    I have a T ROWE Price SEP-IRA w/ 2 funds. Cost is .71 & .69 per $1K. Is that reasonable or high?
    Dear Emily, You are wise to consider the cost of investing. T. Rowe Price is a good shop (according to Morningstar research) and the expense ratios you quoted are reasonable for active management. The debate over active versus passive (indexing) management is alive and well. Your SEP IRA is a good p...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2014
    Should I invest in gold?
    An investment in gold should occupy no more than 5% if a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Gold offers no interest payment and no dividend. Many investors achieve their goals without allocating any capital to gold, but some just can not resist speculating on its price. ...  (more)
    Answered Dec 2014
    I am currently 38 and do not have any retirement accounts yet. Which retirement plan will be best for me now?
    Mukunda, Consider getting started with your employer-sponsored 401(K) retirement plan now. I recommend an initial 6% contribution rate (typically the rate required to get matching contributions). This way, you will already have familiarity with the plan once the matching contributions begin. It woul...  (more)
    Answered Nov 2014
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        Oct 2, 2019
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